Multiple Choice Question re Green Energy

Posted: March 17, 2023 by oldbrew in alarmism, climate, Critique, Energy

As the climate alarm farce rumbles on, take a simple test…

Science Matters

Jack Hellner poses the issue in his American Thinker article. A single multiple choice question for the ‘green’ energy pushers.  Excerpts in italics with my bolds and added images.

Here is one burning question for scientists, entertainers, journalists, politicians,
bureaucrats, and others who claim they can control the climate:

Which of the following has caused the reservoirs to fill up rapidly in California and elsewhere in the West?

A. The Paris Climate accord.

B. The misnamed “Inflation Reduction Act” in which the Democrats claimed they can control the climate by handing out huge amounts of money to “green” pushers.

C. All the United Nations gabfests where people fly in private jets to stump about the need to cut emissions.

D. Shuttering coal and natural gas utility plants.

E. Transitioning the peasants to cricket and mealworms as “food” to control cow flatulence.

F. Making people buy inefficient, expensive, impractical electric…

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  1. Philip Mulholland says:

    F. Making people buy inefficient, expensive, impractical electric cars powered by the dangerous, highly-flammable pollutant lithium.

    G. Sequestering CO2, a clear, innocuous, non-pollutant gas that makes plants thrive and allows the world to be fed.

    This part of the list can and should be added to.
    Open season everyone!

    H. Record rain and snow that came cyclically and naturally

  2. saighdear says:

    And the answer is: ….. . ALL or NONE of the above. Maybe I missed the hidden box for ‘Other’. Yep, just like some of the Multiple choioce questions at places as High in education as Uni. , I am led to believe. These formats make it EASY and quick for the teecherz to mark the paperz. So you agree with the teaching, or you don’t. what utter scum. ‘ if you’re not with us, you are against us.’
    Aye all this past Snow = Heat junk means or shows that we have reduced CO2, naw CARBON is wot they call it ( carbon black) or is Soot invisible and the gas is black? hell, was so long ago now, I can’t remember what they told us…. Yep that’s it Carbon is the black gas and CO2 is a clear solid and we need to stop reducing it to allow the climate to warm up again ….. . is that correct ? Must go ask a man(nie) down the Pub – if it is still trading t hese days.

  3. stpaulchuck says:

    “climate change” is going down in history as the biggest scam ever. It makes Teapot Dome and the Piltdown Man look like kid stuff.

  4. When people have told me that a warmer world would be a disaster: I direct their attention to marine isotope 11, during which the shores of the arctic ocean were forested, and our “primitive” ancestors thrived. Inn some locations, they may have averaged 7 feet tall(indicating an abundant source of food). A warmer world climate has always been a more equable climate, with little change in the tropics and temperate zones, while the polar deserts vanished.
    Those who would sell fear of climate change, don’t seem to know about the whole climate of this earth.

  5. oldbrew says:

    Green energy news…

    Norway rejects electricity cable project with Scotland
    16 March 2023

    The Norwegian oil and energy ministry said it was saying ‘no’ to the NorthConnect project because the country needed to meet its own energy needs at competitive rates.

  6. Curious George says:

    G. Saint Peter’s decision.

  7. oldbrew says:

    Lampooning the climate alarm barkers…

  8. oldbrew says:

    Germany has given up on answer D.

    Coal Keeps Germany’s Lights On
    The supposedly evil energy source saves the day in Europe.
    March 9, 2023

    Coal accounted for 33.3% of electricity production in 2022, according to the Federal Statistical Office, up from 30.2% in 2021.
    . . .
    Berlin still plans to ban coal by 2030. Maybe before that day arrives politicians in Berlin will catch up to what the market already knows: Fossil fuels remain indispensable for powering modern economies.
    – – –
    They’ve backed themselves into a corner due to climate obsessions.

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