Energy crisis: The GWPF launches Net Zero Watch 

Posted: October 11, 2021 by oldbrew in Accountability, Energy, government, net zero
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Attempts to turn ‘net zero’ fantasies into reality are going to hit the public even harder than they already do, financially and in practical ways too. And all for what?
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As the energy crisis in Britain and Europe worsens, it is becoming ever more evident that current climate and energy policies are failing, and the public is paying the price, says Dr Benny Peiser of The GWPF (Global Warming Policy Forum).

Net Zero Watch is here to provide serious analysis of naïve and un-costed decarbonisation policies.

Our new campaign and website will shake the tree; scrutinising policies, establishing what they really cost, determining who will be forced to pay, and exploring affordable alternatives.

At Net Zero Watch, readers (and subscribers to our newsletter) will be able to examine the full spectrum of views and critical analysis, enabling our readers to access a credible reality check of official and alternative climate and energy policy research.

Following in the footsteps of the Global Warming Policy Forum, we will highlight the serious economic, societal and geopolitical impacts of poorly-considered policies, both domestically and internationally.

At the centre of our focus stands the energy crisis. With our domestic shale gas resources sitting untapped under an absurd government ban, gas prices are going through the roof. Net Zero Watch will challenge the wild claims of green activists and policy advisers about this venerable and benign technology, which has brought US gas prices down to a small fraction of those here.

As this year’s weather has shown, our decision to phase out fossil fuels and nuclear power and to rely more and more on wind farms for our electricity supply has had dangerous consequences. We will campaign to put affordability and security of supply back at the centre of the energy debate, and we will expose the risky wishful thinking behind many claims about energy storage.

Net Zero Watch will not shrink from the task of challenging those claims and upholding the principle – now forgotten in most of our academic institutions – of nullius in verba – take nobody’s word for it. And we will remind scientists and academic institutions of the damage their apocalyptic claims and prophecies are doing, to society, to the economy, and most of all to our children.

Continued here.

  1. oldbrew says:

    News link :
    – – –
    Winging it” for Net Zero is a catastrophe waiting to happen
    Monday 11th October 2021 | Steve Baker MP

    The UK’s plans to decarbonise the economy are a classic example of the ancient political strategy of “winging it”. Hard though it is to credit that idea, it’s true; the “experts” in Westminster have been basing your future and mine on a plan that relies, to a very great extent, on a collective crossing of the fingers.

    Governments of one shade or another, Whitehall bureaucrats, and their advisers in the Climate Change Committee have been working on such plans for well over a decade now, and it’s fair to say that they still have little or no idea how Net Zero can be achieved, beyond a vague idea that we should electrify everything and have lots of energy from windfarms.

    More here:

  2. oldbrew says:


    The Government’s Net Zero agenda has been slammed by a new campaign, Net Zero Watch, as a poorly-conceived and uncosted utopian plan that will cost £trillions and hit the poorest hardest.

    The campaign, which is an initiative of the Global Warming Policy Forum and is supported by a number of Conservative MPs, is highlighting the lack of scrutiny across Western governments about the astronomical costs of radical decarbonisation targets, known as ‘Net Zero’. It warns that the debates surrounding the issue have become increasingly intolerant and economic and policy scrutiny simply isn’t happening.

    Ministers appear to have given little thought to the negative consequences of their costly policies which will hit the poorest hardest. Nor are they considering whether renewable energy can actually power an industrial society.

    Dr Benny Peiser, speaking on behalf of the new campaign, said: “Net Zero Watch is here to redress the balance and provide the crucial scrutiny of decarbonisation policies that most politicians and the media are failing to provide.”

  3. oldbrew says:

    Failure Of Net Zero ‘Virtually Certain’, Senior Engineer Warns

    Professor Kalghatgi said:

    “Nobody in Westminster seems aware of just how much we depend on fossil fuels. Do they seriously think we can switch the entire economy to wind power, simply because they say so? Without any means of storing electricity in bulk? This utopian plan is almost certain to fail.”

    Professor Kalghatgi’s views are set out in a new briefing paper published by the Global Warming Policy Foundation‘s Net Zero Watch.
    Link —

  4. JB says:

    The only sense these wacky GW policies make is when they’re plugged into the WEF objectives. This has been known for decades. The intent is to leave the bulk of humanity without survival resources during a solar minimum expected to last for 2-3 generations, perhaps longer.

