Satellite Temps Hit Bottom: February 2023

Posted: March 10, 2023 by oldbrew in Natural Variation, satellites, Temperature

Climate miserablists are no doubt dreaming of a mega El Niño to get their warming scare back on course.

Science Matters

The post below updates the UAH record of air temperatures over land and ocean.  But as an overview consider how recent rapid cooling  completely overcame the warming from the last 3 El Ninos (1998, 2010 and 2016).  The UAH record shows that the effects of the last one were gone as of April 2021, again in November 2021, and in February and June 2022  Now at year end 2022 and continuing into January 2023 we have again global temp anomaly lower than average since 1995. (UAH baseline is now 1991-2020).

For reference I added an overlay of CO2 annual concentrations as measured at Mauna Loa.  While temperatures fluctuated up and down ending flat, CO2 went up steadily by ~60 ppm, a 15% increase.

Furthermore, going back to previous warmings prior to the satellite record shows that the entire rise of 0.8C since 1947 is due to oceanic, not human activity.

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  1. oldbrew says:

    ‘Scientists say’…blah blah…Guardian doom ahead…

    Warning of unprecedented heatwaves as El Niño set to return in 2023

    Scientists say phenomenon coupled with growing climate crisis likely to push global temperatures ‘off the chart’

    Predictable 🙄

  2. tallbloke says:

  3. oldbrew says:

  4. oldbrew says:

  5. saighdear says:

    Well I still ‘dunno’ but know what I AM DOING. NO SNOW in inner Mor Firth area ( to speak of) despite the occasional white birdies feather which makes some snowflake drivers “Freak out” hence speed drops to around 20mph. aye SLOWER than our tractors now – imagine that – tract ors on A9 overtaking cars on a trunk road! Get home eventually and take precautions for impending doom for/from all this snow and ice due ( must be tonight – after all, nothing has come so far) My weather station shows temps steady above zero, RH rising! ….oh oh – yesss snow, whit stopped already? nothing since. Hmm, -1C only, ah more to come, surely. 6am getting bright already – no more snow,Yet! temps still falling, RH rising slowly…snow on way? nope skies clearing ( colder now) Sun shining temps rising quickly today unlike yesterday despite same wind conitions. Dunno! Yes, snow on hills -they’re ‘high up’ – to be expected.
    So ground is frozen DEEP – cannot plough or cultivate, surface thaws and is like soap = dangerous for Man, Beast and vehicle on the land, and we cannot get on with the Spring work of SOWING grain or fewrtilising / spraying winter crops. Food shortages?
    Bottom Line Met office forecasts a waste of time this now.

  6. liardetg says:

    At least we have a name – Scaife- for ‘scientists say’. So we can have laughs when El Niño flattens out. See the debate on ENSO NOAA website

  7. Chaswarnertoo says:

    Snowing this morning. Only just got out to the shop for bread, yesterday.

  8. catweazle666 says:

    Clearing here today, much to the relief of the cats.
    Had to scrape six inches of snow off the motor so we can go to the shops this afternoon though.

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