Green Energy – The Greatest Transfer Of Wealth To The Rich In History

Posted: February 26, 2023 by oldbrew in Big Green, Energy, Robber Barons
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The cost per molecule of atmospheric CO2 ‘saved’ must be phenomenal i.e. ridiculous.

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By Steve Goreham~

We are in the midst of history’s greatest wealth transfer. Government subsidized support for wind systems, solar arrays, and electric vehicles overwhelmingly benefits the wealthy members of society and rich nations. The poor and middle class pay for green energy programs with higher taxes and higher electricity and energy costs. Developing nations suffer environmental damage to deliver mined materials needed for renewables in rich nations.

Since 2000, the world has spent more than $5 trillion on green energy. More than 300,000 wind turbines have been erected, millions of solar arrays were installed, more than 25 million electric vehicles (EVs) have been sold, hundreds of thousands of acres of forest were cut down to produce biomass fuel, and about three percent of agricultural land is now used to produce biofuel for vehicles. The world spends about $1 trillion per year on green energy. Government subsidies run about…

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  1. saighdear says:

    Aye, and despite the PERCEIVED “left-wingism” of ‘everybody’, this procedure continues seemingly unabated. you / one does have to ask WHY.
    Keep hearing lately that Net Zero was EU instigated … is that really so? time and waffle flows on – I honestly don’t know ‘any more’ can someone put me out of my/our misery

  2. Johna says:

    Co2 was 73% 4.3 BYa, dropped to 2% by 2.9 BYa stayed around 0.6% (with some startling uplifts) and dropped to 0.06% 78 Mya – when the land masses formed the structure we have and is currently at 0.04%. The gasses that make Earth’s atmosphere varied much more eg Oxygen was once at 36% – that’s how the dinosaurs and trees were so large and formed coal etc! But in all cases CO2 did not cause the climate to change. So one can either believe the scientist’s and geologist that have no vested interests in controlling people to make money – out of the great CO2 scare. Or one can listen to the BBC weather presenters who propagate the UN Net Zero CO2 scare by saying “the temperature is where it should be for this time of year – bearing in mind they often refer to this as +- 2 degrees Celsius DT – and they say this hour by hour. So it’s no wonder the public are brainwashed confused and scared – which is no different to the State propaganda of the war they are waging.

  3. oldbrew says:

    Since 2000, the world has spent more than $5 trillion on green energy.

    Most of it manufactured using fuel-based energy – mining, concrete, steel, transport, factories etc.

  4. catweazle666 says:

    And a fat lot of effect it’s had, oldbrew.
    Goldman Sachs’ Jeff Currie: ‘$3.8 Trillion of Investment in Renewables Moved Fossil Fuels from 82% to 81% of Overall Energy Consumption’ in 10 Years

  5. Phoenix44 says:

    There is no wealth “transfer”, only wealth destruction. Even when subsidised, EVs are more expensive but worse in virtually everyway. Thus switching to an EV makes you poorer. The same with heat pumps – more money for a worse product – that makes the rich who buy one less rich. Forced to spend more time commuting by local councils? You are poorer. Less choice of food? We are poorer. We are seeing the sort of vast wealth destruction normally only seen with Socialist revolutions.

  6. oldbrew says:

    More subsidies for ‘cheap’ renewables?

    UK urged to offer tax breaks to offset soaring wind turbine prices
    Ministers have reportedly been warned that rising costs put several planned British wind farms at risk
    Tuesday 28 February 2023

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