Tim Channon: Synth software

All MIT permissive licenced

What documents there are will be poorly written, all been released in a hurry.

Being released for use, anyone, forever.

Dated zip archives.

Sources, examples, readme, etc. (2MB, no executables)

executables (272kB binaries, double layer zip, zip within zip, with password 2locked )

  • zip contains four binaries compiled by the author
  • console / command line only, no gui
  • openwatcom x86 windows
  • openwatcom x86 linux 32 elf excutable, set x bit for use (see os chmod)
  • gcc variant x86 windows
  • microsoft vc 2015 x86 windows

Use whichever you wish. Normal development done under Openwatcom.

Contributions of makefiles, corrections, rewrites, documents are all welcome if I am able to update. Otherwise Roger might help.