Benny Peiser‘s big warning to Americans: Avoid Europe’s green energy disaster

Posted: January 3, 2023 by oldbrew in climate, Emissions, Energy, government, opinion
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Climate obsession at government level comes at a high economic price to its citizens. ‘Saving the planet’ is mythology, not science.
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From The Heritage Foundation, Washington DC (via Climate Depot)

Benny Peiser: “I remember giving evidence to a Senate hearing here some years back, and I was saying: ‘Look, as long as these [climate] policies are unilateral, as long as you do this on your own, this is not going to address your main concern, which is CO2 emissions, because the rest of the world will not follow.’

And the rest of the world will definitely not follow Europe’s green experiment which is going so badly. No one wants to do what the Europeans are doing, because they can see the damage we are doing to ourselves.

Unless — and this is the whole point — unless you can come up with an energy policy that is attractive to other countries, in particular to poorer countries, they will not follow your lead.

Full transcript here.

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  2. oldbrew says:

    Green policies getting us nowhere…

  3. saighdear says:

    ….yes, progressive, liberal, etc … those terms what was once ( doesn’t really matter anymore) … but unfortunately the great and the good ( the article here) don’t have pigtails, etc., talk sense and so there is no mileage for the Asylum escapees. I so despair of our fortunes for this year onwards. even ;listening to GBN Farage tonight…. agree with this and then have to disagree with that ( carbon, etc ) Pleasing the viewers ( who are ?) or voters or the Boss. and if this seams muddled … listen to the arguments in the MSM and GBBC. turning and twisting. Weather forecasting even now too hot and too cold for this time of year. but ! from quite a long time ago: This newspaper cutting of 8 January 1935 reads:”A contestant during an interval at a ploughing match held at Humberston Farm,Dingwall,Ross-shire. Almost springlike weather prevailed.” Beginning JANUARY 1935 from the Daily Mirror. what’s changed ? Not enough snow in Switzerland ? Avalanche surprised them and 10 folk miraculously escaped, just around Christmas. and so on it goes.
    Why do we have so many OLD FOLK telling us to save the Planet – reduce population to reduce consumption, etc AFTER they have had a great time consuming and destroying / back-burning to cover their own trail and a-shes.
    And if they wer ploughing in 1935, we certainly can NOT plough in 2023 – the ground is deep frozen at sea-level and has been since before Christmas despite often high Air temps. Just NO WIND to blow over and melt the ice. Rain has simply added to the misery and making conditions for the livestock on smooth ( now Icy) slopes.

  4. Phoenix44 says:

    This is simply the culmination of 30 years of destructive governments in Europe and the UK. I cannot point to a single economic policy here or anywhere in the original EU members that has had a positive effect in all that time. Taxes have increased everywhere and spread to virtually everything, regulation the same, whilst things like planning for projects, infrastructure and the like has got longer, harder, more expensive and less certain. Basic inputs such as energy and labour have been made significantly more expensive and goverments have intervened more and more in markets, trying to get the outcomes they want. We have now reached the point where we have thrown so much sand in the works everything has seized up. Companies spend more energy being woke and on internal witchhunts than on new products and their customers. The civil service is more interested in making sure everyone has been trained properly to know they are racists than in governing the country. Net Zero is the pinnacle of this atrophy and the switch from doing to saying. It is fantasy, an impossible solution to a non-problem – as so much has been – but this time it is so all-encompassing it will finally wreck the economy.

  5. oldbrew says:

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