Climate mania: When will the UK heatwave peak and how hot will it get? 

Posted: July 15, 2022 by oldbrew in alarmism, Forecasting, MET office, Natural Variation, Temperature, weather
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Warm day in London

People in many parts of the world must be wondering what all the fuss is about, but Brits like to discuss their ever-changeable weather now and again…and again. Of course there’s now the added element of wild panic-mongering (see below) from the usual climate-obsessed suspects like the Met Office, trying to blame humans for natural events plus all the rest of their tedious hype. We’ve had hot days before, and some like to pay to find hotter ones on their travels, so let’s dial back on the shrill alarmism.
– – –
The Met Office has issued its first red warning for extreme heat, warning of a “potentially very serious situation” in parts of England, says ITV News.

The UK Health Security Agency has increased its heat health warning from level three to level four – a “national emergency.”

Level four is reached only when a heatwave is “so severe and/or prolonged that its effects extend outside the health and social care system”, according to the UK Health Security Agency.

Illness and death may occur even among the fit and healthy, and “not just in high-risk groups.”

With the heat building beyond the weekend, here’s what you need to know about how high temperatures could rise and when the heat will be most intense.

How dangerous is this?

Hot weather can put a strain on the heart and lungs, with older people, those with pre-existing health conditions and young children particularly at risk.

It can cause dehydration, heat exhaustion or even heatstroke, and affect the ability to work or concentrate.

Continued here.

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  2. Saighdear says:

    Well I don’t know ! Am I worried, do I care ? Non! THe wind up here is till COOOOLD and more than just blustery. forecasting 4-8C at nights – on the Mountain tops or in the Glens? but at sea-level on the E Coast , more like 8C at night. Does WIND come under the banner of Climatechange? Millions of people LIVE in the tropics; Milllionsof Tourists flock TO the Tropics – Dry heat and Moist Heat – and come back home to save up for another trip. So what’s the Deal? If it is “too” hot here, it’s simply a job of upping chairs and moving over a bit. Getting up and working EARLY in the morning and working in the COLD evening with extra clotheson again, leaves me time around “high noon” to enjoy the Sun and Heat without the expense and contamination of travelling. I liked this abd Joe B. shows some more here I fear there is some other agenda progressing in the Background.

  3. Stephen Richards says:

    There was none of this screaming in 1975/6 when, in ’75 we went from heavy snow to over 21°C in a day and the temperature, in 76 stayed at or near 32°C for weeks.
    This screaming is all part of playing the game to get more taxpayer’s money.

  4. oldbrew says:

    BBC: The world has already warmed by about 1.1C since the latter half of the 18th century, and experts predict that temperatures will keep rising unless governments make steep cuts to emissions.
    – – –
    ‘Experts’ have failed with most of their dire predictions so far, probably because CO2-biased climate models don’t reflect reality and emissions of it are not the real issue. Try cloud cover.

  5. oldbrew says:

    The forecasters are going on about 40 degrees in London, but the published Met Office forecast for Chelsea is 35 on Monday, 36 on Tuesday.

    Update: forecasting 38 for Newark on Tuesday, 37 for Cambridge.

  6. Phoenix44 says:

    A great deal of bait and switch going on, with the usual suspects talking about 40 degrees as “possible” so as to embed it in people’s consciousness. I suspect we will be two degrees or more below that but it will be remembered as a record breaking summer.

  7. Bloke down the pub says:

    The First Red warning for heat they scream. And when did they start issuing warnings for heat? 2021. Colour me unimpressed.

  8. Saighdear says:

    …and “how much” cold in E Europe ?

  9. oldbrew says:

    BBC TV just forecast 40C Monday, 39C Tuesday for London.
    Met Office forecast as before: Chelsea 35C on Monday, 36C on Tuesday.

    BBC or MetO? Place bets now!

  10. oldbrew says:

    JULY 15, 2022
    UK issues 1st-ever ‘red’ warning for hot weather next week

    “Even as a climate scientist who studies this stuff, this is scary,” said Professor Hannah Cloke, a natural hazards researcher at the University of Reading. “This feels real. At the start of the week I was worried about my goldfish getting too hot. Now I’m worried about the survival of my family and my neighbors.”
    – – –
    Give us a break 🙄

    (‘1st-ever’ means ‘since 2019’ when the warning system was created)

  11. Mike Wattam says:

    Sick and tired of armchair Xpurts and all media sliding “get used to global warming” into every sentence, now its spread like a disease from every mention of the current weather to the ultimate LOW, politics. Perhaps the current crossroads in pitiful UK politics is driving the temperature up due to huge volumes of hot air from these twats lungs?

    Then in the next breath we hear things like “hottest day on record since 1976” or similar – was that a previous global warming that cooled down since? You Xpurts start showing us real facts and stop scare-mongering, we just don’t believe you any more than we did the Johnson regime.

