Unable to Pay Their Rocketing Power Bills, Germans Told to ‘Huddle Up’ Next Winter

Posted: August 1, 2022 by oldbrew in climate, Emissions, ideology, opinion

They’ll be trying to save themselves, not the climate. Moving from farce to disaster in pursuit of pointless and hopeless targets.


Germany’s obsession with unreliable wind and solar has households and businesses paying the Europe’s highest power prices, when electricity isn’t being rationed, that is.

That more than 300,000 German households can no longer afford electricity, comes as no surprise. That hundreds of thousands of people in Europe’s richest economy are forced to heat their homes using timber scavenged from forests is criminal. But, that’s what the inevitable transition to an all wind and solar powered future looks like, for those forced to suffer it.

A few months from now, as another bitter northern European winter bites, those households will be belted from both angles: power and gas prices continue to skyrocket to a level that hundreds of thousands more will be unable to light and heat their homes.

But, never fear, their local governments have a cunning plan to prevent their constituents from freezing to death.

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  1. Saighdear says:

    I’m really beyond saying anything about it ‘ sayin’ ‘nowt ‘. Could be worse …. Dirndls et al, but that the folk can’t see it…. the Media still full o’ themselves about green issues as far as I can make out. Green organic farmers…. Chemicals were cheaper than diesel for the small tractors, but now they run around in Giants and are complaining. Gas heating for the animals in Winter and supplies for the Slaughterhouses to be guaranteed – or else it’s all “wurst” . 1. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGmqid2xfcCDZRTD4cIRw6g 2. https://www.ardmediathek.de/sendung/unser-land/Y3JpZDovL2JyLmRlL2Jyb2FkY2FzdFNlcmllcy9icm9hZGNhc3RTZXJpZXM6L2JyZGUvZmVybnNlaGVuL2JheWVyaXNjaGVzLWZlcm5zZWhlbi9zZW5kdW5nZW4vdW5zZXItbGFuZA Stellen Landwirte nicht mehr auf Öko um? 3. https://www.br.de/br-fernsehen/sendungen/unser-land/index.html Don’t need to understand german.. just WATCH !!

  2. Paul Vaughan says:

    Wouldn’t it be more secure and more stable to just let Russia have Germany and China have Taiwan? (not looking for an answer from anyone – just clarifying that free speech exists (today))

    Specific individual westerners “causing” extreme financial inequality both in the homeland and abroad are absolutely – and unacceptably – terrifying.

    The solution isn’t for government to take everyone’s money and redistribute it even more inequitably but rather for the money to be distributed equitably in the first place.

    The “leadership” in Ukraine does not take innocents worldwide hostage. Period.

  3. It seems that the sanctions are really effective. Perhaps not as intended, but effective none-the-less.

  4. oldbrew says:

    Affordability and reliability of energy supply – the two-pronged attack of the climate-obsessed European economies. In full flow now but the crunch comes in winter.

    Plus some other countries with copycat so-called climate policies.

    Joe Bastardi ridicules climate-obsessed energy policies…

  5. oldbrew says:

    More problems…

    Water shortage cripples nuclear reactors in France
    3 August 2022
    Hot weather leaves Europe facing even higher energy prices

    EDF has warned it will be forced to cut power output from some of its nuclear reactors as hot weather in France drives up river temperatures.

    It leaves Europe facing even higher prices as the energy giant is unable to use the Rhône and Garonne river to cool its plants.
    . . .
    EDF’s nuclear fleet is already operating below capacity due to reactor faults that it is trying to fix, an issue that has pushed up electricity prices and forced France to rely on power imported from Britain.

    The latest problems are likely to make the issue worse and will intensify concerns about stretched electricity supplies on the Continent this winter.


    Germany – Russian gas fading away, French elec. imports vanishing, its own nuclear plants closing. What else could go wrong? Apart from a few calm grey days to curtail wind and solar power, that is. The Telegraph says:

    It comes as water levels on the Rhine river in Germany are expected to fall so low it would effectively close, putting the trade of goods at risk.

    The river at Kaub, Germany, a key waypoint for shipping containers, could drop by 47 centimeters by the weekend – seven centimeters off being close to impassable.

  6. oldbrew says:

    02 Aug 2022
    Resurgent coal power could cause 30 million tonnes of extra emissions in Germany – think tank

    – – –
    Never mind the climate obsession, they want energy.

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