Tim Channon: A legacy

There is no easy way to say this, particularly in public. I don’t want a fuss.

Sadly I am unwell. Maybe I will be around for years, maybe not.


Now I want to get some things out there. Time is not on my side, will have to be good enough.


  1. Bamse says:

    Hi Tim, Just wanted to say your synth source code compiled with ease in VS2013 with the srand preprocessor def. Thanks for making it available! Now I’m off to fit an elephant 😉

  2. tchannon says:

    Thank you Bamse.
    The usage of random numbers is important, the reason and theory, long story. Look up dither/Shannon/Nyquist/limit cycles/ quantisation.. if you know the meanings.
    Put bluntly, randomness breaks up coherency. Fluidises. (as in fluidised bed, a close parallel)

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