COP26: Richer countries don’t own the climate

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Did the poorer countries reject the use of petroleum or modes of travel like vehicles, railways, planes, metal-hulled ships, etc.? Obviously not, because they valued the benefits as much as anyone else did. But the IPCC-backing countries have put their own heads, and a lot of public money, on the block by demonizing carbon dioxide and claiming the climate can somehow be ‘fixed’ by outputting less of it (‘net zero’). Natural climate variability is never even discussed.
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Vulnerable countries at COP26 say rich nations are pushing back against their attempts to secure compensation for the damage caused by climate change.

Poorer countries see it as critical that money for loss and damage be part of negotiations this week, says BBC News.

Negotiators agreed in Paris in 2015 to address the issue, but there is no agreement on who should pay for it.

Rich nations are said to be resisting any commitments as they do not want to accept liability and risk being sued.

Developing countries argue that rich countries are responsible for most of today’s climate change impacts because they started emitting carbon much earlier than the rest of the world.

“Loss and damage is still a taboo for developed countries,” said Alpha Oumar Kaloga, one of the lead negotiators of the Africa Group, who also represents Guinea in the Least Developed Countries bloc (LDC). The majority of the 46 countries in the LDC bloc are in Africa.

“During negotiations, we have been repeatedly arguing that loss and damage needs to be mentioned in a separate column in the climate finance reporting papers of developed countries, because such losses and damages are happening all over the world,” Mr Kaloga said.

The resistance from rich countries behind closed doors is particularly frustrating when they are at the same time “talking about transparency in this whole process.”

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  1. oldbrew says:

    Meanwhile in the real world…

    ‘A moment of celebration’: UK flights to US take off from Heathrow
    Mon 8 Nov 2021

    British Airways and Virgin Atlantic planes depart more than 600 days after US travel ban began

  2. Phoenix44 says:

    What climate change impacts?

    The substantially improved yields and greening caused by additional C02?

  3. Chaswarnertoo says:

    Phelim the Green flew to COP 26. Rules for the little people….

  4. oldbrew says:

    Plus five new airports.

  5. jb says:

    What rich nations? Nobody has any residual wealth. Its all a domino train.


  6. stpaulchuck says:

    just another lame attempt to steal money from other countries by the lazy and inept. They’ve been at it for generations.

    Check out the fool from Tuvalu standing in a tide pool trying to convince the ignorant that sea level is rising that much.

  7. Gamecock says:

    My favorite example is Malé, Maldives.

    Please, look at it on Google Earth.

    It has a population density of 60,000/sq mi.

    Without fossil fuels, 200,000 of them would be dead within a month.

    Most island nations are ABSOLUTELY DEPENDENT on fossil fuels for their survival. Their crying for controls on fossil fuels is absolutely FAKE. Fake. Fake. Fake. It would kill them.

    Most delegates at CoP26 are too stupid to realize it. Many are just having fun being as decadent as Westerners.

  8. oldbrew says:

    EV maker Rivian likely to fetch nearly $107 bln valuation in market debut
    November 10, 2021

    The mammoth valuation would make Rivian bigger than Fiat maker Stellantis NV (STLA.MI), legacy automakers and backers Ford (F.N) and General Motors (GM.N).
    – – –
    Anybody seen one? Smacks of bubble 🤔

  9. peterandnen says:

    OB I’ve got one on order. I believe they have special a/c filters to protect you from climate change.
    Climate change is a serious health issue:
    Ignore this at your peril!

  10. oldbrew says:

    Rivian only started delivering its first electric pick-up trucks to customers in September.
    – – –
    And that makes it worth > $100 billion already? Whiff of unreality there. Economics can’t be built round woolly climate theories in the long run.

    Then again…

    Tesla surpasses $1 trillion valuation after Hertz order
    BBC News
    Published 25 October

    Selling emissions credits to other car makers seems to be a big earner in these climate-obsessed times.

  11. oldbrew says:

    Come to Glasgow from all over the world – and watch a discussion online, if your login works 😣

    ‘It’s beyond a joke’: Climate BUST: UN tells delegates to watch summit online in their hotel rooms after they traveled thousands of miles to Scotland

    “After expensive and difficult journeys to Glasgow, many delegates are excluded from negotiating rooms and can only watch an unreliable webcast…On both Monday and Tuesday, as world leaders spoke on stage, delegates were sent an alert to say the venue was nearing capacity and encourage them to work remotely.” In a statement, Climate Action Network (CAN) said: “People who’ve invested time and resources to travel to Glasgow have waited patiently only to find there is ‘no room at the inn’ for civil society and told to ‘join events online’ – to then find they were offline.”

    Other UN participants fumed: “Wait wait. The biggest negotiating room at #COP26 has space for 144 people. There are 197 Parties to the UNFCCC. Who thought that was going to work?”

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