Catastrophism update: Governments to vet ‘crucial’ UN climate science report

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The ‘Pakistan one third underwater’ lie gets yet another airing here, while Arctic summer sea ice keeps confounding the doomsters. Pretending to know the future of global climate via modelling has only led to the failure of numerous over-the-top predictions so far.
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Diplomats from nearly 200 nations and top climate scientists begin a week-long huddle in Switzerland Monday to distill nearly a decade of published science into a 20-odd-page warning about the existential danger of global warming, and what to do about it, says

The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s synthesis report—to be released on March 20—will detail observed and projected changes in Earth’s climate system; past and future impacts such as devastating heatwaves, flooding and rising seas; and ways to halt the carbon pollution [sic] pushing Earth toward an unlivable state. [Talkshop comment – unverified claim].

“It’s a massive moment, seven years since the Paris Agreement and nine years since the last IPCC assessment report,” Greenpeace Nordic senior policy advisor Kaisa Kosonen, an official observer at IPCC meetings, told AFP.

Since its creation in 1988, the IPCC—an intergovernmental body staffed by hundreds of volunteer scientists—has released six, three-part assessments, the most recent in 2021-2022.

“It is scientists telling governments how they are doing during these crucial defining years,” Kosonen said.

The report card is not good: global greenhouse gas emissions have continued to grow, even as science has cautioned that deadly consequences are coming sooner and at lower levels of warming than previously thought.

Since the late 19th century, Earth’s average surface temperature has risen more than 1.1 degrees Celsius, enough to amplify a crescendo of weather catastrophes on every continent. [Talkshop comment – mere psychobabble].

Carbon budgets

Under the 2015 Paris treaty, nations promised to collectively cap the rise at “well below” 2C, and at 1.5C if possible.

An IPCC special report in 2018 made it alarmingly clear that the more ambitious aspirational goal—since adopted by governments and business as a hard target—was a better bet for a climate-safe world.

But an already narrow pathway has become a tightrope: humanity’s “carbon budget” for staying under the 1.5C barrier is less than 300 billion metric tons of CO2, barely seven times current yearly emissions, according to the IPCC.

Two other special reports—one on oceans and Earth’s frozen zones, the other on forests and land use—will also be covered in the summary for policymakers under review in Interlaken.

Full article here.
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BBC Admit Their Pakistan Floods Claim Was False — By Paul Homewood, NOVEMBER 13, 2022

  1. saighdear says:

    Wish it was Warming, Lambing Knows. NO lambs here but the wee calfies don’t like it anymore than the cattleman does( or the dog) and then we get this story. Climate emergency is a Crisis, right? we get paid from the neck DOWN, right? After a decade of “published science” they who are paid to higher up, huddle to discuss. So much for an emergency. a.) are we on the same Planet? b.) Are they, or am I, whether dyslexic or autistic to some degree? ‘ “The synthesis report matters because it will be the last IPCC product for some years, and one of the major sources of knowledge to be considered ….” ‘
    ‘report card is not good’ Oh? GREEN House gases continue to grow. Surely that IS good, n’est pas? ‘nations promised to collectively cap the rise’ – how can ANYONE do such a thing – nothing is fully enclosed. Anyone see Charlie’s new suit lately?
    ‘Two other special reports—one on oceans and Earth’s frozen zones, the other on forests and land use—will also be covered in the summary for policymakers’ Well now, Was out in Rural Invernesshire on a couple of mission critical “adventures” on Sat & Sunday. Lovely countryside “today” but the Greenblob have gotten their Useful idiots in the forestry industry to Plant trees on greenfield sites. Having also seen clear felling of some mature plantations, I was delighted to be around for the moment and experience the VIEW and awareness of where I was. ‘Tomorrow’s ‘ traveller will not be so lucky, trees everywhere. Ah well, we will go nowhere, have nowhere to go to, have no reason to go anywhere, and will not be able to go anywhere, …. …. … . . . … . . . …,+Inverness+IV2+6UB/@57.3173098,-4.2680808,2445m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m6!3m5!1s0x488f6c68ab240089:0x37d6b5b3300a5f63!8m2!3d57.317299!4d-4.259326!16s%2Fg%2F12yxt3msn,-4.4024916,2440m/data=!3m1!1e3
    So, ‘even as science has cautioned’ – should that not have been CALCULATED? and then LOWER = Higher unless when its snowing because it is getting hooter because it is getting wetter because there is more drought
    So if all this sound like rubbish, so of course it is!. At the weekend , the Lochs were frozen as they always are in the Winter, Ice is Ice, right? ever heard of someone on a cold winter’s day wanting some warm icecream? ICELAND webcams SHOW that there has been at least a 2nd spell of very cold – more ice forming, same goes for NORWAY, the BALTIC, and others too. Don’t these Scientists open their eyes to see for themselves? No, I hear you all say. Maybe that IS the problem, and as for those Huddling, Well the Meef says it all and it’s no NOX matter.

  2. oldbrew says:

    Bank of England downgrades Net Zero and cuts climate spending

    London, 13 March – Net Zero Watch has welcomed the decision by the Bank of England to demote its Net Zero agenda and cut its spending on climate change.

    According to reports, the bank’s climate programmes will be downgraded so that officials can return to work on its main remit, namely the nation’s financial stability.
    – – –
    The Carney-age is over, or at least fading? Time to stop playing silly games and get real.

    ‘Climate banking’ on the ropes…

    The Inflation Reduction Act
    Posted on March 12, 2023 by tonyheller

    A few months ago banks hailed Biden’s “Inflation Reduction Act” as an historic opportunity for “climate investment.” Now they are collapsing.
    . . .
    Six days ago, Forbes said Silicon Valley Bank was one of America’s best.

  3. Graeme No.3 says:

    Perhaps they could explain how accurate their predictions projections from 1990 panned out?
    Did the World Temperature go up in 2020 between 0.9℃ and 3℃?
    Did various islands and coastal beaches e.g. The Maldives get swamped by rising sea levels?
    How many millions of “Climate Refugees” are clamouring to go to Antarctica?
    Then we would be able to judge how accurate this latest set will be.

  4. oldbrew says:

    Greta Thunberg deletes ‘doomsday prediction’ but ‘the internet is forever’
    12 hours ago

    Sky News host Rita Panahi examines a tweet by Greta Thunberg from five years ago who warned “climate change will wipe out all of humanity” over the next five years “unless we stop using fossil fuels”.

    “Well guess what, the five years are almost up; just three months to go till Armageddon,” Ms Panahi said.

    “After being mocked for that post Greta Thunberg quietly deleted it this week but thankfully, the internet is forever.”
    – – –
    Bring on the next Hollywood-style fiction 😴

  5. Phoenix44 says:

    I love settled science that just keeps discovering its worse than we thought and we have to do more sooner. Yet despite the claims the temperature isn’t actually rising so how is the climate worsening? Pakistan is flooded because its warmer? But it’s not warmer than 10-15 years ago. If extremes are increasing then it CANNOT be because its warmer.

  6. stpaulchuck says:

    so then the Synod of the High Church of the Satanic Gases will meet and determine the date of the end of the world if I don’t give up my barbecue and my cars. I assume the date will be far enough off no one will remember it when it, like so many, fails.

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