Tesla on autopilot crashes into $3 million jet

Posted: April 24, 2022 by oldbrew in humour, Idiots, News, Travel

Tesla Model 3 [image credit: Vauxford @ Wikipedia]

EVs can at least offer accidental entertainment, except to their victims of course. “There’s still plenty of idiots to go around”.
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A new Reddit clip shows a Tesla using the Smart Summon feature at a Cirrus event crash into a small private jet worth millions.

Autopilot didn’t work, says Futurism.

Slow Ride

Everybody knows better than to park next to the most expensive car in the lot. If you ding the door, you’re gonna have to pay.

That’s what makes it so incredulous one Tesla owner used the Smart Summon feature, which is supposed to let Teslas navigate parking lots on autopilot, but ended up crashing the driverless vehicle into a private jet worth millions.

A clip of the incident was posted to Reddit earlier this week and went viral, getting attention in dozens of media sites.

The 16-second clip shows a Tesla driving slowly toward, at, and then under the tail of a Vision Jet. The plane rotates almost completely around as the vehicle continues what may be the world’s slowest and only car-on-plane crash.

“I was at a Cirrus event and someone tried to summon their Tesla past a $3,500,000 Vision jet,” the original poster captioned the video, shown below.

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Daily Mail report here.

  1. Chaswarnertoo says:


  2. Gamecock says:

    More of a shove than a crash.

    Do Teslas take on the personality of their owners?

  3. Saighdear says:

    remind me, …. p l e a s e….. someone….. Oh aye, that goon Mellon UK Government told us we could watch flicking images on the smart screen of our driverless cars – but we still weren’t to use the phone to call our friends to dicuss the entertainment…. Head is spinning with all this new fresh air and finding more and more nonsense broadcast. must be due to the station radio reception via our other new National Flag That little blue oblong things flying from some of the branches – mind you, I flet emebarassed to look at some – looked like some kind of supporting underwear too… ? Don’t think I’ll be Pole dancing to try and remove them – maybe the birds can find another new Nest site after we’ve cut down their usual perches for more WindNills and maybe the Sea-eagle can see and find a pond with fish in it… so I’ve been reading lately.

  4. stpaulchuck says:

    the phrase “more money than brains” seems appropriate

  5. oldmanK says:

    The failure rate of electronic equipment is very high. It is not a question of design, ie electronic engineering, but a more fundamental matter, that of the metallurgy of the electronic components.

    Changing to leadless solder brought a spate of failures in laptops. Earlier, g/t governor control cards were found defective leading to costly consequences.

    When it comes to emergency plant, electronics have to be avoided.

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