Climate hysteria: Scottish Greens prefer imports to new Rosebank oil field?

Posted: January 6, 2023 by oldbrew in alarmism, climate, Energy, government, net zero
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North Sea oil platform [image credit:]

Worldwide oil consumption is close to 100 million barrels per day, and rising (apart from a small Covid-related slowdown). Rosebank is the proverbial drop in the ocean, and would reduce the need for imported oil. Demand has to be met from somewhere for the modern world to function, and Russian supply is off the menu.
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Plans to create an oil field more than twice the size of the controversial Cambo development risk “wrecking” Scotland’s climate and setting net-zero targets back.

Rosebank, located north-west of Shetland, could produce over 70,000 barrels of oil every day at its peak under proposals brought before Westminster by Norwegian state-controlled company Equinor, says STV News.

However The Scottish Greens have branded the blueprints “a climate disaster” and urged the UK government to turn the bid down.

It comes just months after First Minister Nicola Sturgeon publicly condemned the Cambo plans, which were shelved last year.

The Scottish Government does not have the power to block new oil fields being created, but Green MSP Mark Ruskell, the party’s energy and environment spokesman, said the opportunity to state the UK’s credentials as a leader on climate change “must not be squandered”.

“We are already past the point when we should have been moving away from oil and gas, yet Westminster is doubling down on it,” he said.
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Rosebank is the biggest undeveloped oil and gas field in the North Sea, with nearly 500 million barrels – a claim disputed by Equinor which says the recoverable reserves estimate 300 million.

Equinor has said a final investment decision could be made in 2023, with the first oil expected in late 2026.

Full article here.

  1. Philip Mulholland says:

    It is not, never has been and never will be about “Saving the Planet”.
    That is not their motive.

  2. oldbrew says:

    14 Rosebanks would equate to 1% of current world oil consumption. Without oil the world grinds to a halt. The only ‘disaster’ is in the heads of climate obsessives.
    – – –
    Is this the direction of travel?

    Green extremists are reinventing feudalism by banning travel
    Reducing speed limits and imposing excessive Ulez charges makes life more awkward and expensive for scant benefit
    6 January 2023

    The Telegraph article undermines its own case by saying ‘carbon’ emissions need to be reduced.

  3. JB says:

    First Minister Nicola Sturgeon sounds like a WEF minion. A True Believer for sure.

  4. oldbrew says:

    Published yesterday: Accelerating the transition from fossil fuels and securing energy supplies – Report Summary

    This is a House of Commons Committee report, with recommendations to government.

    Summary (opening sentence): ‘The UK remains dependent on fossil fuels for 78% of its energy needs—to heat homes*, fuel vehicles and generate over a third of its electricity.’ [bold added]

    Later: ‘To show its continued commitment to climate leadership we recommend that the Government consult on setting a clear date for ending new oil and gas licensing rounds in the North Sea: this date should fall well before 2050.’ 🙄

    Setting such a date isn’t leadership, it’s creating a hostage to fortune.
    – – –
    *And to heat many other types of buildings, of course: schools, workplaces, hospitals, etc. Scottish Greens need to face such realities, like everyone else.

  5. oldbrew says:

    Germany off-target, despite its climate obsessions. Ditching reliable and affordable energy is not a simple matter, reality bites back.

    Germany’s CO2 emissions stagnate despite renewables expansion
    4 Jan 2023

  6. Druid144 says:

    Can we in England and Wales have a referendum on Scottish Independence, please?

  7. oldbrew says:

    Monckton rips UK’s ‘extraordinary failure to understand even the most elementary arithmetic’ as it is ‘flinging industry after industry into bankruptcy…enriching…China, India & Russia by its climate policies’

    Net zero policy has a lot to answer for already, and there’s nearly 30 years to go.

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