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  1. oldbrew says:

    Link back to Suggestions 42

    [for viewing only please]

    = = =

  2. Paul Vaughan says:

    At the ta1e1end of S-42

    tallbloke wrote (May 31, 2020 at 4:39 pm)
    Interesting stuff Paul. Sad news about John Conway. I read a book a few years ago about his discovery of ‘the monster’. Very interesting stuff, what little I understood.

    Maybe time’s short for mathematicians keying taxonomy.

    Perhaps more simply: they have the links so well-memorized in a private mind palace that widely-accessible external mapping isn’t envisioned as necessary.

    However, here we have won example of a digest stable bridge:

    Discrete-continuous relations of monstrous moonshine tightly tie lunar apse to nodes.

    The weather started clearing for public view here: Lib[e]ration

    Before that there were hints (e.g. Ramanujan, 104, 84) going back many months (some crystallized, some introduced and left opaque).

    There are more chapters in the present book, which can’t be red out-of-order.

  3. Paul Vaughan says:

    96: Moonshine EOF Monster Stable

    Here’s a tabulation where the first 2 quantities (defined above) determine the rest of the row:

    8.84735293159855	19865.0360864628	27.2122210002493	27.55455	18.6129709549806	16.8627856168467	5.99685290765231	179.333315202546
    8.84735293159855	19865.035730288	27.2122210002511	27.55455	18.6129709552932	16.8627856165901	5.99685290768476	179.333315144504
    8.84735293159855	19865.084604852	27.212221	27.55455	18.6129709123853	16.8627856518082	5.99685290323073	179.333323110833
    8.84735292920576	19865.0360864628	27.2122210001873	27.5545500000635	18.6129709443895	16.8627856168474	5.99685290545358	179.333316185801
    8.84735292920576	19865.035730288	27.2122210001891	27.5545500000635	18.6129709447021	16.8627856165908	5.99685290548603	179.333316127759
    8.84735292920576	19865.084604852	27.212220999938	27.5545500000635	18.6129709017954	16.8627856518078	5.99685290103213	179.33332409386
    8.84735292893219	19865.0360864628	27.2122210001802	27.5545500000708	18.6129709431796	16.8627856168467	5.9968529052023	179.333316298032
    8.84735292893219	19865.035730288	27.212221000182	27.5545500000708	18.6129709434922	16.8627856165901	5.99685290523475	179.33331623999
    8.84735292893219	19865.084604852	27.2122209999309	27.5545500000708	18.6129709005836	16.8627856518086	5.99685290078066	179.333324206433

    – — – — – — – — –

    The table of corresponding %errors:

    0.000000000000	-0.000244239529	0.000000000916	0.000000000000	0.000000228847	-0.000000207329	0.000000073732	-0.000004409826
    0.000000000000	-0.000246032498	0.000000000923	0.000000000000	0.000000230527	-0.000000208851	0.000000074273	-0.000004442191
    0.000000000000	0.000000000000	0.000000000000	0.000000000000	0.000000000000	0.000000000000	0.000000000000	0.000000000000
    -0.000000027045	-0.000244239529	0.000000000688	0.000000000231	0.000000171946	-0.000000207325	0.000000037067	-0.000003861542
    -0.000000027045	-0.000246032498	0.000000000695	0.000000000231	0.000000173625	-0.000000208847	0.000000037608	-0.000003893908
    -0.000000027045	0.000000000000	-0.000000000228	0.000000000231	-0.000000056895	-0.000000000002	-0.000000036663	0.000000548156
    -0.000000030137	-0.000244239529	0.000000000662	0.000000000257	0.000000165445	-0.000000207329	0.000000032877	-0.000003798960
    -0.000000030137	-0.000246032498	0.000000000669	0.000000000257	0.000000167125	-0.000000208851	0.000000033418	-0.000003831326
    -0.000000030137	0.000000000000	-0.000000000254	0.000000000257	-0.000000063405	0.000000000003	-0.000000040856	0.000000610929

    Interpretation: The nodal months are anomalistically bundle-D in a package hell-D to gather tightly by discrete-continuous relations.

    “11earned 2 make a she11tor routin’ the storm
    moon11ight be 4 the dawn….”
    — Coleman Hell “Fireproof”

  4. Paul Vaughan says:

    96: LNC Review

    Review to assist table interpretation.

