Net zero targets could cause more unrest and division than Brexit, Tory MP warns

Posted: January 24, 2022 by oldbrew in Emissions, Energy, government, ideology, net zero
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Some might say the unrest has already started. The futile pursuit of policies that supposedly ‘improve’ the climate somehow, but cost energy consumers a small fortune and make the electricity grid ever more difficult to manage, is bound to end badly sooner or later.
– – –
Carbon emissions targets could be “bigger than Brexit” for the potential of causing unrest, and division in the country, an organising member of the Net Zero Scrutiny Group of MPs has warned.

Serial rebel, Brexiteer and Tory backbencher Steve Baker helped establish the group of around 20 MPs who are concerned about the costs of reaching net zero, says Sky News.

And his warning comes amid an escalating cost of living crisis.

Mr Baker told Sky News: “I genuinely believe that when the full costs of net zero start hitting us, if people have never been given a choice at the ballot box, we could end up with something bigger than the poll tax, certainly bigger than Brexit, because the numbers of people hit by it and their inability to cope will be huge.

“I am sick to death of people talking to me about food and fuel poverty, and then piling costs on the poor.

“This is a fundamental moral issue.”

‘MPs know this is going to hit all voters and hit them hard’

“I’ve started three big projects of MPs on the issue of the day – one on Brexit, one on COVID, which of course affected everybody, and one on net zero.

“Of the three of them, the one that grew fastest by miles was net zero, simply because members of parliament know this is going to hit all voters and hit them hard and hit them fast and they aren’t going to like it.”

Mr Baker’s warning comes as the prime minister is fighting another significant division – battling to regain support from within his party as it responds to the ongoing “partygate” scandal.

The Net Zero Scrutiny Group, which includes former cabinet minister Esther McVey MP, recently signed an open letter demanding the government scrap green levies on energy bills and increase the amount of gas extracted from the North Sea.

But the larger, greener wing of the Conservative party sees things very differently.

Full article here.

  1. JB says:

    “the larger, greener wing of the Conservative party”
    Just shut off their gas, or do a pilot where every one of the Conservative party must pay exorbitant rates for at least a quarter. See what they do to cope.

    Perhaps if gov’t officers always led the way by imposing their solutions upon themselves first, the rest of the people might follow.

    That was the Apache way, and the US Cavalry had great difficulty subduing them.

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  3. oldbrew says:

    More hot air and wishful thinking from energy storage advocates…

    FEATURE: Beyond batteries and pumped-hydro for large-scale energy storage
    24 Jan 2022

    At least they admit renewables don’t cut the mustard. But storing some of their inadequate energy supplies doesn’t deliver adequate energy supplies. All you get is some losses during the process, so less back than you put in. The stored amounts are minimal anyway at grid scale. How is this progress?
    – – –
    UK stats just now. Coal is back to help save the day – yet again…

    How many EVs will renewables be charging up tonight? Not a lot.

  4. oldbrew says:

    By DR. BENNY PEISER, JAN 24, 2022.

    Weak Wind Power Is A Gift To Putin; A Threat To National Security

    Any remaining illusions that renewables can protect British and European consumers against the cost of gas were once again shattered in the last couple of days by very low wind power across the continent, from the Iberian Peninsula to Russia itself.

    MetOffice data shows the cluster of high-pressure systems responsible for cold conditions and very low winds
    . . .
    As a result, the wind power forecast for the United Kingdom for today is in practical terms zero.

  5. oldbrew says:

    Britain can’t live in its own little fantasy climate bubble – not for much longer anyway.

    Putin’s hand on the gas tap: How Net Zero eco-policies have handed Russia’s strongman the bargaining chip he needs to ransom Europe over Ukraine – and could lead to soaring prices in the UK

    Europe has been mothballing energy sources seen as environmentally damaging as part of Net Zero targets
    But green technology has failed to plug the gap, increasing reliance on foreign imports including from Russia
    Experts now warn Putin will exploit that vulnerability to hold the continent to ransom if he invades Ukraine
    Shortages in Europe will cause price rises in UK because we rely on the continent for 44 per cent of our gas
    – – –
    Germany is already scared of annoying Russia due to gas dependence.

  6. Saighdear says:

    This nonsense is getting worse than monotonous: Where’s the windpower again today and yesterday and day before and day before and day before and day before and day before and day before and day before and day before and day before and day before and day before and day before and day before and day before and day before and day before and day before and day before and day before and day before and day before and day before

  7. Paul Vaughan says:

    In northern countries poverty is extremely dangerous. (It’s simply too cold.)
    The politicians are pushing people into extreme danger.
    Obviously this is unethical.

    Capping the size of cities at 1/4-million is the option I prefer if we have to accommodate their wishes.

  8. Paul Vaughan says:

    …and: offering people euthanasia is more ethical than shoving them into poverty and northern homelessness (better rightly said than left silent).

    Imagine the richest person going first …then the second richest, etc.

  9. oldbrew says:

    Gas (58%), coal and wood are generating 70% of UK electricity demand this morning. EV owners take note.

    Net zero is a high-risk gamble with people’s welfare which passed into law without being put to the voters. Steve Baker MP is right: “This is a fundamental moral issue.”

  10. Johna says:

    clean reliable economical coal from the vast south north sea coal reserves can supply the UK with most of its energy for the next 50 years in which time it will be clear if sustainable energy forms can takeover, or not. Politicians must waken up to the reality that co2 does not control the climate and make the UK an inclusive country again, as this energy policy will make life better for all and heal the divisions our politicians have caused. Otherwise if they continue to turn their back on the people the people will turn on them and end their reign for good. The Ukraine is a case in point.

  11. oldbrew says:

    Counting the huge cost of net zero – and who’s going to pay it
    Global effort to hit climate targets by 2050 will cost $275 trillion, McKinsey believes

    25 January 2022

    The global effort to hit net zero by 2050 will cost $275 trillion in spending on physical assets, ranging from wind farms to electric cars and better-built houses, according to global consultancy McKinsey.
    – – –
    2050 headline: Never has so much been spent by so many for so little benefit.

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