Environment Agency’s alarmist climate report is partly based on an obsolete climate scenario

Posted: October 14, 2021 by oldbrew in alarmism, climate, government, predictions, propaganda, sea levels
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An obvious problem with the new Environment Agency report reportis its use of climate scenario RCP8.5, which has been widely discredited as unrealistic, impossible and so on. Surely that ought to render any related comments unsuitable as advice to a government. EA report extracts follow.
Air temperature and precipitation: We used RCP4.5 and RCP8.5 to represent climate scenarios that meet or exceed global warming +2°C and +4°C above pre-industrial by 2100.
Sea level rise: For our FCERM schemes we assess a range from the 70th to the 95th percentile of UKCP18 RCP8.5.
River flows: They are relative to a 1981-200 baseline and based on the 50th percentile of UKCP18 RCP8.5, which is consistent with at least a +4°C warming scenario by the end of the century.
Future weather: The projected values for future hot weather and wet weather are taken from UKCP Local (2.2 km) (Met Office, 2019), which complements the UKCP18 projections with data at a higher spatial and temporal resolution than previous climate projections, giving us greater detail on the 52 of 90 frequency and intensity of extreme weather. These projections are only available for a RCP8.5

– – –
The Environment Agency has issued a stark warning on climate change: “Adapt or die”, says ITV News.

In a new report the Government body has preparations need to be made for the inevitable effects of climate change such as more flooding, an increased number of droughts and rising sea levels.

It has said that becoming resilient to these already inevitable effects – is just as important as actions to cut greenhouse gases and has called for investment now to adapt instead of dealing with the after-effects of not taking action.

The agency’s chairwoman Emma Howard Boyd, warned that deadly events such as the flooding in Germany this summer would hit here if the country did not make itself resilient to the more violent weather the climate emergency was bringing.

This call comes less than three weeks before the COP26 summit in Glasgow and on the day that the organisation’s chief executive – Sir James Bevan – visits Carlisle to visit the city’s flood defences, which the agency has said provide 1,300 properties with extra protection.

In a report to the Government, the EA said climate change would exacerbate the pressure on England’s water environment, which is suffering from problems such as pollution and increased water demand, and make it harder to ensure clean and plentiful water.

The agency alone cannot protect everyone from increasing flood and coastal risks, and traditional flood defences will not be able to prevent all flooding and coastal erosion, the report said.

There will be more and worse environmental incidents, such as flooding, water shortages and pollution, regulation is not ready for climate change and the natural world cannot adapt as fast as the climate is changing, the EA said.

Full article here.

  1. oldbrew says:

    EA: These projections are only available for a RCP8.5
    – – –
    The Environment Agency has issued a stark warning on climate change: “Adapt or die”, says ITV News.

    Adapt to what everyone knows very well is a wildly unrealistic ‘projection’.

  2. ivan says:

    Where do they get these stupid ideas that bear no relationship to real world events?

    It must be because they are incapable of getting out of their ivory towers or even looking out of the window to see what is actually going on. As for the water problem, if the local water boards were to actually stop the leaks in the distribution network there wouldn’t be any problem.

    All the quoting of the garbage from the met office just proves that having a bigger computer just provides the garbage faster NOT better – GIGO.

  3. oldbrew says:

    EA scenarios not fit for purpose, so their report isn’t either. Fail.

  4. cognog2 says:

    A typical deliberately political driven report in the run up to COP26, oblivious of facts and sensible science and based on the mantra that “That the end justifies the means”
    And we all know where that mantra comes from. Or do we?
    Those responsible for it should properly be sacked.

  5. oldbrew says:

    EA: Climate change will accelerate sea level rise

    Will it? No *acceleration* has been observed to date, just a steady rate of rise since the Little Ice Age. Scaremongering.
    – – –
    EA: Limiting carbon emissions is the most effective way to combat climate change.

    Such ‘combat’ is a mirage.
    – – –
    We are increasingly seeing the devastating impacts of increasing floods, heatwaves,
    droughts and wildfires across the world.

    Stats don’t show such increases or if they do, where can we see them? Rises in financial costs alone prove little, as costs rise with time anyway, as do population density and wealth.

  6. stpaulchuck says:

    as has been noted by others, now that the covid fascists have found out what they can make the sheeple do and what they are willing to give in rights they are now moving to the more long term fake threat of CAGW. Consider the damage they can do with that boogeyman such as odd/even driving days, gasoline prices topping $10 a gallon, mileage taxes, etc. They might even go to lockdowns “to save the planet.” Of course they will still fly their private jets and sail their yachts.

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