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  1. wayne says:

    Muchas gracias Tim! Much needed.

    I think the parser might not like the \left [ and the \right ] in the script. Will look for some more explanation as to what is legal and what is not. WP was scanty on their latex page. Both of those were fine on some of the latex editors on line:

    Latex editor

  2. tchannon says:

    Never know, might help with part of a tootorial for the Talkshop help pages.

  3. wayne says:

    Okay, does this make it happy?

    \Phi _{T_s}\approx\left (\frac{\mu-1}{2^\mu+1} (OLR+\frac{column\;mass}{2^\mu \sqrt{2^\mu}-\frac{1}{2} }) \right )^\frac{1}{\mu}\approx \sqrt[4]{\frac{3}{17} (I+\frac{m}{64} ) }

    [moderator adds a graphic file of what the html looks like ]

  4. wayne says:

    OK… super, super… much better. Thanks Tim. It was the square brackets.

    Once that equation not only matched Earth and Venus’s surface temperature from OLR but also matched (~) the temperature of the Earth’s core (7530 K) from the surface irradiance of ~390 and ‘mass of Earth / area of Earth’ this needs to be taken a bit more seriously — mass and radiation power , radiation power and mass, as core units kg/s³ and kg/s³ in both cases. Now it is approaching the way I tend to look at physics, beautiful simple symmetry, that is if you can get rid of the human influence of such complexity.

    Why has this never been raised by anyone?

  5. wayne says:

    Seems to narrow down to something more like this. Will WordPress parse it? TB & Tim, I will write a top-post on this if I can just carry this relationship one more step and into reality. Still don’t understand why it exists, so… will still currently call it a simple coincidence but a doozy! 🙄

    T=\sqrt[4]{\frac{\sqrt[1/3]{\sigma}\cdot 4\cdot m+I}{\sigma}}

  6. wayne says:

    Comma terms?

    T=\sqrt[4]{\varsigma\cdot m+\frac{I}{\sigma}}\,,\;\;\varsigma=4\sigma^\frac{-2}{3}

  7. wayne says:

    Try a leading {\}left{.} … seems to stabalize the overall display size:
    Need a space at all or compressible?

  8. wayne says:

    No space after dollarsign latex:
    $latex\displaystyle\large c_p=\frac{\gamma-1}{\gamma}\frac{m}{\bar{R}}$
    Space after dollarsign latex and all compressed:
    \displaystyle\large c_p=\frac{\gamma-1}{\gamma}\frac{m}{\bar{R}}

  9. wayne says:

    Need \displaystyle\large at all?

  10. wayne says:

    Just \large:
    \large c_p=\frac{\gamma-1}{\gamma}\frac{m}{\bar{R}}

  11. wayne says:

    Better! You do need the \displaystyle, what of missing \large:
    \displaystyle c_p=\frac{\gamma-1}{\gamma}\frac{m}{\bar{R}}

  12. wayne says:

    Does -pre- tag work now? No tabs and monospace font aligned with a style=font-family: “Lucida Console, Courier New” override:

                                  1885        1985           1885      1985
                                    W           W            W/m²      W/m²
    Incidence Solar             2.50E+17    1.70E+17        490.13    333.29
    Reflected Solar             9.00E+16    6.00E+16        176.45    117.63
    Solar abs by earth & atm    1.60E+17    1.10E+17        313.68    215.66
    Solar to heat earth & atm   1.00E+17    7.30E+16        196.05    143.12
    Power to evap               4.20E+16    4.00E+16         82.34     78.42
      Rainfall                  4.00E+15                      7.84    
      Land                      1.50E+14                      0.29    
      Wind & Currents           4.15E+15    2.00E+15          8.14      3.92
    Core to Surface             2.80E+13    3.20E+13          0.05      0.06
    Tides                       4.40E+11    3.00E+12          0.00      0.01
    Power in plants             1.50E+13    4.00E+13          0.03      0.08
    Power in fossil fuels       2.00E+12    8.00E+12          0.00      0.02
  13. wayne says:

    I see no way around this mis-formatting or -pre- tags. Still there and just ignores the pre-formatting by insisting on a non-monospaced face. I give up.

    But TB, theres a look at Hertz’s view of energy in 1885 in W/m2.

  14. tallbloke says:

    The way to fix it is to put the html tag < code > round it. I’ve added that to your table and it looks right now. Good old wordpress 🙂

    Check this page out:

  15. wayne says:

    Thank Rog! A -code- tag it will be. Just happened over here to test a new latex tag \dfrac to see if wordpress will allow it. Was thinking on something Will said and thought he would get a real kick out of this string of releated logic. -har-de-har- 🙄

    E = m \, c^{2} and true \dfrac{ E }{ c } = m \, c and m \, c = m \, v = p = momentum when at the speed of light so that implies that E = p \, c, but we also learn that E is equal to \dfrac{p \, v}{2} = \dfrac{m \, v \, v}{2} = \frac{1}{2} \, m \, v^{2} which does not quite equal the original equation by a factor of two so could that 1/2 be the constant you spoke of Will? 😉

    Just kidding… kind of!

    See more on E=mc² here:

    Now, try that on WordPress.

  16. wayne says:

    TEST: note, can wp.latex understand all of the special tags used in this example and does it handle the type sizing correctly?

    \displaystyle\left(\dfrac{\mathrm d E}{\mathrm d t}\right)_{sys} = \dot{Q}_{net\;in}\;-\;\dot{W}_{net\;out}\;-\;\int\limits_{CS}P\,(\vec{V}\bullet\hat{n})\,\mathrm d A

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