The Net Zero Watch guide to decarbonising your life 

Posted: November 13, 2021 by oldbrew in climate, COP26, humour, net zero
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Join the world savers now! Get into plant-based sausage making for example…
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COP26 has been a flop, says Andy Shaw at Net Zero Watch.

The world’s leaders have failed to stop climate change and it is now up to us to save the world from catastrophe.

Ever since the first COP, in 1995, we have been living at ‘one minute to midnight’ and the clock is still ticking.

Continued here.

  1. JB says:

    These annual Climate conferences are nothing more than the pseudo-aristocratic crowd holding their own form of public demonstration. They preach to the choir their comically ridiculous dogma and then expect the rest of the world to pay attention and “make it so.”

    Like any of the rest of us care about their contrived,narcissistic policies of self-aggrandization. We have bigger fish to fry and aspirations of our own that don’t involve them.

  2. […] The Net Zero Watch guide to decarbonising your life  […]

  3. Ron Clutz says:

    It’s Andy Shaw, not Andy May, though it is a nice piece of satire.

    [reply] well spotted, thanks

  4. Chaswarnertoo says:

    Easy. Stop breathing out, if you believe that BS.

  5. oldbrew says:

    Ever since the first COP, in 1995, we have been living at ‘one minute to midnight’ and the clock is still ticking.

    And the Arctic summer sea ice has been ‘rapidly melting’ for even longer, but it’s still there.

  6. tallbloke says:

    Jim H, about that Polyna off N.E. Greenland you spotted…

  7. Saighdear says:

    Uhuh, living at ‘one minute to midnight’ – by wghich time-zone clock are they going by? Lunar time maybe ? It’s not Midnight everywhere at the same time: has no one in the empathetic MSM ever questioned this ?

  8. Dan Pangburn says:

    The theory that CO2 started the planet warming which increased temperature causing water vapor to increase is a mistake because water vapor has increased about twice as fast as possible from just planet warming. A comparison of the measured increase of water vapor to what it would be from just temperature increase (HadCRUT4) is at

  9. tom0mason says:

    Time is an illusion, the COP ‘one minute to midnight’ doubly so.

  10. chickenhawk says:

    I thought that was an Iron Maiden song…

    oh wait, maybe it’s two minutes?

  11. oldbrew says:


    No electricity is stored in a grid; supply must match demand at all times, or it must shut down to save itself. Climatists want to electrify everything, especially heating and cars; spiking and complicating demand. Meanwhile the plan is to increase intermittent and remote wind and solar plants, making supply unpredictable. Get ready to be stuck at home, freezing in the dark. That’s GreenMageddon.

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