Safety and air pollution concerns over UK hydrogen village

Posted: January 19, 2023 by oldbrew in Emissions, Energy, hydrogen, News
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Eco house with hydrogen heating technology. [Image credit:]

Not what the promoters of ‘clean’ energy wanted to hear. Reports of unwelcome emissions have been noted. The guinea pigs are getting nervous, not without reason.
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Residents in Redcar on Teesside have raised concerns over the safety of a pilot project designed to replace home gas supplies with hydrogen, says Energy Live News.

Gas distributor for the North East and parts of Cumbria and Yorkshire, Northern Gas Networks had previously submitted a proposal to the government and Ofgem for a hydrogen-powered area.

If the proposal is given the go-ahead, the gas company would need to replace all home and business gas appliances, including boilers, fires and cookers with new hydrogen systems.

According to the BBC, Steve Rudd, a resident in Redcar, said hydrogen was “inherently unsafe” – it has also been reported that other residents are worried about hydrogen’s more harmful emissions.

The report claims that people believe hydrogen is more explosive and generates more harmful nitrogen oxide than natural gas.

A Northern Gas Networks spokesperson told ELN: “We are working to ensure hydrogen is delivered and can be used at least as safely as natural gas and are liaising with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

“HSE uses the regulatory framework to improve the management of health and safety risks by gas networks. It is also assessing the evidence regarding the safety of using hydrogen in homes and through the existing gas network.

“The Hydrogen Village follows five years of testing to ensure hydrogen can be delivered and used safely and is not testing the safety of hydrogen.”

Full article here.
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Nature Media: Pollution from hydrogen fuel could widen inequality
Quote: By the 2040s, hydrogen combustion for domestic heating could be the last major source of NOx in cities, as ever more road vehicles switch to electric power.

  1. ivan says:

    It looks as if they forgot to mention the upgrading of the supply pipelines from their source to the various appliances because hydrogen has the nasty habit of escaping from captivity as well as going BOOM if mixed with oxygen and ignited.

  2. liardetg says:

    Madness. How was the hydrogen produced? Steam reforming with natural gas? Better burn the gas . Electrolysis? Hideously expensive, why aren’t we told? Where did the electricity come from? There won’t be enough windmill electricity to power the entire country. Futile waste of taxpayers money,

  3. dscott8186 says:

    Oh the irony… NOx is a byproduct of burning hydrogen!!!!

    “High temperature combustion of fuels where the temperature is hot enough (above about 1300°C/ 2370°F) to oxidise some of the nitrogen in air to NOx gases. This includes burning hydrogen, as it burns at a very high temperature. ”

    Weren’t NOx emissions the big issue using diesel fuel?

    Bottom line, the green geniuses are trading carbon for nitrogen pollution. They didn’t learn their lesson pushing diesel as the alternative to gasoline, now they want to make the exact same mistake with natural gas and hydrogen.

    Green hydrogen is yet another money making scam by the green profiteers from Davos.

  4. dscott8186 says:

    DEF is used to limit NOx emissions in diesel engines

    So are DEF emissions controls being installed with the green hydrogen appliances?

  5. liardetg says:

    Can anyone answer my questions at 1250 on the 19th?

  6. oldbrew says:

    ELN says: “The 2025 start date for the Hydrogen Village”.

  7. dscott8186 says:

    Maybe after facing up to the NOx issue they might turn to Ammonia instead? But there is still a safety issue.

    The Road To Decarbonization: Ammonia-Powered Trucks Take the Lead

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  9. […] methane problem derived from the ‘greenhouse’ obsession, that is. Hydrogen already has a nitrogen problem, according to IPCC climate theories at least. Now it seems there’s a leaky infrastructure […]

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