UK will be scrambling for gas when the wind doesn’t blow, warns expert

Posted: December 22, 2022 by oldbrew in Energy, government, Nuclear power, opinion, wind
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Who knew? Just as night follows day, replacing on-demand power generation with intermittent sources can and does cause reliability and other issues of varying severity. Preferring imported gas to domestic sources was another avoidable mistake, leading to far more of the supposedly fearsome CO2 emissions than necessary. The climate excuse is wearing thin.
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The UK will be scrambling for highly expensive gas imports to meet its energy needs this winter to stave off blackouts whenever the wind doesn’t blow, warned a leading energy expert.

Ole Hansen, head of commodity strategy at Saxo Bank, told City A.M. that the intermittent performance of domestic renewable power is proving costly for the West.

He argued the country lacks a reliable alternative base-load of power aside from highly expensive natural gas.

He said: “Europe and the UK are in short supply of base-load which can reduce the spikes seen in prices on days the wind does not blow. Not least in the UK, where the power generation from renewables has been so volatile that the change from high production to low has been the equivalent of turning on and off 15 nuclear power plants, each producing 1GW.

“Going forward, it highlights the risk of very expensive power days when the wind doesn’t blow and where supply has to be made up from gas as nuclear input is lower than normal.”

Wind power has consistently made up a significant minority of the UK’s energy mix, and is currently [21st December, 6.55 am] generating 45 per cent of the UK’s power.

However, in recent weeks, this dropped to below eight per cent, when National Grid called for the UK’s three standby coal power units to warm up earlier this month, before terminating the request when demand eased.

The UK has instead relied on vast inflows of liquefied natural gas from overseas vendors such as the US and Qatar to meet both its energy needs and demand on the continent.

Gas not the only issue in supply scramble

National Grid also came close last month to announcing emergency measures such as arranging volunteer households to cut off power at peak times to stave off supply shortages on the grid.

The organisation’s electricity system operator has predicted rolling blackouts in January only as a worst-case scenario in its winter outlook.

It expects to stave off supply shortages courtesy of supplies from overseas transmitted through the UK’s interconnectors into the continent.

However, there are increasing challenges in meeting demand with transfers from the continent, as the latest raft of nuclear power station closures in France reflects the volatility of the current energy market.

Plant outages caused by corrosion and scheduled maintenance have already severely dented France’s nuclear output this year.

Full article here.

  1. saighdear says:

    ‘stave off blackouts whenever the wind doesn’t blow’ eh? but Whitby isn’t allowed GAS – it must be Hydrogen – or Heatpumps. but the Just-in Parrot didn’t tell you that.
    see also my latest comment on

  2. hunterson7 says:

    Excellent analysis. The madness of the climate cult is apparently completely unselfaware.

  3. oldbrew says:

    Compare the current wind+solar to gas (and even to imports)…

    More renewables give a greater maximum potential output but the same unavoidable minimum, meaning the requirement for adequate worst-case alternatives is a constant.

  4. Alan Wilson says:

    These elitist fools who are now running most governments just don’t give damn about the people that elect them. The leftist are Marxists and the Rightists are faux Marxists and the people are screwed.

  5. saighdear says:

    Graeme No3, Phew! I should be wrapping prezzies or feeding the stirks etc, but that link is some hot stuff, is it not ? All those Juzzie Parrots at the bbc et al. – what are they doing in their spare time? Even casually looking at ‘Gridwatch’ I was not aware of all this. Is it not recorded for mass comsumption of the uninitiated ?. and all those other Links electricity-section-5-energy-trends has some serious reading. Christmas indigestion , I fear. 2023? it’s already germinated and the crop / yield ? … wait n see.

  6. hunterson7 says:

    The frontier between incompetence and corruption …

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