Hall of Shame

Robert Shankland

Robert Shankland Bogus falsification of Ether Drift 1955

Robert Shankland was Dayton Miller’s assistant on the Ether Drift experiments. He participated in writing a bogus falsification of Millers life work after Millers death.

Booo!!  Hisss!!!   Shame!!!!

This earned him audiences with Einstein and a cushy job pen pushing in the U.S. nuclear industry.

When he retired, Miller told Shankland  to either analyse his data or burn it. See Hall of Fame



  1. intrepid_wanders says:

    I thank you very much for sending me your careful study about the Miller experiments. Those experiments, conducted with so much care, merit, of course, a very careful statistical investigation. This is more so as the existence of a not trivial positive effect would affect very deeply the fundament of theoretical physics as it is presently accepted.
    You have shown convincingly that the observed effect is outside the range of accidental deviations and must, therefore, have a systematic cause. You made it quite probable that this systematic cause has nothing to do with “ether-wind,” but has to do with differences of temperature of the air traversed by the two light bundles which produced the bands of interference. Such an effect is indeed practically inevitable if the walls of the laboratory room have a not negligible difference in temperature.
    It is one of the cases where the systematic errors are increasing quickly with the dimension of the apparatus.

    This letter the the despised Shankland should deserve Einstein a “dis-honorable mention” in the Hall of Shame.

  2. Pointman says:

    I’d suggest including Cyril Burt.



  3. Dodgy Geezer says:

    Trofim Denisovich Lysenko?

  4. Truthseeker says:

    Does Peter Glieck get a special place in this page?

  5. Roger Dewhurst says:

    I nominate Piltdown Mann.

  6. hunter says:

    How many of the team will end up here?

  7. Richard111 says:

    Attenborough deserves a mention here. I just tried to watch his program ‘On Thin Ice’ on BBC channel 4 just now and had to give up in disgust. Blatant propaganda! Antarctica is melting and penguins are dying!! Never mind all the pictures of melting ice taken at high summer!! It is positively sickening. There must be some way of calling this man to account.

  8. Juan Carlos Forquera says:

    oh!! Ferenc, creo que te conozco !! Tal vez en el Centro de Fisica Teorica de Trieste, Italia? en 1987? Mi nombre es Juan Carlos Forquera de una Universidad del Sur de Argentina. Discuplas que te escriba en español. Un saludo.

  9. Mark Hall says:

    The Guardian newspaper should be included in any corporate “Hall of Shame” for its endless stream of AGW tosh. They compound the pseudoscience by censorship of their online “Comment is Free” platform. Thus people who post alternatives to the so called settled science are constantly censored and eventually removed by the Stasi-like moderators. Keep up the good work Tallbloke.

  10. oldbrew says:

    What would Orwell make of the Guardian in 2015?

    ‘So, how would Orwell have felt about a once avowedly liberal newspaper turning itself into Chief Propagandist for the Empire, no longer speaking Truth to Power, but censoring its own past in order to tell Power exactly what it wants to hear?’

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