Update on the world’s progress eliminating fossil fuels

Posted: October 5, 2021 by oldbrew in climate, Energy, greenblob, net zero, opinion

Coal-hungry China [image credit: democraticunderground.com]

Progress? There isn’t any worth mentioning, and that will continue. Meanwhile ‘net zero’ fantasies are served up daily to obscure the reality and make believe that politicians can be managers of the climate.
– – –
The bureaucrats of the world, particularly in the UN and developed countries, have the idea that they are going to eliminate all use of fossil fuels by somewhere around 2040-50, says Francis Menton at the Manhattan Contrarian (via Climate Change Dispatch).

They have no conception how to accomplish that, other than to order from on high that it shall occur and assume that somebody else will figure out the details.

This gives the rest of us the opportunity to sit on the sidelines and observe how bureaucratic fantasy gradually runs into the brick wall of physical reality.

Back in June, I covered the Report just out from Ren21: Renewables Now wherein we learned that in the ten years from 2009 to 2019, despite hundreds of billions of dollars of subsidies for intermittent wind and solar power, the percent of world final energy consumption coming from fossil fuels had dropped all the way from 80.3% to 80.2%.

Oh, but world final energy consumption was substantially up over that decade from about 320 to 385 exajoules [1 exajoule is equal to 1.0E+18 joules], so despite all the strenuous efforts to reduce their use, in fact, annual fossil fuel consumption had increased from about 260 to 310 exajoules.

And then just two weeks ago I covered the unfolding energy crisis in the UK. There, the mad rush to close coal plants and build wind turbines had left the country completely subject to just-in-time natural gas deliveries from others, particularly Russia.

When a period of calm hit the North Sea wind farms, gas prices spiked by a multiple, and Britain was left closing factories and begging Russia for supply.

And there is plenty more news coming out on the same subject. Here are a couple of examples for today:

Continued here.

  1. ivan says:

    For some strange reason politicians have no real world qualifications – they are either layers or piggies that want to feed at the public trough.

    What is really needed are engineers and scientists that work in the real world running things,, we would get rid if all this green stupidity. There is also a need to dump all the useful idiots that infest government departments and things like the CCC in the UK and dump all the political appointed head of departments in the US.

    Unfortunately non of the above will ever happen so we are left to struggle on and work round all the stupid proposals. A wood burning stove/boiler and a diesel generator make good sense for the approaching winter ( we have had the first snow of the winter on the local mountains down here in the south of France ).

  2. oldbrew says:

    Reuters: Global fossil fuel use similar to decade ago in energy mix, report says
    June 14, 2021

  3. oldbrew says:

    China Can’t Keep Up With Surging Energy Demand
    Oct 04, 2021

    China’s electricity generation increased by 616 Terawatt-hours (13%) in the first eight months of 2021 compared with the same period last year. The largest rises came from the service sector and primary industries.

    However, most of the increase has been supplied by thermal generators, principally coal-fired power stations, Kemp explains. Those generators increased output by 465 TWh (14%) in the first eight months. [bold added]


  4. oldbrew says:

    Aljazeera : The Dark Side of Green Energy

    As the world moves away from fossil fuels, we look at how greener energies are creating new environmental challenges.
    . . .
    The Dark Side of Green Energy is about how the world may be creating a huge dependence on rare materials and minerals – and whether the promise of a clean, “green” world will turn out to be a myth with fresh challenges to our society and environment.

    – – –
    On their TV channel at 1pm today – UK Freeview 235.
    Comment: “We’ve only relocated the pollution.”

    Copper demand > supply before 2040?

  5. Chaswarnertoo says:

    Funny how people with arts degrees think they can order people with STEM degrees around…

  6. ilma630 says:

    Ivan, needing engineers is correct. It’s not about “following the science” but “staying in reality”. This is what real engineers do. Creating a machine is one thing, but having it operate within the necessary economic limits and be a true benefit to man is another. The fact that ‘green Europe’ is begging Russia for coal demonstrates that the belief in renewables was fundamentally wrong and ill considered.

  7. oldbrew says:

    How can ever higher percentages of intermittent/part-time weather-dependent renewables on electricity grids not increase instability of supply? Even more so in countries or regions with highly variable weather, like the UK.

