WordPress Help, special format

WordPress Help for Talkshop users


Can I use bold or italic text or type < >?
With care, yes, but if you make a mistake a moderator has to go and open an editor and by hand find and correct the mistake.  It’s our life, our time, go figure.

You are typing through a system which has to recognise special things you type and invert the meaning of just those things, as well as try to sanitise bad things. The effect is uncomfortable. Ever wondered how a YouTube video is recognised as a video instead of some words? …

This is called an opening  tag.  <strong>  and this is a matching closing tag </strong> which must match exactly and must be nested exactly. For extra fun some tags are self closing, are not paired, whole thing is a ghastly inconsistent mess. (blame those who created the standards, not the tools)

To go boldly

<b>This is bold</b> and <strong>so is this.</strong>
This is bold and so is this.

Strong is preferred, b (for bold) is deprecated HTML standard which might cease to work one day.

On the slant

<i>Here is italic.</i>

Here is italic.

<i>Here is bolded <strong> italic</strong>.</i>
Here is bolded italic. (shows how to nest)

What about < and >?

Now you need to understand a further concept, escape codes, which override the direct meaning of a character (a full explanation of the contortions going on would take a lot of space, just use it)

Ampersand  name semicolon

&gt;  &lt;  Yep, name is the maths greater than and less than.
> <


There are help texts on the web but please note that for security and other reasons WordPress restrict what is allowed by commenters.

Comments might be enabled on this page but all comments are subject to immediate deletion or removal.
The intention is Help suggestions and discussion.

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