  5. Saighdear says:

    LIstening to the news this morning: another case of King’s NEW clothes: another outfit of NO CLOTHES. Gov. reached an agreement with US Company to produce MORE CO2. Ok, ok, we need it for industrial processes… but what happens to it in / after the process? – it is RELEASED to the atmosphere….. and WE are being taxed through the nose to release what little we do.
    Meanwhile, not a couple of thousand miles away, there is a volcano spewing out record amounts of Sulphur Dioxide and no doubt consequential CO2 + dust particles as well…. “Close to home” and with the Gore effect for FLOP at Glasgow I am worried about the prognosis for those of us in N Scotland.

  6. Chaswarnertoo says:

    Our beloved leaders are insane psychopaths.

  7. oldbrew says:

  8. oldbrew says:

    Show us the money!

    On the storage of renewable electricity
    Tuesday 12th October 2021 | Professor Peter Edwards FRS & Professor Peter Dobson OBE, University of Oxford; Dr Gari Owen, Annwvyn Solutions
    – – –
    Anything from £1.5T (Trillion) – £3T depending on how it’s calculated, to cover a run of low-wind cloudy days. That exceeds the entire UK budget for 2020/21.

    That’s the business-as-usual cost, but it wouldn’t be as usual. Shutdowns and rolling blackouts more likely.

  9. oldbrew says:

  10. oldbrew says:

    Wind and solar power are still minor players.

    Governments’ net-zero pledges ‘far from satisfactory’ says IEA director Birol
    October 13, 2021

    “More and more governments are making pledges – we are thankful, but, there is a big but, today’s climate pledges would result in only 20% of the emissions reduction by 2030 that are necessary to put the world on a path towards net zero by 2050. The pledges are far from satisfactory.”

    The WEO-2021 report shows that even as deployments of solar and wind go from strength to strength, coal consumption is still growing strongly this year.

  11. tallbloke says:

    Richard Tice has finally got the message it seems. But the energy policy on the ReformUK website tells a different story of Paris compliance.

  12. oldbrew says:

    Another net zero subsidy bill…

    Households pushed to scrap gas boilers with £5,000 grant
    Prime Minister to announce upgrade scheme, and ban installation of new gas boilers from 2035, as part of long-awaited heat strategy
    14 October 2021

    A funding pot worth hundreds of millions of pounds has been agreed between Kwasi Kwarteng, the Business Secretary, and Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor, to pay for the boiler upgrade grant, it is understood.

    ‘boiler upgrade grant’ – the ‘upgrade’ nobody wants.

    Mild winter could protect households from soaring energy bills, says Kwasi Kwarteng
    Business Secretary shares internal long-term forecasts, which show wet and warmer spells expected, with energy companies
    14 October 2021

    Officials hope that, if the winter is warmer, demand for gas will not be as high as expected. “If the weather is milder, people use less gas,” the source said.

    Government prays for mild weather. The Met Office has stuck its neck out there.

    According to the Financial Times, he showed the energy suppliers a Met Office briefing which said that “for the late winter period from January to February 2022, the most likely scenario is for an unsettled period of wet, windy and mild spells”. The Met Office’s published longer-range forecast covers only the three months to January.

    ‘most likely scenario’ – say their models 🙄

  13. tallbloke says:

    Another Tice tweet.

  14. oldbrew says:

    Expensive energy inhibits demand. That’s what they want, unless it gets so expensive they lose your vote.

  15. oldbrew says:

    Whose money?

    London faces £100billion bill to hit net zero target
    23 hours ago

    London faces an almost £100 billion bill to upgrade homes if it is to hit green targets by 2030, it was revealed on Friday.

    Domestic properties account for about a third of the capital’s greenhouse gas emissions and most require significant upgrades to reduce their carbon footprint, councils have said.

    All 33 boroughs have agreed a joint plan to cut emissions produced by the almost four million domestic buildings across the capital by 2030.

    But the plan to achieve net zero in all homes, which includes modernising millions of heating systems, comes with a £98 billion bill, according to umbrella group London Councils.

  16. oldbrew says:

    Approaching net zero credibility: ‘It turns out pretending the sea levels are about to rise by nearly 20 metres doesn’t make good television’.

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