Science website cancels atmospheric water vapour

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Photosynthesis: nature requires carbon dioxide

‘What is carbon dioxide, anyway? How does it cause global warming?’ – asks [Delete ‘how’ – says the Talkshop.] Anyway, the entire article they attach to their loaded-question headline never once mentions water vapour. It’s all about demonising CO2. Even climate worrier Wikipedia says: ‘Water vapour is the gaseous phase of water…Being a component of Earth’s hydrosphere and hydrologic cycle, it is particularly abundant in Earth’s atmosphere, where it acts as a greenhouse gas and warming feedback, contributing more to total greenhouse effect than non-condensable gases such as carbon dioxide and methane.’ So even for fans of greenhouse theories there’s no escaping the predominance of water vapour over carbon dioxide. Completely ignoring it makes the whole CO2-promoting article redundant.
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Chemically, carbon dioxide is incredibly simple—it is just one carbon atom linked with two oxygen atoms, says

Together they create a colorless gas that makes up just a tiny fraction of the Earth’s atmosphere, about 0.04%.

That gas is critical to life on earth because plants use sunlight and carbon dioxide to create energy through the process of photosynthesis.

But carbon dioxide is also the primary reason the climate is warming, a long-term shift in temperature that threatens the delicately balanced ecosystems humans depend upon.

So how is something so necessary to life also so harmful? Here’s what to know:

Continued here.
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A footnote to the article says:
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  1. oldbrew says:

    a colorless gas that makes up just a tiny fraction of the Earth’s atmosphere, about 0.04%.

    But they want it even tinier, at the expense of nature.

  2. oldbrew says:

    Atmospheric absorption bands

  3. Ron Clutz says:

    Consider how CO2 radiative properties are miniscule compared to H20. First, the interaction with Solar radiation:

    H20 interacts on many lines, all of them with higher frequencies and energy content. Then concerning Earth radiation:

    Figure 1.10 When ozone is depleted, a narrow sliver of solar ultraviolet-B radiation with wavelengths close to 0.31 µm (yellow triangle) reaches Earth. The red circle shows that the energy of this ultraviolet radiation is around 4 electron volts (eV) on the red scale on the right, 48 times the energy absorbed most strongly by carbon dioxide (blue circle, 0.083 eV at 14.9 micrometers (µm) wavelength. Shaded grey areas show the bandwidths of absorption by different greenhouse gases. Current computer models calculate radiative forcing by adding up the areas under the broadened spectral lines that make up these bandwidths. Net radiative energy, however, is proportional to frequency only (red line), not to amplitude, bandwidth, or amount.

  4. ivan says:

    But carbon dioxide is also the primary reason the climate is warming,

    We would like some of that warming down here in the south of France. Today the temperature staggered up to 8.2C from an overnight low of 1.2C.

    Every time I read about global warming I have to laugh, I would also like to see those writing about it out in the air with a thermometer not in front of a heater of any sort, also climate computer games models are no good for anything but allowing academics to while away the day in the warm air conditioned office.

  5. stpaulchuck says:

    there have been so many papers by now that I fail to see why anyone would publish this codswallop.

    Start with Nikolov and Zellers papers and follow on with a reading of Henry’s law and the papers showing oceanic heating predates CO2 increases by up to 80 or so years.

    Next, expose the preposterous data-diddling going on. Merely subtract the raw temperature from the “adjusted” published temperature (the amount of “adjustment”) and plot it. Next plot the CO2 concentration (while rescaling to get them on the same plot. Magically! the two curves match. So as CO2 goes up they “adjust” the raw temperature reading to make it go up as well, regardless of what the raw data say.

    Science fiction, aka RUBBISH. These people should be run out of every institution and lab (and town).

  6. oldbrew says:

    ‘But carbon dioxide is also the primary reason the climate is warming’

    Warmer oceans are *less* able to absorb/retain CO2. A natural rise in atmospheric levels is therefore inevitable in such conditions.

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