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In the final part of his study on planetary-atmospheric co-rotation, Tim Cullen extends his heuristic formula to the inner planets, with surprising results. Planetary Rotation – Mars, Earth and Venus Tim Cullen – MalagaBay – January 2013   The second part of this post calculated a generalised view of the relationship between the “Corotational Radius” […]

The first part of this post found a statistical relation between the planetary period of rotation [in days] and the diameter [in kilometres] for the Gas Giants of the Solar System. However, describing this statistical relationship in more detail is problematical because of our limited understanding of the Gas Giants. There are various observations, theories, […]

Tim Cullen continues his investigation of the secret life of the solar system, and makes a very interesting discovery. To find his previous articles, use this search. Planetary Rotation – Atmospheric Corotation Tim Cullen – MalagaBay – January 2013 Atmospheric Corotation is one of those “dark corners” of science where mainstream scientists “fear to tread”. […]

The concept of Axial Tilt [aka Obliquity] is very straightforward.

This is another guest post from Tim Cullen, taking a look at millennium scale climate events: Solar System – Holocene Lawler Events Tim Cullen – Malaga – Jan 2013 In recent years there have been a number of studies proposing millennium-scale climate cycles. Fred Singer and Dennis Avery believe there is an unstoppable 1,500 year […]

I found a book by Peter Hubers which uses Length of Day (LOD) variation as a case study in data analysis. It contains information which may be relevant to our ongoing investigation of the effects the spatio-temporal distribution of the planets may have on solar variation and terrestrial rotation and climatic variation. Hubers cites a […]