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Confusing Diabatic and Adiabatic Processes within the Climate Theory: A Reply to Dr. Roy Spencer’s Blog Article “Giving Credit to Willis Eschenbach” Ned Nikolov, Ph.D.Physical Scientist In a recent blog post, Dr. Roy Spencer at the University of Alabama at Huntsville attempted to criticize and dismiss the importance of our recent discovery about the physical […]

We’ve been having a good knockabout on twitter with Patrick Moore concerning Ned and Karl’s Pressure-Insolation theory; their discovery that a simple formula using surface pressure and solar distance will accurately give you the surface temperature on vastly different planets and moons throughout the solar system. Patrick is a great guy, and a good sport, […]

I got back from Rome last night following the highly successful World Climate Conference. Quite a number of CO2 sceptics gave presentations, which were politely received and discussed by all present. We even made a few converts. Here’s a short interview I made with Ned Nikolov and Karl Zeller where they give their impressions and […]

An Interview Given by Dr. Ned Nikolov (a.k.a. Den Volokin) to Ben Guarino, a Staff Writer at The Washington Post Sep. 17, 2016 Research Paper Withdrawal by the Journal Advances in Space Research   Q1: As succinctly as possible, could you tell me why you chose to publish this work under a pseudonym? A1: We […]

DIVINER’s results show that the Moon’s actual mean surface temperature is much lower than the estimate derived from the standard Stefan-Boltzmann (S-B) equation: This means we now need to accept the following distinctions: 1)   The term emission temperature (Te) is strictly reserved for estimates obtained by the above (S-B) equation. It refers to a temperature […]

Response to “Unified Theory of Climate” Updated PDF is here Dr. Daniel M. Sweger National College Introduction During the last two years that I have been teaching Environmental Science and attempting to explain global warming to my students, I have been frustrated at the lack of solid theoretical understanding of the primary processes coupled with […]

Anthony Watts has kindly offered the Talkshop the exclusive on Ned Nikolov and Karl Zeller’s reply to the article by Willis Eschenbach published at WUWT, which we accept, gladly. Reply to: ‘The Mystery of Equation 8’ by Willis Eschenbach Ned Nikolov, Ph.D. and Karl Zeller, Ph.D. February 07,2012 In a recent article entitled ‘The Mystery […]

My Thanks to Ned Nikolov, who has just sent the first part of the ‘Response to comments on the Unified Theory of Climate’ to us. Part 1: Magnitude of the Natural ‘Greenhouse’ Effect Ned Nikolov, Ph.D. and Karl Zeller, Ph.D. January 17, 2012 We’ve decided to split our expanded explanation into two parts, so that […]

While we await the reply to comments on the Unified Theory of Climate (not long now!), I’d like to draw attention to more complimentary work done independently by William Gilbert and Dean Brooks. In no particular order these are:- Bill Gilbert’s paper (E&E 2010) THE THERMODYNAMIC RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN SURFACE TEMPERATURE AND WATER VAPOR CONCENTRATION IN […]

Unified Theory of Climate Expanding the Concept of Atmospheric Greenhouse Effect Using Thermodynamic Principles: Implications for Predicting Future Climate Change Ned Nikolov, Ph.D. & Karl Zeller, Ph.D. Emails: Extended version of the poster presented at the Open Science Conference of the World Climate Research Program, 24 October 2011, Denver CO, USA Abstract […]

About time too!

Willis Eschenbach recently complained that I banned him from the talkshop. He makes this complaint, on average, annually. Usually in a comment attacking Dr Ned Nikolov and Dr Karl Zeller. On the occasions I’ve bothered to respond, I’ve pointed out to Willis that in fact he banned himself from the talkshop, something he maintains is […]

ASTROBIOLOGY NASA picked this article from the Many Worlds website, and by doing so endorsed the writer’s apparent belief in ‘heat-trapping gases’. But the “thought experiment” the science meeting was engaging in did not seem to include any reference to Nikolov and Zeller’s Universal Theory of Climate, which could have helped them out considerably. What […]

Ned Nikolov, Ph.D.‏ @NikolovScience Oct 31 Here are 2 key issues that you must address when trying to defend the radiative “Greenhouse” hypothesis: 1. How does 240 W m-2 absorbed solar radiation get converted into 342 W m-2 IR back radiation without violating the Energy-Conservation Law? 2. Why there is such a POOR relationship between #CO2 and […]

Descending air in the atmosphere rises in temperature as it is adiabatically compressed in the pressure gradient created by gravity acting on atmospheric mass. This has been known for centuries. However, the MET Office has decided to do away with this fundamental fact of physics in a short video it has produced. Here is some […]

Question: If I had a container, full with air, and I suddenly decreased the volume of the container, forcing the air into a smaller volume, will it be considered as compression, will it result in an increase in temperature, and why? Answer on Stack Exchange by Luboš Motl: Yes, it is compression and yes, it […]

This is on similar lines to the ongoing studies of Nikolov & Zeller, featured here at the Talkshop on several occasions. The ‘standard’ tropopause pressure of ~0.1 bar is an interesting factor. By looking at the temperature of every planet with sufficient atmospheres, we see temps rise along with atmospheric pressure, and not from a […]

Ken Rice, an Edinburgh University academic who selectively censors dissenting comments at his pro-AGW “and Then There’s Physics” propaganda blog, has another of mine in moderation: tallbloke says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. March 12, 2018 at 10:02 am OK, I’ll drop that subject and deal directly with the subject of your blog post. You state […]

Uncertainty abounds here. Scientists expected –173° Celsius but ‘the probe found temperatures closer to –203° — with no obvious explanation.’ Perhaps there is a place where enlightenment could be found, if they cared to look. Meanwhile the ‘gas only’ theory is under pressure [sic] again, as Pluto’s atmosphere apparently defies expectations. Pluto may be the […]

IPCC obviously thinks 'the science is settled' Piers. A cute way of avoiding discussion of recent literature? e.g. — Rog Tallbloke (@RogTallbloke) August 9, 2017