Energy Grid Changes Leave California And The Midwest Vulnerable To Blackouts

Posted: December 17, 2022 by oldbrew in climate, Energy, government, ideology
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Windfarm in the California desert

They plan to keep increasing electricity demand by (for example) mandating EVs, while reducing reliable supply in pursuit of climate obsessions. How long can US States go on ignoring the obvious?
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California and parts of the Midwest are at a high risk of electricity shortages in the coming years amid the transformation of their grid from one reliant on fossil fuels to one reliant on other sources of energy such as wind and solar, says

The warning comes from the latest annual assessment of the grid by the North American Reliability Corporation, as cited by CNBC.

According to the assessment, the Midwest and Ontario in Canada risk power shortages because they are retiring more generation capacity than they are adding.

At the same time, California’s problem is due to a “variable resource mix” and “demand variability,” Mark Olson, manager of reliability assessments at NERC, said.

California this week approved a roadmap for becoming carbon neutral until 2045. The plan relies heavily on reducing hydrocarbon consumption and expanding the state’s solar power generation capacity.

Because of these problems, California could see blackouts ranging from one to ten hours, NERC warned, although it noted that the addition of new capacity and “the retention of key generators” are mitigating the risk for the time being.

For the Midwest, the North American Reliability Corporation predicts an electricity shortage of 1.3 GW to occur next summer and grow over the next ten years because coal, gas, and nuclear electricity generation capacity will be retired at a faster rate than new capacity is added.

Interestingly, no part of the United States is deemed low-risk by the NERC’s assessment. The rest of the country is deemed as being in “elevated risk” of blackouts.

Full article here.

  1. oldbrew says:

    ‘Extraordinary times’

    “We are living in extraordinary times from an electric industry perspective,” John Moura, the director of reliability assessment at NERC, said on Thursday.

    Increasing awareness of climate change is pushing utilities to phase out fossil fuel-based sources of energy that generate carbon emissions. Renewables like wind and solar don’t contribute to climate change, but have period where they don’t generate any energy (when the sky is dark or the wind is still).

    Renewables also don’t necessarily map to where demand is, unlike fossil fuels, which can be transported and burned near where they’re consumed. That means more transmission lines are needed, and building them can take from seven to 15 years, Moura says.
    [includes video: ‘Why the US power grid has become unreliable’]

  2. JB says:

    Assuming the consumption rate doesn’t turn negative in CA.

  3. A few years back you could not do anything is some deserts because of some endangered plant or animal.

    NOW, they will destroy animals, plants and people to build intermittent wind and solar for replacing reliable 24/7 fossil fuel and nuclear power generation.

    They destroy animals and plants to build the junk and then they destroy people because it don’t work in difficult times.

  4. The intermittent power needs more and more, longer and longer, transmissions lines and pipe lines which are un-defend-able from natural disasters or man-made attacks. In much of the world, wars happen. Russia has destroyed much of Ukraine’s power grid. You can assume we will not fight anyone who can attack the US, but more and more of our sworn enemies are building missiles and drones and deadly explosives. Enemies took out our twin towers, and our pentagon, with our own unarmed airplanes. Europe’s pipelines from Russia have been shut down and one destroyed.

    We need fossil fuel and nuclear power in regional grids that can be defended and that do not go down when any other region has a natural or man-made disaster.

    In February 2021, a few days of freezing weather took out the Texas Power Grid, Statewide, regions that depended on the Grid had power outages that lasted days, they started rolling blackouts but that did not save the Grid, it got close to major chance of really long term outage. Hospitals in Downtown Houston were without water, we were without water where I live and we are not in the Houston water district. This is what intermittent does, the question is not, will it happen again, it will, the question is when and how long is the next outage and will it be for really long term. We are at major risk even from just a Hacker Attack, the Grid is too complicated to operate without the Computer Network that Controls it and many regions do not have enough generation capacity inside their local grids anymore.

  5. oldbrew says:

    According to the assessment, the Midwest and Ontario in Canada risk power shortages because they are retiring more generation capacity than they are adding.

    That’s part of the problem. The other part of course is that most of the capacity added is only available 0-50% of the time, depending on time of day and/or current weather conditions.

  6. This was written: Increasing awareness of climate change is pushing utilities to phase out fossil fuel-based sources of energy that generate carbon emissions.

    In today’s newspaper, this was written: Coal use across the world is set to reach a new record this year. This was also written: “robust demand” in emerging Asian economies would offset declining use in mature markets.

    In other words, China, India, Russia and others must use more and more reliable coal to mine and process and manufacture the windmills and solar panels and batteries that the western countries are buying. The life cycles for wind and solar and batteries is fairly short so more Coal will be needed, more and more, as long as it coal lasts to keep repairing and replacing our Green Unreliable Grids.

    Whenever they decide we are weak enough, we will be unable to generate enough power to build anything to fight with, we will not have enough fuel to power our Armies, Navies, Air Forces or Space Forces. I did not mention our mining, processing and manufacturing because it is mostly in China. We are on a path to World Government and not one we will have a voice in, our leaders will all be appointed by the world government, as Russia has already done in Countries they have taken back as part of their Soviet Union that they are Rebuilding. When in control, they will resume the mining of our coal, they will need it later.

    We won in World War Two with a Primary Most Important Factor. The United States Fossil Fuels and Energy Generation and Manufacturing Capability. We are well on the path to Destruction of all of that, as are most of the Western Countries.

    Green Energy is a Weapon of War, one much like a Trojan Horse, we are inviting in, Herds of Greene Trojan Horses.

  7. This was written: Increasing awareness of climate change is pushing utilities to phase out fossil fuel-based sources of energy that generate carbon emissions.

    No, it is not the Increasing awareness of climate change, climate is changing inside the bounds of historic climate change, it is the lies about climate change and it is the obscenely large subsidies for Green Energy and the harmful restrictions and punishments for Fossil Fuel and Nuclear Energy.

    The first day of Winter is not even here yet and people are already experiencing the harm from more expensive “so called green” intermittent energy. It don’t work sometimes and it costs much more. They tell us how much cheaper wind energy is while they increase the monthly bills for less and less sometimes energy.

  8. About wind being cheaper, it is so cheap that you must pay them to not deliver it when you don’t need it. So, wind generates what must be, costly negative energy.

  9. Eric says:

    Reblogged this on Calculus of Decay .

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