One in Five Germans Fear Green Agenda Will Destroy Their Jobs

Posted: March 3, 2023 by oldbrew in climate, Emissions, Energy, ideology, Uncertainty
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Needless to say, high energy prices and job insecurity isn’t what workers wanted in exchange for obscure future benefits. But the country’s Green Party says in effect ‘like it or lump it’. Welcome to the effects of manic climate obsessions.
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A survey done by the German Trade Union Confederation has reportedly found that one in five employees now fear for the future of their jobs as a result of the country’s push for green agenda measures aimed at curbing climate change, says Breitbart.

It is the latest piece of evidence showing how the European Union’s leading economy is struggling with its own carbon emission goals, with the price of energy soaring over last year as renewable energy sources are unable to fill the hole left by missing Russian gas and deliberately scrapped nuclear energy.

The surging price of electricity and home heating is not all that Germans are worrying about, though, with a report by Die Welt claiming that around 20 per cent of the German workforce now feel the country’s green push could endanger their employment.

Such a statistic is said to increase to 43 per cent among Germans who say they have no training opportunities within their company, who are perhaps more likely to be working-class.

The high number of Germans afraid of losing their jobs due to the green agenda push is unsurprising considering how reliant the country is on its automotive industry, a sector of the economy extremely vulnerable to both domestic and EU climate policy.

In particular, plans to see a ban on all new combustion engine vehicles from 2035 onwards have spooked many in the country, with the German Transport Minister, Volker Wissing, threatening earlier this week to see Germany veto the measure should exceptions not be made at least for cars that can burn synthetically produced fuels.

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  1. saighdear says:

    Huh, who’d av thunk it. my take on watching their equivalent of our Public Broadcaster ( of Misinfo) is that the 1 in FIVE must be the gullible bairns. the Automotive Mfrs ( incl all other mobile machinery) are all following the gravy train with Bisto. Gusto? Who keeps voting in and talking UP all t his green slime propaganda. EVERY Docu channel program or in News bulletins -worse than in UK has bad references to Climate and Covid and that Lands , further East ( but it’s OK if your goods come in a very Large Containership out of the SunSET via some Blockable Canals) …. I’m not bothering to read the article, I hardly watch their programs now either. Can’t even speak to friends & acquaintances over their now for fear of offending them in these matters, so bad it has become. Menschens Kinder.

  2. oldbrew says:

    State-sponsored and/or media brainwashing seems to be quite effective in Germany 🤔

  3. saighdear says:

    Aye , indeed, Oldbrew, and who does one have to thank for that? ( think this is sarc, – or is that sarc – huh all thoughs pronouns got me quiet medalled ap …..see! )
    What the germans have to put up with in their THOUGHTS about the past …. can’t say this or that about you know who ( wink wink ) and in the next breath they appear NOT to have being paying any attention.
    and then they get their knikkers in a wist about other eco stuff but make a Crimi dram out of it: like here: from around 23.00 mins in. awfully confusing for me to begin with: unlawful to kill male chicks at birth, so they became “Brother hens” for meat production with all the lack of transparency which that can bring in business… hence the Drama film being made. …. can’t see that happening in UK. They hire all or Attyboyo films etc and many many others which are replayed over and over again, but how many have we seen of theirs? Heimat & DasBoot, maybe another one shortly about British Film-makers on WW 1 or 2, recently…. didn’t teach us that side of language in school and the German parts& service books don’t seem to have those words in them.

  4. China has a long term plan to dominate the world, published years ago. It looks like they are on schedule or they are ahead of schedule. Germans should not worry too much, after China finishes taking over, they will go back to work, but working for China. Most western countries are on that track. Working then will be less optional, China does not pay as many to not work, that is just something they have promoted through their people who now lead western countries.

  5. catweazle666 says:


    History tells us cold, hungry, impoverished Germans can become a serious problem

  6. oldbrew says:

    The rest of Europe is in danger of going the same way, if they/we aren’t already.

  7. catweazle666 wrote:
    History tells us cold, hungry, impoverished Germans can become a serious problem

    When Europe cooled out of the Warm Roman Time, into a colder time that always has followed each warm time, the Roman Empire fell, without the warm times with plenty, Rome could not maintain and feed and control their formerly powerful armies.

    We are in a Modern Warm Time now, not as warm as the Medieval or Roman, but we should use our nuclear and fossil fuels and prepare for the next colder time, which always follows, we know wind and solar does not work so well in much colder times, when we get into the next Little Ice Age, in a few hundred years, the Green turns Brown, then Black. First brown wood if any is left, then black coal, of which there is plenty and nuclear if we have not yet destroyed our knowledge.

    In any case, China will sustain us enough to provide for them whatever resources they might want. Don’t worry too much about the Germans, China will be using them too.

  8. For saighdear
    Is there an English translation for the words or captions in the video?
    I can figure out some of it, maybe. I guess discussions of killing nature’s creatures, maybe even endangered species?

  9. catweazle666 says:

    Actually popesclimatetheory, I was thinking of somewhat more recent history, the 1930s for example.

  10. catweazle666, thanks for that comment, I thought you thought that, yours is a much more excellent example than mine, so I went back a little more in history, what has happened before has happened again and again and is working toward again.

  11. saighdear says:

    No, popesclimatetheory, that is the same problem I have with the “stupid language”. Easy to get the jist of the conversation -even in some dialects, but just as easy to come away with completely the WRONG idea. Sometimes it comes out in the wash!
    Text is easier to decipher and I use for translation: actually neve ruse Google or other apps to translate: THOUGHT- isn’t there a Phone app to speak into that does Text answers as translation? Happy understanding: Huh, maybe I should get a Smart (notso) Fone again, just to try it out.

  12. Much like Hitler, the new great leaders who have brought great riches and power to the country, are really destroying the country from the inside. Hitler, like Putin, was the leader, these new western leaders are more controlled by the Chinese Communist Party; implementation of the long term plan published in China, years ago is their goal.

  13. saighdear
    You sent me a link as to what you use for translation.
    It is all in German, I understand and read English, those instructions in German are not helpful for me. I have reached out to a friend who might have time to help me.

  14. saighdear
    I guess I should just ask my grandchildren, they likely can help me better, in English.

  15. saighdear says:

    good job I’ve come back in here from watching Alaska Highway on their tv prog!
    SIMPLY enter the english / german text in the search box ‘ im Worterbuch suchen’ you can input english OR German, indeed you can even select other languages in the dropdown list.
    Englisch Deutsch ForumTrainerGrammatik Im Wörterbuch suchen In einem Text suchen
    Hope it helps.

  16. Chaswarnertoo says:

    ONLY 1 in 5? Net zero is a very stupid idea. Anyone who believes in it should stop exhaling CO2 right now!

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