£1.3bn Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon officially sunk as developer loses planning appeal

Posted: December 7, 2022 by oldbrew in Energy, Legal, Subsidies, Tides

Credit: TLP

Unreliable, ‘poor value for money’ electricity project bites the dust. For now, anyway.
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Plans for the £1.3bn Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon have been dealt a blow by the Court of Appeal, which has ruled that work on the project did not commence within five years of receiving planning approval and therefore the development consent order (DCO) is no longer valid, says New Civil Engineer.

The project, put together by developer Tidal Lagoon (Swansea Bay), was to build the world’s first tidal lagoon power plant. This would span Swansea Bay to form a lagoon between the River Tawe and the River Neath.

The structure would have had 16 turbines producing a up to 320MW per day.

Tidal Lagoon submitted its plans to government in February 2014 and the project received its DCO in June 2015. Ground investigation and survey works were undertaken by the developer in November 2016, but these were not considered as “material operations” so did not count as the project having commenced.

The project underwent financial strains over the following years. The developer entered into negotiations with the business secretary to secure funding for the project.

In June 2018, the Welsh government said it would pay £200M towards it, but later that month the secretary of state said the project was poor value for money and there would be no funds forthcoming from either Parliament or the Welsh government.

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  1. catweazle666 says:


  2. […] £1.3bn Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon officially sunk as developer loses planning appeal — Tallbloke&#8… […]

  3. Graeme No.3 says:

    If tidal power is so wonderful why hasn’t France built another one? (since the Rance River one 50 years ago).

  4. Peter Norman says:

    Oh dear! Sunk before the plans for a floating housing estate, Swansea University water-park, chair lift to viewing deck at the top of the local hill, and all other “top-hat” ideas lumped in to make it work financially. I guess the director who bought a quarry in Cornwall where all the breakwater stone was to be sourced is going to well miffed!

  5. Chaswarnertoo says:

    So, why do the useless windmills get planning?

  6. oldbrew says:

    Switch to plan B…

    Port of Mostyn in North Wales plans USD-730m tidal lagoon

    Mostyn SeaPower intends to file an application for a development consent by the end of 2022. It has already agreed with National Grid Plc (LON:NG) for the nearby Connah’s Quay power plant to use the output of the lagoon.


  7. saighdear says:

    Well, the useless windmills get approval because many in “authourity” or guardianship of our funds are bird-brained. (they) Like seeing metal Herons etc standing around – pity the world is like that. I enjoy nature as it is, when I have time, but generally Herons, Storks, Pelicans, and Egrets, do not just stand around doing NOTHING….
    Huh, and I mis-read the beginning thinking the project was PURE Value for money… instead it certainly was a poor waste of money.

  8. Bloke down the pub says:

    ‘The structure would have had 16 turbines producing a up to 320MW per day.’ ?

  9. oldbrew says:

    UK developer Centre Port reveals plans for Centrica-backed £2bn, 12-mile tidal energy scheme

    Plans have been unveiled for a £2 billion UK tidal energy project that could supply green energy to 600,000 homes.

    Infrastructure developer Centre Port Holdings is forging ahead with the first stage of the major renewables scheme, located in the Wash, an estuary on the east coast of England.

    If the project gets off the ground, it would support scores of jobs and feature the world’s first tidal powered deep-sea container terminal.


  10. ivan says:

    The big problem with any tidal green energy system, there are 2 slack tides a day which do not produce any electricity. There is also the problem where they put an obstruction across a bay of silting up since the free flowing tides will wash the bay clear if silt. But then the green idiots are not noted for rational thinking.

  11. 4wd says:

    Imagine the outrage if that proposal across the wash was to create more farmland as they have done in Holland.
    It will rapidly silt up though so might happen in a couple of hundred years

  12. oldbrew says:

    The Disadvantages of Tidal Power

    Disadvantages of Tidal Barrages

    They change the movement of water into and out of estuaries, which can disrupt the life cycles of certain marine life.
    They can prevent the movement of fish and other wildlife into and out of estuaries, which can disrupt spawning.
    Turbines can kill wildlife that tries to swim through them.
    They can increase silt deposits, which can block out sunlight and prevent plants from growing
    They can change the structure of the coast and lead to erosion of dunes and other critical habitat
    They prevent access to rivers and cut off shipping
    Costly to build
    Locations are highly limited
    Disadvantages of Tidal Stream Generators

    Spinning blades can kill marine wildlife
    Acoustic disturbances can affect migration and other aspects of marine life
    They can change the movement and rise of tides
    They can interfere with shipping channels
    They are more prone to damage by high waves and rough water than other systems
    Disadvantages of Dynamic Tidal Power Schemes

    They are very costly
    They are untested and therefore their usefulness and environmental impacts are unknown
    They can disrupt migration of marine life
    They can change coastal structures in unpredictable ways

    Cost and Aesthetics
    One of the largest disadvantages to tidal power is its large upfront cost.

    Read more — https://www.tidalpower.co.uk/disadvantages-of-tidal-power

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