2050: The never-ending nightmare of Net Zero 

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Classifying this as humour may not be appropriate, but we live in hope.
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IT IS the year 2050 and Britain, relentlessly driven by the governing Labour-Green coalition, has achieved Net Zero, imagines David Wright @ TCW (The Conservative Woman).

The nation is quite unrecognisable from the comfortable, well-fed country it was in the early part of the 21st century.

Massive wind turbines cover the landscape; the old ones built 25 years ago now knocked down and lying next to the new ones because it was uneconomic to remove them.

The whole country is covered in a dense spider’s web of power lines from the multitude of wind and solar farms miles from where the power is needed.

Offshore wind farms died ten years ago: it became impossible to maintain them because all the workboats were rusting in port with no fuel. Thousands of acres of formerly productive agricultural land are now solar farms with nothing but weeds growing beneath the panels.

Other forms of so-called zero carbon energy production failed to take off or were abandoned years ago. Drax power station’s last two biofuel units (which produced more CO2 than the coal-fired units, but were laughably classed as carbon neutral by the eco-zealots on the grounds that new trees would grow to replace the wood pellet fuel) were shut down when the United States government, led by President Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, stopped cargo ships from using fossil fuels.

Hinkley Point C and Sizewell C nuclear power stations came onstream just in time as the last of Britain’s previous generation nuclear plants reached the end of their lives. Small modular reactors (SMRs) pioneered by Rolls-Royce and GE Hitachi were subject to endless bickering over cost in Parliament and only six were built.

Green hydrogen was long considered the answer to fuelling transport but a pilot project in Hull consumed so much renewable electricity to make such a small quantity that diverting the power from households and what was left of businesses could not be justified. This, coupled with the astronomical cost of compressing it, storing it, fitting high pressure tanks to vehicles and changing natural gas pipelines because hydrogen was more corrosive, resulted in the trial being ended after 18 months.

Eight giant so-called grid scale battery farms were built in the previous 20 years. They were effective at stabilising the grid but when used to supply power during winter wind droughts went flat after a few minutes and then took weeks to trickle charge using the small amount of power that could be spared from users.

So the nation is suffering strict rationing of small amounts of intermittent electricity from renewables. The £200billion HS2 white elephant stopped operating two years after its 2039 inauguration (ten years behind schedule) when not enough electricity was available to run it. The operator tried a two-carriage version run by solar panels on its roofs but it slowed to a crawl when clouds came over or it went into a tunnel.

Cars, for those who can afford them, can undertake only short journeys because although plenty of charging points are available and all the different connections were eventually standardised there is insufficient spare electricity at most times when people need to charge.

Full article here.

  1. oldbrew says:

    Later in the article…

    ‘Crime is rampant, mostly robbery and theft at night of food and clothing, but shops and households don’t report them to the police because the crime divisions, now much smaller than the thought police divisions, cannot attend while their cars are on charge.’

  2. saighdear says:

    What more can I add, oldbrew ?

  3. gbaikie says:

    Well most dystopias are smart enough to keep the public entertainment going.
    Without that distraction, everyone have find other types of entertainment.
    And If you don’t have any tar and feathers, you can just use rocks.

  4. stpaulchuck says:

    much sooner than that if all the jackwagons in government get their way. Minnesota just voted for energy and economic suicide by 2040. The grid should start falling about long before that deadline. 80% carbon free by 2030. I’d say that’s when the grid starts to collapse with blackouts and brownouts, particularly in winter.

    The jerks trashed several amendments that would let nukes get built for base load. The state has a constitutional taboo on ANY new nukes.

    “Going to 100% clean energy will mean cheaper power, more jobs, better health and helping to do our part to confront climate change,” said Rep. Jamie Long (DFL-Minneapolis). IMAO, everyone of these liars should have to serve prison time when their totally false predictions fail.

  5. Phoenix44 says:

    It’s going to be worse. Our economy has survived endless government tinkering for decades because it was largely marginal. But now they are destroyed the cornerstones of the economy – energy and food. Food production and distribution collapses very rapidly and usually disastrously when governments interfere. Collective farms in the USSR and Vietnam led to mass famine, banning fertiliser in Sri Lanka halved food production, Ethiopia suffered from state interference as much as drought, and on and on. When food cannot or is not grown, when what is grown cannot be transported or distributed, when people have no jobs…and that will happen rapidly now.

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