    However hard I try to put labels on Mother Nature, it defies me with its sheer size and complexity. It is obvious (isn’t it?) that MN is huge and if we try to influence it by for instance trying to put out forest fires with cups of water – or fitting filters to stop cow farts – we are just giving Mother Nature a good laugh.

  12. oldbrew says:

    Spiked says (16th July): No, a spell of hot weather is not a ‘national emergency’.

    The point is that next week’s hot spell is far from without precedent. This has happened plenty of times before, even in living memory. What is novel and unprecedented is the response of the UK’s science and health bureaucracy. Their systems of categorisation, informed by the broader culture and politics of fear, have effectively turned an unusual spell of weather into something exceptional and terrifying.
    – – –
    But the propaganda and alarmism are unprecedented for the UK, or trying to be. We’ll see what happens, or doesn’t, in the next two days.

  13. oldbrew says:

    Nowhere in the UK reached 40C today. One more chance tomorrow then temperatures are forecast to fall away to more usual levels.

  14. Paul Vaughan says:

    headlines here about scorching london
    meanwhile bundled up in 2 layers of fleece with a rain jacket over that while sea-kayaking yesterday
    summary: naturlal spatiotemporal variation exists

  15. Saighdear says:

    Really annoyed by all that guff about hi temps – walled garden recording ( OK is fine for owner / proprietor of premises to check their OWN MICRO Climate – Floors Castle, Kelso on BBC Scotland tonight ) BUT but but – has anyone noiticed the Sun’s Geo-magnetic activity today? been noted in the past about sudden warming affecting sudden appearance / disappearance of ‘Tropical storms’
    I’ve just checked it out after experiencing more extreme heat burning through the cloud cover (around 4pm) we’ve had all day today – kept us cooler ( 22-25C) at sealevel, on and then of course it was the Jet stream. nobody is talking much about that either.

  16. oldbrew says:

    We’ll have to give them this one. I spent half the day near Coningsby today 🥵

    The UK has recorded temperatures of over 40C (104F) for the first time.

    Thermometers hit 40.3C at Coningsby in Lincolnshire, while 33 other locations went past the UK’s previous highest temperature of 38.7C, set in 2019.

  17. Saighdear says:

    for the sake of clarity: Coningsby is / was / HAS an airfield. where was the weather station sited?
    I have Polytunnel and a potting glasshouse in a courtyard. Even outside the glasshouse, but beside it in the courtyard, it was and often is over 40C – so what? it’s just localised microclimate.

    [reply] good question re siting – can anyone help?
    Coningsby weather station:,-0.1729743,81m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x4878725b3a3d293d:0xd0e85c36046c428a!8m2!3d53.105091!4d-0.175141

  18. oldbrew says:

    More evidence-free Met Office gobbledeygook…

    Extreme heat events do occur within natural climate variation due to changes in global weather patterns. However, the increase in the frequency, duration, and intensity of these events over recent decades is clearly linked to the observed warming of the planet and can be attributed to human activity.

    The chances of seeing 40°C days in the UK could be as much as 10 times more likely in the current climate than under a natural climate unaffected by human influence.
    – – –
    ‘could be’… blah blah — where’s the logic?
    – – –
    Telegraph top letter today, under their own heading: ‘Letters: Two days of hot weather turned into Project Fear in favour of net zero’…

    SIR – The warnings of dire consequences if we don’t follow official “advice” amount to another Project Fear, this time to ensure that we buy into anthropogenic climate change and meekly accept the drive to net zero and its costs.

    Elizabeth Prior
    London SW10

  19. oldbrew says:

    Re Coningsby: I was driving near there yesterday afternoon on the A158 and getting consistent readings of 40 and 41C on the car sensor after 5 pm, so the weather station reading at 3:12pm seems plausible.

  20. u.k.(us) says:

    Gotta feel sorry for the gingers.

  21. oldbrew says:

    A milestone in UK climate history
    Author: Press Office

    Fri 22 Jul 2022

    A new event summary from the Met Office shows that the UK’s recent extreme heat was far more intense and widespread than previous comparable heatwaves. This was the first time 40°C has been recorded in the UK.

    A new record daily maximum temperature was provisionally reached on 19 July, with 40.3°C recorded at Coningsby, Lincolnshire, exceeding the previous record by 1.6°C. A total of 46 stations across the UK exceeded the previous UK record of 38.7°C. Many long-running stations with 100+ year records recorded their highest ever temperature, some by extraordinary margins of 3 to 4°C. Records were set overnight too, when Kenley Airfield, Greater London, recorded a new highest minimum temperature of 25.8°C.

    New provisional national temperature records were also set for Wales and Scotland. On 18 July, 37.1°C was recorded at Hawarden Airport, Flintshire, while 35.1°C was reached at Floors Castle, Borders on 19 July.

    The post-event report from the Met Office shows that the record-breaking temperatures seen as part of the heatwave demonstrate much more widespread and significant heat than previous noteworthy extreme heat events.
    – – –
    They claim climate models ‘prove’ human-caused effects but that can only be an assertion.

    Unprecedented extreme heatwave, July 2022

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