Collapse of G20 climate talks in Bali : ‘nothing happened’

Posted: September 4, 2022 by oldbrew in climate, COP27, government, Temperature
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A lot of ‘carbon emissions’ to get there, followed by much fruitless arguing. Sounds shambolic.
– – –
Climate and energy ministers clashed over Ukraine, climate finance, methane, shipping, carbon levies and whether 1.5C or 2C should be the world’s warming limit, summarises Climate Home News.

Energy and climate ministers from some of the world’s largest economies have failed to agree on joint texts at G20 meetings in Bali, Indonesia.

With two months to the Cop27 summit, host Egypt has warned against “backtracking” on climate commitments.

Draft texts seen by Climate Home News show G20 ministers clashed on language over Russia’s war on Ukraine, climate finance and whether limiting global warming to 1.5C or 2C should be the world’s climate target.

After talks broke down, Cop26 president Alok Sharma and incoming Cop27 president Sameh Shoukry both warned against countries backsliding on climate pledges.

Egypt’s foreign minister Shoukry said: “G20 members should play a leading a role in ensuring that the challenges created by the current global situation do not serve as a pretext or justification for the continued delay in the fulfilment of climate pledges or backtracking on hard-earned gains in the global fight against climate change.”

“It is concerning to see coal coming back as a source of energy in some parts of the world,” he said, adding that shortcomings on climate finance were worrying: “It is equally concerning that climate finance commitments, especially the $100 billion goal, are still lagging in implementation while the needs of developing countries continue to rise.”

Sharma, the British lawmaker who presided over last year’s climate talks, said: “It is certainly the case that what we did see was a number of countries backsliding on the commitments that they made in Paris [in 2015] and in Glasgow [last year]”. Neither Sharma nor Shoukry singled out any country.

One minister in attendance describing the meeting to Climate Home said: “Nothing happened in Bali. Failure. Weak presidency.”

Full article here.

  1. Gamecock says:

    ‘Climate and energy ministers clashed over Ukraine, climate finance, methane, shipping, carbon levies and whether 1.5C or 2C should be the world’s warming limit’

    Shame Biden didn’t send them some weapons.

    ‘Egypt has warned’

    Dr. No: Sit down. (Dent obeys) Why have you disobeyed my strictest rule and come in daylight?
    Dent: I had to. Bond came to see me this morning.
    Dr. No: Yes I know. I gave orders that he should be killed. Why is he still alive?
    Dent: Our attempts failed.
    Dr. No: Your attempts failed. I do not like failure. You are not going to fail me again, Professor.
    Dent: No. I came to warn you.
    Dr. No: Warn me?
    Dent: Tell you.

  2. oldbrew says:

    Going backwards…

    ‘At Cop26, all countries agreed to “revisit and strengthen” their 2030 climate targets by the end of 2022. Since then, few countries have done so.

    A proposal to repeat the pledge, adding in a 23 September deadline for inclusion in a UN synthesis report, didn’t find consensus.’
    – – –
    Fighting each other has replaced the meaningless slogan ‘fighting climate change’. Still, a visit to Bali on expenses surely can’t be a complete waste of time.

  3. Mike Wattam says:

    These people need to acknowledge that the world economic crises and inter-continental energy and goods reliances FIRST need to be resolved as job one. Job two surely should be a full re-think of climate – from basic and factual research into what might be prudent and cost-effective to assist Mother Nature in adjusting to our current and future ambitions. But next time concentrate upon those which are sensible, cost-effective and achievable ambitions.

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  5. Adam Gallon says:

    Poor souls, all-expenses paid trip to Bali.

  6. BlickWinker says:

    It was more like a war zone with battle ships at sea, battle helicopters, and battle jets here in Bali rather than a peaceful world leaders meeting. Many of us don’t like that it was held in Bali due to roads were closed and unable to be mobile for 2 weeks, and yes, weather tricks to stop the rain for 2 weeks. Well…

    But one thing I know now from a twit is that Europe, especially UK, is buying coal to hear houses in this winter.

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