Multiple Extreme Cold Warnings Have Been Issued In Canada & You Could Actually Get Frostbite

Posted: December 27, 2021 by oldbrew in News, Temperature, weather, wind

Canadian rail route

A short break from media global warming propaganda maybe. Environment Canada says temps could drop to -55 C in some places, with an Arctic ridge of high pressure playing its part. 🥶❄️
– – –
Welcome to winter, folks! – says Narcity.

It looks like the weather in Canada is about to get seriously brutal, as Environment Canada has issued multiple “extreme cold warnings” across parts of the country.

On Monday, December 27, the government agency updated its public weather alerts for all over Canada.

It says that in many places, extreme cold wind chill values are set to plummet from Boxing Day onwards, with the coldest wind chill expected to be somewhere between -40 C and -55 C. Yikes!

The agency urges local residents to cover up if they venture outdoors, as “frostbite can develop within minutes on exposed skin, especially with wind chill.”

On the same day, extreme cold warnings were also issued for multiple regions across B.C., where “arctic outflow” advisories are also in place.

In these spots, “arctic outflow winds and cold temperatures are combining” to produce wind chill values near -20 C.

Full article here.

Update 27/12/21 — US snowstorms: California and other western states battered

  1. […] Multiple Extreme Cold Warnings Have Been Issued In Canada & You Could Actually Get Frostbit… […]

  2. Graeme No.3 says:

    A certain sign of Climate Warming.
    Sorry! I must keep up to date – a sure sign of Climate Disruption. The only remedy is to hold a Climate Conference as that amount of hot air will change the Climate.

  3. Paul Vaughan says:

    “In Victoria, the mercury dropped to -8.7 C, the coldest recorded temperature in the city since record-keeping began in 1874.”

  4. Chaswarnertoo says:

    Must be that Gorebullar Warming we keep getting shoved down our throats.

  5. Paul Vaughan says:

    21 more minimum temperature records broken across B.C. amid weather warnings”

    Today on the west (pacific) coast it was more like the east (atlantic) coast winter sea-kayaking I remember from decades ago when I lived there. The hiking trails are presently much faster in crampons than they are normally since ice and snow have smoothed over tree-roots and loose stones – a joyous liberation.

    It should be the birthright of every citizen to live a financially secure & stable, lockdown-free life within a 5 minute walk of healthy outdoor living.

  6. oldbrew says:

    ‘Record-breaking’ weather again…

    DECEMBER 28, 2021
    Drought-hit western US walloped by powerful winter storm

    Three feet (one meter) of snow had fallen in 24 hours on parts of the Sierra Nevada range, taking December’s total to a record-breaking 16 feet, and bolstering the badly depleted snowpack that feeds the region’s reservoirs.

    “We were definitely not expecting a wet winter,” said Dr. Andrew Schwartz, lead scientist at the Central Sierra Nevada Snow Laboratory at UC Berkeley, California.
    – – –
    Consolation for climate alarmists…

    While the US west was laboring under heavy winter weather, Texas was sweltering in an unseasonably warm spell, with the Christmas Day mercury topping out at a toasty 93 degrees Fahrenheit (34 degrees Celsius) in Rio Grande Village.

    Scientists say human-caused global warming is playing havoc with the climate, making storms more intense and unpredictable, and generating high temperatures in unexpected places.
    – – –
    ‘Scientists say’ — the usual media-speak. Whatever happens has to be twisted in favour of alarmism and blamed on humans somehow.

    generating high temperatures in unexpected places — and ‘record-breaking’ snow in others. Get over it.

  7. oldbrew says:

    Timelapse shows record level snow building up in California garden
    Wednesday 29 December 2021

    The total snowfall for the area in December is 202.1 inches, breaking the record of 179 inches set in 1970.
    – – –
    Still nearly 3 days left 😃

  8. Paul Vaughan says:

    “B.C. Emergency Health Services told CTV News Wednesday its crews have been called in for a total of 50 reports of frostbite or hypothermia in a period of just four day, and 67 calls in the last eight days.”
    “While some might assume most of the calls were placed in areas further north, […]”

  9. oldbrew says:

    Alaska weather variations…

    Alaska ‘Icemageddon’ warning follows heat record
    BBC News

    Published 15 hours ago

    The coldest US state of Alaska has recorded its hottest-ever December day, amid an unusual winter warm spell.

    Temperatures soared to a record 19.4C (67F) on the island of Kodiak on Sunday – almost seven degrees warmer than the state’s previous high.

    But elsewhere in Alaska temperatures have been plunging to record lows.

    In the south-eastern town of Ketchikan, temperatures dropped to -18C (-0.4F) on 25 December – one of the town’s coldest Christmas Days in the past century.
    . . .
    The fiercest mid-winter storm since 1937 struck the central city of Fairbanks over Christmas, dumping more than 10in (25.4cm) of snow, Mr Thoman explained.

    So much snow fell on Sunday it caved in the roof of the only grocery shop in the town of Delta Junction, 95 miles (153km) south-east of Fairbanks.

    Mr Thoman said the blasts of extreme warm and cold temperatures over the past two decades were a sign of climate change.
    – – –
    How any of this could have anything to do with a few molecules of carbon dioxide is never explained, and can’t be. But ad hoc climate waffle is easy to come by.

    i-news resorts to calling it ‘absurd’ weather…

  10. Paul Vaughan says:

    It is climate change oldbrew – and naturally so.

  11. oldbrew says:

    Snowiest December On Record In California
    Posted on December 30, 2021 by tonyheller

    Four weeks ago, experts announced the permanent drought in California – at the start of their snowiest December on record.

  12. Paul Vaughan says:

    This happens every winter:
    Out in the cold snow (in 1 memorable case while shivering and complaining of being cold) someone tells me temperatures are increasing exponentially.
    I’m a very polite guy when I’m out hiking and kayaking. I listen and support peoples’ emotional needs. (Of course you’d never no it from the way I write comments online!)
    I don’t argue with people. It’s obviously pointless. The media saturation is so high and intoxicating. But I do cautiously probe to explore their sense of the importance of nature.
    Recently I found common ground. The person with whom I was conversing said NOAA had better figure out all of the details of the natural variations because of all the costs piling up from the extreme events — and expressed confidence that NOAA would.

  13. oldbrew says:

    Wind and Heavy Snow Create ‘Blizzard Conditions’ in Fairbanks, Alaska
    Thu, 30 December 2021

  14. oldbrew says:

    World Snow Wrap, December 31 – Powder Days in Japan, the US, Canada and Europe as 2021 Goes Out With Bang
    December 31st, 2021

    It’s fair to say 2021 is going out in a big way in the Northern Hemisphere with consistent snowfalls seeing out the year in the US and Japan while there were light to moderate falls in the European Alps last weekend. In Canada there has also been some decent falls over the past week, but it has been super cold with daily maximum temps as low as -30c. Let’s check it all out:

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