  8. ilma630 says:

    Highly variable, i.e. unreliable weather is true, which is why OVO Energy’s recent TV/radio advert is so hilarious. They start by saying the weather is unpredictable, then say their energy generation is based upon it. Does even one side of their brain connect?

  9. JB says:

    Its all pablum. Those driving this agenda don’t care about the consequences, just as long as it all implodes.

  10. oldbrew says:

    Gas prices continue to soar as increased demand drains inventories
    5 Oct 2021

    UK gas for November delivery is currently trading at US$286 a therm, compared to around US$100 towards the end of July.

    – – –
    Weather hasn’t even cooled much yet 🤔

    Germany using >37% coal for power. Ending nuclear power by next year.

  11. oldmanK says:

    Chaswarnertoo says: October 5, 2021 at 1:48 pm
    “Funny how people with arts degrees think they can order people with STEM degrees around…”

    They study drama. You know; ‘There’s no business like show business’. But beware; science has its ‘Drama’ side too, reality is a ugly dream.

  12. oldbrew says:

    Construction of the £200 million project is expected to begin in 2022 and the battery will be operational by 2024.

    At launch, the Gateway battery site will be significantly larger than the biggest battery storage project currently active in the UK, the 50 MW / 75 MWh Thurcroft battery storage site in South Yorkshire. It could expand further, to achieve a capacity of 1.3GWh.
    – – –
    Local fire brigade must be looking forward to that 🤨

  13. oldbrew says:

    Gas prices rise by 27% in a day with no end in sight for record highs as winter nears
    Wednesday, October 6th, 2021 11:42am

    Factors behind the unprecedented prices include low gas stocks, lower supply from Russia, colder temperatures, lower wind output and strong competition from Asia for liquefied natural gas.

    Oil prices are also at three-year highs.

    – – –
    We’re only two weeks into autumn. What’s winter going to do to these prices?

  14. oldbrew says:

    Energy bills could rise by hundreds of pounds
    BBC News
    Published 1 hour ago

    – – –
    UK gas prices fall from record high after Russia steps in
    13 hours ago

    “When Putin’s promises help calm the storm of rising prices which was pummelling financial markets, it’s clear investors are desperate for any gust of good news blowing in”.

    – – –
    Energy chaos reigns.

  15. oldbrew says:

    Yet another green fantasy…

    Synthetic component for jet fuel aims to cut flying’s carbon footprint

    The site in Werlte, near Germany’s northwestern border with the Netherlands, will use water and electricity from nearby wind farms to produce hydrogen.

    By adding carbon dioxide, the hydrogen will be converted into crude, which can then be refined into jet fuel.

    Burning synthetic kerosene will mean only as much CO2 is released into the atmosphere as was previously removed to produce the fuel, making it “carbon neutral”.
    . . .
    The amount the plant can produce from early next year will be just eight barrels a day – enough to fill up one small passenger plane every three weeks.

    The world’s commercial airlines used almost 2.3 billion barrels of kerosene in 2019. [bold added]

    – – –
    The scaling up problem again 🤔

  16. oldbrew says:

    Somebody’s getting the message — renewables are unreliable.

    Electricity shortfall forces €14m purchase of emergency power
    DUP’s Sammy Wilson says deal was done last week, and bill would be passed on to consumers
    Wed, Sep 29, 2021

    Eirgrid plans auctions beginning next year to attract investment in flexible gas-fired generators to support the growing amount of wind-energy on the system.
    . . .
    The Republic sought the electricity during a period when wind speeds were low, leaving renewable power generators unable to supply energy. Two gas-fired plants were also out of action.
    [bold added]

    – – –
    ‘€14m purchase’ for one day. Whose pockets is that coming out of?
    – – –
    Sammy Wilson: The power shortages in the Republic of Ireland show the perils of Northern Ireland becoming increasingly dependent on renewables

    The admission by EirGrid that the Irish Republic will face severe power shortages and blackouts if they do not keep coal and peat burning power stations open until at least 2025, is further confirmation of the mad energy polices being followed by the Irish and British governments.


  17. ilma630 says:

    “Eirgrid plans auctions beginning next year to attract investment in flexible gas-fired generators to support the growing amount of wind-energy on the system.” And that’s exactly the issue our govts and the econuts are in total denial over and cannot understand, that increasing renewables INCREASES grid instability, INCREASES the need for gas and other resilient backup and so INCREASES costs. The claim that renewables is cheaper is the biggest lie there is.

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