Belfast councillors to undergo ‘carbon literacy training’ 

Posted: December 8, 2022 by oldbrew in climate, Emissions, government, net zero
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CO2 is not pollution

Sounds like a bizarre make-work scheme dreamt up by climate obsessives. Will they hear about photosynthesis?
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Belfast councillors are to undergo “carbon literacy training” to ensure they understand the science behind climate change, says the Belfast Telegraph.

It comes as the council is working to reduce its carbon footprint, recently announcing it will transition its vehicles that are currently powered by diesel to hydrotreated vegetable oil.

Earlier this year, the council adopted a target of reducing the city’s carbon emissions by 66% from its level in 2000 by 2025.

A Climate and Resilience Committee has also been established to help the council achieve its ambitions.

According to a briefing paper prepared for the committee, carbon literacy training days will be held for members next month.

“To cut our carbon emissions by the kind of reductions science demands, we will need to change culture alongside technology,” the briefing paper reads.

“Carbon literacy training provides elected members and staff an awareness of the climate-related costs and impacts of their activities and the ability and motivation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” the briefing paper reads.

“Sharing and showcasing best practice, knowledge, and expertise, is essential to make informed decisions to address the scale and urgency of the climate emergency and meet net zero targets. This course is appropriate for all councillors, whatever their political world view.

“By the end, elected members will understand the climate science that underpins the action the council is taking and be able to speak confidently and knowledgeably on the subject.

“Most importantly, they will understand how to talk about the climate crisis in a way that resonates with their voter base, and in a way that is authentic to their own political position.

“The training covers climate change, carbon footprints, how every person can do their bit, and how this topic relates to elected members and ratepayers.”

Full article here.

  1. Jamie Spry says:

    Reblogged this on Climatism and commented:
    Why don’t/won’t they call it “carbon [dioxide] literacy training”?

    They don’t dare to, obviously.

    ‘Nuff said.

  2. ilma630 says:

    Sounds like Climate Indoctrination, even illiteracy, not literacy. I wonder how much of Belfast tax payers’ money are they going to fritter away.

  3. ilma630 says:

    Perhaps send every councillor a set of questions to ask the trainer(s), e.g. “If you do reduce the city’s carbon emissions by 66% from its level in 2000 by 2025, what local and global temperature reduction will you have achieved (or temperature rise prevented)?”; “What is the correct ideal temperature for Belfast, and who decides?”; “Considering CO2 maintained its steady rise throughout the lockdown, when a large proportion of global economic activity was stopped, how can you be certain man’s contribution has any effect on overall atmospheric levels, and therefore on temperature/climate?”; “Where is the evidence that man’s ~3% of CO2 has any effect on climate, making it dangerous, considering nature contributes ~97%?”; “Are you certain that the earth has never experienced higher levels of CO2 or warmer periods throughout history?”; “When earth did experience previous, global warmer periods, e.g. Roman, Minoan, Medieval, how did humanity fare, better or worse?”; “What effect will reducing CO2 have on global vegetation levels, including food crops?”.

  4. oldbrew says:

    In the time it takes to get ‘trained’, more coal-fired power stations will be opened round the world.

  5. Chaswarnertoo says:

    Love to take those ‘trainers’ on about their insane nonsense.

  6. HiFast says:

    Reblogged this on Climate Collections and commented:
    Training or indoctrination?

  7. cognog2 says:

    This is nothing more than using taxpayer money to relentlessly disseminate propaganda on behalf of the Communist Party.
    Not only is this illegal but The indications are that a series of lies, misinformation and deliberate omissions will be included in the training masquerading as truths.
    Who are the members of this Climate and Resilience Committee? That will say much these devious intentions.

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  9. oldbrew says:

    Committee details
    Climate and City Resilience Committee

  10. ilma630 says:

    WEF from beginning to end.

    They do seem to be very concerned with “the implications of climate change and other shocks and stresses” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Definitely a huge scam. The residents of Belfast (oft described as ‘a city in need of an umbrella’) should be up in arms about this.

  11. oldbrew says:


    Why Nations Should Reject Net Zero, Embrace Energy Freedom

    “Net zero by 2050” policies would be apocalyptically destructive if fully implemented and have already been catastrophically destructive when barely implemented.

    They should be rejected in favor of energy freedom policies.

    Hapless Belfast ‘carbon’ stooges won’t be shown anything like that.

  12. ivan says:

    It would help if they called it what it is ‘indoctrination’ in how to f lease the population definitely not training

  13. Eric says:

    Reblogged this on Calculus of Decay and commented:
    As the real world falls apart around them ..

  14. Phoenix44 says:

    Sp very little science and a great deal of politics then. I’m at a loss as to why politicians are so willing to go along with being told what politics they must follow? What’s the point of politicians if they are told what to do by some nebulous group of unelected activists?

  15. cognog2 says:

    Well said; but think you forgot mention that the Unelected Activists you mention are Communists following the Party Line.

  16. Curious George says:

    The “science” behind climate change is the settled science, a new name for no science.

  17. oldbrew says:

    Council problem…

    Trial electric bin lorries in Somerset keep breaking down
    9th December

    The trial vehicle, which is based at the SWP’s Bridgwater depot, was designed to be “stretched to its operational limits” to see whether other waste vehicles could be refurbished in the same way.

    Mike Cowdell, the SWP’s customer experience manager, said waste crews had responded positively to the vehicle, but that it had proved unreliable even on relatively unchallenging terrain.
    . . .
    “Issues have ranged from faulty battery packs to complex electrical issues, as well as run-of-the-mill issues with refuse collection vehicles.”

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