Liz Truss to ban solar projects on farms 

Posted: October 11, 2022 by oldbrew in Agriculture, climate, government, net zero
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Some pushback against the excesses of climate obsession.
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Liz Truss is poised to ban solar projects from most farms in England in a move that will dismay climate change campaigners and some Tory backbenchers, says Yahoo News.

The prime minister has long been opposed to solar farms on agricultural land, condemning them as “a blight on the landscape” when she was environment secretary in 2014.

And during the Tory leadership campaign this summer, she said she wanted to see farmers producing food with crops and livestock, “not filling fields with paraphernalia like solar farms”.

Confirming an imminent ban on solar projects on farmland, the PM’s spokesman said: “We want to increase long term energy and food security.

“We are looking at regulations and investment that impacts farmers to make sure our projects boost food production and protect the environment. It’s farmers who are best to decide how best to use their land.”

Under proposed changes to planning regulations, it is estimated that solar projects would be banned from about 40% of land in England and almost 60% of agricultural land.

But the solar ban has already been criticised by Tory MP Angela Richardson, who has a majority of just 3,337 over the Liberal Democrats in her “Blue Wall” constituency of Guildford in Surrey.

“There is a planning application for a solar farm in my constituency, which I support, as it will help my local university meet its net zero aims by 2030,” she tweeted.

“A blanket ban on solar farms would be unwise. They should be looked at on a case by case basis.”

Ms Truss voiced her strong hostility to wind farms at the Tory leadership hustings in Darlington on 9 August and in Cheltenham on 11 August.

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  1. Ilma says:

    Anyone know what the current status of solar subsidies is?

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  3. Gamecock says:

    Fascism 101.

    It’s the owner’s land, not the government’s. If they can tell you you can’t put a solar farm on it, they can tell you anything.

    “It’s farmers who are best to decide how best to use their land.”

    Uhh . . . so why are YOU telling them how to use their land? Because they might use
    it for something you don’t like?

    “Strong, autocratic central control of a private economy.”

    This is how fascism gets started in a free country. Government makes a choice for people that the public generally agrees with. Many probably think that solar farms on agricultural land is a bad idea. But they completely miss the point: government has seized control. Next time, they could ban growing GMO. The cancer grows incrementally, til the farmer is told what to do by the central government.

    And the autocracy will spread into other areas of the economy. The issue isn’t solar farms, it’s government seizing power. Don’t support Truss if you agree with her decision; don’t let her have the power to decide.

  4. oldbrew says:

    Any ban could be on the solar farm companies rather than the landowners, but not sure about that.

    The UK has had planning regulations for a long time. The England version…
    – – –
    49. Many issues are capable of being material considerations, but in broad terms should relate to the use and development of land. As a general principle, the planning system works in the public interest and matters that affect solely private interests are not usually material considerations in planning decisions. However, each application is considered on its merits.

  5. BLACK PEARL says:

    When the time comes, who’s going to pay for the disposal of all these no longer functioning panels. Land fill ? along with the composite turbine blades & EV batteries as I believe much cant be recycled.
    Tsunami of green waste I’ve seen quoted.
    Maybe there should be an up front disposal “sustainable” charge on all the green stuff!

  6. Philip Mulholland says:

    Rather than ban the solar farms she should ban the subsidies. (Yes, all of them).

  7. oldbrew says:

    When onshore wind was ‘banned’ in England, that was just a media view…

    Rules blocking onshore wind development were set out in a footnote to the National Planning Policy Framework, drawn up in 2016.

    The footnote instructs that the farms can only be developed within areas defined by a local authority as suitable for wind development. There was no obligation on local authorities to designate any areas of land as suitable for onshore wind, and only 12 per cent of English councils drew up a development plan.

  8. Gamecock says:

    Local authorities decide. Truss is usurping local power. It is a dangerous precedent.

    “A blanket ban on solar farms would be unwise. They should be looked at on a case by case basis.”

    Agreed. And they should be ‘looked at’ by locals, not the national government.

  9. Spirit of the wind says:

    Not just energy that is fast becoming a problem for the West in the new emarging Multipolar World. it’s also food, better grow some more soon, tons of it, unless a nation has tangeable assets its in big trouble, selling imaginary money on a computer screen, or so called consultancy services selling useless Power Point presentations, the Wests way for decades now had been well and truly “rumbled” by nations that have energy, industry, agriculture, the mass migration policies of the last fifty years could become a humanitarain disaster, and the rest of the multipolar World doesn’t care.
    And start expanding our fishing fleet again, our waters are ours not everyone elses.

  10. Stephen Richards says:

    Gamecock says:
    October 11, 2022 at 11:05 am

    Someone has got to control the ruinables scammers. The farmers are akin to fishermen. Some are keen conservers of nature and manage the farms accordingly, some are desperate to find another lucrative use for their land. As with fishermen there will be a temptation to smother good agriculture land with wasteful panels taking the land out of use for ever. How do we then ensure sufficient food in the future. How do we become as self sufficient as possible

  11. Gamecock says:

    The man owns the farm, or he doesn’t. Your purposes mean nothing to him.

    And how do we know it’s a farm? Someone in London decides?

  12. oldbrew says:

    This applies to some existing renewables only…

    Government plans cap on renewable energy revenues
    5 hours ago

    Currently in the UK, wholesale electricity prices are set by gas-fired generation.

    With the price of gas rocketing in recent months, some nuclear power plants and solar and wind farms have made big profits.

    This is different at newer facilities, which produce power at an agreed price.

  13. Spirit of the wind says:

    After today events I think this will be shelved, and the ban on Fracking will be back with a vengence.
    The WEF are back in control.
    As soon as any Conservative thinks about backtracking on the Globalist agenda note how they are instantly removed.
    Hunt is now chancellor, Sunak will slither back into the picture, Reform can be the beneficiary of this I’m hoping ex Conservatives flock to this new party it’s our only chance now, the Conservatives are unreformable from within now, that’s becoming plain.

  14. pochas94 says:

    Liz Truss is experiencing the hysteria that flows from the Marxist mindset. It’s what they do.

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