Arctic Ice Already Exceeds Six Wadhams

Posted: October 14, 2021 by oldbrew in Natural Variation, News, sea ice
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Attention COP26 attendees! Please refrain from flogging the dead horse of terminal Arctic sea ice decline.

Science Matters

The images above come from MASIE showing ice extents starting day 266, the lowest daily extent in 2021. Over the last 18 days, Arctic ice has grown by 1 Wadham (1M km2) to now exceed 6 Wadhams, about 276k km2 greater than the 14-year average for day 284. At the bottom center Barents Sea ice reaches out to Iceland.  Svalbard bottom right becomes encircled by ice.  East Siberian Sea top right has ice connecting to the shore. Top center Beaufort and Chukchi seas are also adding ice rapidly.

The ice recovery since September minimum is shown in the graph below.

Day 260 was the 14 year average annual daily minimum at 4.39m km2. MASIE 2021 was 776k km2 above average, and SII was 427k km2 lower than MASIE.  Note that 2007, 2019 and 2020 weere much lower than average throughout the period. SII is again tracking MASIE since day 274.

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  1. Phoenix44 says:

    Eyeballing that graph it appears to show pretty much the same increase for all years? In other words where you get to by now depends almost entirely on where you start from.

  2. Jim Hunt says:

    Phoenix makes a good point.
    Why on Earth does Rog conclude that the graph demonstrates that “Arctic sea ice decline” is a “dead horse”?

  3. tallbloke says:

    Ron wrote the article, not Rog. I do think Arctic ice is at the bottom of a ~65 year cycle lagging the AMO though.

  4. Jim Hunt says:

    Rog wrote the headline above however, and Ron is refusing to answer my questions over there.

    What’s the evidence for your suggestion that “Arctic ice is at the bottom of a ~65 year cycle lagging the AMO”?

    Links to Ron’s site do not count!

  5. oldbrew says:

    Jim Hunt says:
    Why on Earth does Rog conclude that the graph demonstrates that “Arctic sea ice decline” is a “dead horse”?
    – – –
    I wrote the intro. Read it again: ‘the dead horse of *terminal* Arctic sea ice decline’.

    They’ve been telling us for years it would be gone by various dates in the past. Endlessly changing the story is for amateurs.

  6. Jim Hunt says:

    Afternoon Rog,

    Who are the mythical “amateur they” of which you speak?

    What have the “professionals” been saying? The IPCC for example!

  7. Curious George says:

    I wonder how much homogenized that animated GIF is. For example, what happened to Novaya Zemlya?

  8. Jim Hunt says:

    George – You can just see the northern tip at the bottom of the GIF?

  9. Paul Vaughan says:

    96 II UNmask “65 time” moon-docs CO[$]sea buy yuan NY yellled mute8track 209.

    May peace and tranquility be with you weather left, right, and otherwise.

  10. oldbrew says:

    Saturday, October 16, 2021
    Arctic ice volume has passed recent times and charging for a new record
    – – –
    Some good news for COP26 climate miserablists 😃

  11. Jim Hunt says:

    A load of old baloney Rog:

    “This measurement has only been available fairly recently, with radar satellites that can penetrate the ice.”

    The thickness/volume graphics displayed at your link are outputs from a model. I thought models were persona non grata in these parts?

  12. oldbrew says:

  13. Jim Hunt says:

    Chris appears to be somewhat behind the curve on this story Rog?

    See for example this recent “tweet” from my cross dressing Arctic alter ego:

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