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Back in 1987, Robert M Wilson of NASA’s Space Science Laboratory in Huntsville published this paper in the Journal of Geophysical Research. It’s important to our solar-planetary theory because it shows that the Sun is bi-modal in terms of its solar cycle lengths. They cluster around  periods of a little over ten and a little under […]

Congratulations to Astrophysicist Ian Wilson who has had a new paper published at Pattern Recognition in Physics: Discussion of this paper is going to be in the form of a workshop with specific objectives, and comments will be strictly moderated for relevance. The objectives will be announced by the main participants, Ian Wilson and Paul […]

Writing from Australia Ian Wilson will be familiar to Talkshop regulars expounding his interest in astronomical connections with earth. He has three related recent articles and now a summary binding them together. Tim adds, the subject has a long history including false accusations of astrology by detractors; in this linked 1999 paper by a veteran […]

From Ian Wilson’s Astro-Climate Connection blog: The Moon’s orbit is tilted by approximately five degrees compared to the Earth-Sun plane. The net affect of this is that the strength of Lunar-tides at a given latitude on the Earth’s surface vary in strength over a cycle of 18.6 years. This 18.6 year Draconic cycle is also […]

This guest post by Ian Wilson is very timely in the wake f the Wyatt-Curry paper currently under discussion here at the talkshop. Thanks Ian for the recognition of our independent work, although you are one of the ‘collaborators’ yourself! (that sounds very ‘conspiratorial’ :) ). Connecting the Planetary Periodicities to Changes in the Earth’s […]

While the WUWTians get in a lather about a DSP modeled forecast of a 1C cooling by 2050, based on a 170yr fundamental period, we should take a cool look at Ian Wilson’s latest work which combines tidal and inertial mass theories of planetary-solar linkage. This model is particularly remarkable for it’s consonance with the […]

Reposted for discussion from Ian Wilson’s blog Astro-Climate Connection UPDATED & CORRECTED 23/08/2013 Direct instrumental observations of the Sun since 1610 have shown that the level of sunspot activity on the Sun has a mean periodicity of 22.3 years, known as the Hale cycle. In addition, these observations of the Sun have shown that there […]

Reposted from Ian WIlson’s website Astro Climate Connection, this article looks at the congruence of the motions of Venus and Earth and Jupiter to produce a periodicity which matches a cycle seen in paleoproxy data believed to relate to changes in solar activity levels. . The VEJ Tidal Torquing Model can explain many of the […]

This open access paper from Ian Wilson is the culmination of exhaustive work on surveying terrestrial climate data and relating it to celestial motion. Co-authored with Nicolai Sidorenkov, it is another major step forward in verifying the connections between Earth’s climatic change and Solar System Dynamics. Next we’ll be looking at Ian’s Subsequent paper: ‘Are […]

This post reblogged from Astrophysicist Ian Wilson’s website Astro-Climate Connection is a precursor to the post I’ll be putting together to cover his latest published paper. It summarises some of the connections he has discovered between planetary and lunar motions and Earth’s climate. The causation path also runs via our proposed planetary effect on solar activity […]

Talkshop contributor Ian Wilson has put up a post on his own blog Linking the Orbital Configuration of Jupiter, Venus and the Earth to the Terrestrial Lunar Tides Cherry picking Ian’s content … This conjecture was based upon the following two observations: 1. Synchronization of the Draconic year with the Jupiter’s orbital period.

In advance of a more technical post about Ian Wilson’s new paper, this article from his blog lays out in the clearest possible terms the basics of the model he has developed in accordance with observations. Mainstream solar scientists don’t have any explanation for the longer term behaviours of the Sun. This model has both […]

Here at the talkshop we have recognised from the get-go that with the demise of the pathetically myopic and wholly incorrect co2-driven-climate hypothesis, a better theory will be needed to take it’s place. Now we have some more exciting news from Astrophysicist Ian Wilson. He has discovered a very solid looking link between planetary motion, […]

My thanks to Astrophysicist Ian Wilson who has left a long comment which I’m reposting here for further discussion, because it contains findings which are as Ian says, amazing (and Ian isn’t a man of hyperbole) . The summary below is further explained in Ian’s new paper which I’ll be putting up a further post […]

My thanks to Lawrence Wilson, who has taken the time and trouble to continue investigating the controversy around the question of the focus of Earth’s orbit. This has an important bearing on the climate debate, as quite large swings in TSI will occur if the Earth orbits the solar system barycentre (SSB) rather than the […]

My thanks to Ian Wilson for an update on his tidal-torquing model, which relates the motion of Venus, Earth and Jupiter to changes in sunspot numbers and the flows observed on the Solar surface. This elegant solution looks very promising in terms of forecasting solar variation, as well as offering a hypothesis explaining a mechanism underlying […]

Reblogged from Ian Wilson’s excellent website. The following discussion is based upon a WUWT post that highlighted a paper called: Persistence in California Weather Patterns by Jim Goodridge – State Climatologist (Retired) which can obtained from: In this paper, Goodridge notes that the accumulated departure from average of 47 Californian de-trended temperature records (figure 1) shows […]

Please read these posts if you are not familiar with the V-E-J Tidal Torquing model:  Figures 1a and 1b show cumulative acceleration that would occur tangentially to the surface of the Sun, if the gravitational force of Jupiter were to tug upon the combined tidal bulge that is induced in the convective layer of […]

Huge thanks to astrophysicist Ian Wilson for this guest post which asks the questions overlooked or avoided by researchers in the mainstream of (sub)’standard’ model solar physics. Although Ian ‘frames no hypotheses’ regarding the physical mechanism(s) underlying the connection between solar variation and planetary motion, he continues to ask the searching questions which demand further […]

A Planetary Spin-Orbit Coupling Model for Solar Activity Guest post by Ian Wilson Reposted from A free download of the published paper this article extends is available in the General  Science Journal where it was published in 2010 The General Science Journal paper (above) was written in order to further investigate the main conclusion […]