UK floats ‘climate compatibility’ test for new oil and gas drilling

Posted: December 28, 2021 by oldbrew in climate, Energy, government
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Having put the climate millstone round its neck, the UK government tries to avoid totally sabotaging a productive industry, partly by pointing to its net importer status.
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The UK government says new oil and gas licensing can fit with its climate commitments. Campaigners, citing the International Energy Agency, disagree says Climate Home News.

The UK government has launched a consultation on “climate compatibility” tests for new rounds of North Sea oil and gas drilling licences, ignoring calls to keep fossil fuels in the ground.

Prime minister Boris Johnson recently told the COP26 climate summit “let’s keep 1.5 alive”, calling on leaders to uphold the strongest temperature goal of the Paris Agreement.

The International Energy Agency advised this year that there was no room for new oil and gas production in a 1.5C scenario.

Yet ministers are seeking to justify further development of offshore oilfields on the basis they will be less carbon intensive than imported hydrocarbons.

“This has to be a transition, not extinction,” tweeted business and energy secretary Kwasi Kwarteng. “Turning off the taps would put energy security + British jobs at risk – and leave us more reliant on foreign imports.”

An attempt, led by Denmark and Costa Rica, to get countries to promise to end fossil fuel production at COP26 ended up covering just 0.2% of global oil production.

Rather than join that club, the UK government is proposing a checkpoint before further rounds of licensing, with the decision to proceed or not based on six criteria.

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  1. Mike Wattam says:

    If we could rely on all the self-appointed ‘expert’ theories and scare stories about global warming and the move to stop generating unwanted gas by-products, then the proposed conference-voted promises to do this seem like really good theories. And of course it is a trendy band-wagon to jump onto. Where can I buy a tee shirt?

    However, we also need to be practical, here in little old UK. The unwanted economic disasters wrought by Brexit and Covid, leave UK Ltd in an extremely poor financial position. In common with many other countries which have suffered decimated Exchequers, we need to become more self-reliant upon generating power in our own back yard, and stop paying through the nose to import it from unfriendly foreign countries/dictators who will turn off the taps strategically when it suits them.

    If we plan to use our own natural legacy fossil-fuel resources once more, then we need to VERY rapidly come up with effective cleaning/scrubbing solutions which take out much more of the ‘nasty’ by-products of power production. And we need to co-research and share building these solutions with other tech-savvy nations, e.g., the EU, China, India, USA, et al.

    One example will be nuclear power. What lessons do all participating countries need to adopt from the very few historical meltdowns to make existing plants safer and future builds more disaster-proof? If methane gas burning is a major problem, can we devise methods of long-term storage or productive use – for instance in IC engines?

    A bizarre example is that at present UK power stations are burning hardly any oil or coal, so how is the major power being produced? Not by wind or solar farms, but by buying ecologically disastrous compressed wood pellets from South America, and newly very expensive imported gas!

    Surely the biggest unanswered question is this. Do we really believe that by promising to take ‘corrective’ measures all across the world in energy generation, any truly engaged nations can accumulate sufficient short term counter-measures to over-ride the huge world-wide violent and developing forces of nature?

    So, we need a timed and visible UK strategy for investment balanced against productivity, cash flows and benefits which will be both affordable and achievable. We also need to be able (as We The People) to prevent useless/rogue governments ignorantly or knowingly randomly scuppering advances – mentioning no names!

    “There are some ideas so absurd that only an intellectual could believe them.” – George Orwell

  2. oldbrew says:

    Report: The government argues that producing its own oil and gas is more environmentally friendly than importing it.

    Except when it’s on land?

  3. stpaulchuck says:

    how many useless twatwaffles in government does it take to keep coming up with insanity like this?? “climate compatibility”??? *face palm* good grief.

  4. Chaswarnertoo says:

    Why does anyone believe Gorebull Worming exists?

  5. oldbrew says:

    Of these six proposed tests, three focus on the emissions coming from the production of oil and gas. These emissions come from oil and gas companies leaking and burning methane gas as a by-product and using fossil fuels to operate ships, helicopters and machinery.

    Who is not going to be ‘using fossil fuels to operate ships, helicopters and machinery’? Do they expect importers of oil and gas to pass the same tests? Of course not, they have no say in it.

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