    LNC = Lunar Nodal Cycle

    18.6129709123853 = (0.0748024157783867)*(0.0745030006844627) / (0.0748024157783867 – 0.0745030006844627)

    LAC & LNC Together

    16.8627856518082 = (18.6129709123853)*(8.84735293159855) / (18.6129709123853 – 8.84735293159855)
    5.99685290323073 = (18.6129709123853)*(8.84735293159855) / (18.6129709123853 + 8.84735293159855)

    ⌊ 18.6129709123853 / 8.84735293159855 ⌉ = ⌊2.10378980654299⌉ = 2
    18.6129709123853 / 2 = 9.30648545619264
    179.333323110834 = (9.30648545619264)*(8.84735293159855) / (9.30648545619264 – 8.84735293159855)

    With an adjustment of 1/√2
    lunisolar 179 links primorially with
    the famous 178 year JS slip-cycle.

  5. Paul Vaughan says:

    Mods: the LNC review tripped the filter.

  6. oldbrew says:

    Tectonic plates reverse their movement before major earthquakes

    Researchers have discovered an interesting similarity in two of the largest recent earthquakes in Japan and Chile: a strange large-scale ground movement back and forth in the months leading up to the quake.
    . . .
    Could an observed untypical plate movement therefore give us a better warning of an imminent earthquake? Not really.

    “It would not be wise for a geophysicist to issue such a warning,” is Bedford’s sobering answer. “The observed signals of this study are not necessarily precursory movements of a major quake.”

  7. Paul Vaughan says:

    Moderators: The LNC review comment still does not appear (not enough words in the message to please the word-hungry filter).

  8. Paul Vaughan says:

    96: Time Pet Tee Full Moon Phi “Vert” Go “Vert” Moon Stir US

    In the (somewhat distant) past I noted something mathematically equivalent to this at the Talkshop:

    8.85087620052376 = 2/(1/1.18483367770519-1/1.61803398874989)
    8.85087620052376 = 2/(1/Chandler-Φ)

    8.85171394069616 = 2/(1/2.61803398874989-1/6.40939079526111)
    8.85171394069616 = 2/(ΦΦ-1/PolarMotion)

    To “shoot the moon” (as they say in Hearts) just put them together:

    8.85129505078776 = 4/(1/1.18483367770519-1/1.61803398874989+1/2.61803398874989-1/6.40939079526111)
    8.85129505078776 = 4/(1/Chandler-Φ+ΦΦ-1/PolarMotion)


    8.85129505078776 = 4/(1/Chandler-ΦΦΦ-1/PolarMotion)
    8.85129505078776 = 4/(1/Chandler-√5+2-1/PolarMotion)

    This tightly hinges apse to nodes to within a fraction of a second error per century.

    “16278263789” — Queens of the Stone Age cover-tune-D “R(e.g.)uler John[wei]”

    Primoria11y phine view of monstrous moonshine from elsewhere in our system:

    -0.000000000215 = % error

    0.000000016462 = % error

    0.000000010832 = % error

    Φ Air Purr Roof

    “May-D IT out of the cold
    11earn-D to make a she/11tar out in the storm
    c11im-D a mount10 ‘n’ ice-step-D on burnUN coals
    when a11 our loven’ ph√(Φ-φ)e/11 a part

    some won left the light on out in the dark

    when a11 our loven’ was AImost gone
    made sum in the moon11ight be 4 the dawn
    √(Φ-φ)11/e be Eur’s [iff] EU’11 be Mayan” — Coo11moon Hea11th “Φ EuR PRoof”

  9. Paul Vaughan says:

    96: Tropically Synodic Constance

    The following expression is derived from 96 recent comments:

    11.862611384193 = 18.998/(-24.5/0.999978614647502+2/0.0808503463381246-1/8.84735777652798-0.5/1.61803398874989+0.5/2.61803398874989+1/30031+46.998/29.4474891061275)

    30031 = 30030 + 1 = 13*11*7*5*3 + 1

    Use 30030 if you prefer. It’s sharp enough, but the plus 1 may have discrete meaning so it’s left in.

    Review rigorous discrete-continuous derivation of Saturn’s period (mixed on “The Mayan Mystery” C[ENSO]Rship ware some only look 4 numbers while others red only words and informatively few digest both without misunderstanding, misinterpreting, and misrepresenting freedom).

    Putting those estimates together you’ll notice that the r-squared for J, S, J-S, & J+S is 1 (meaning perfect) and the errors are very-nearly constant and of the same sign. The factor is roughly:

    1.00000031800491 = 1 + (1.61803398874989)^(1/2)/4/10^6
    1.00000031818182 = 1 + 7/22/10^6
    1.00000031830989 = 1 + 1/3.14159265358979/10^6

    The systematic bias itself presents an interesting puzzle.
    Because the bias is vanishingly small, estimates are already sharp even with it left in.

    Scanning the terms in the Jupiter estimate above, notice:
    • phi
    • primorial
    • tropical year
    • lunar synodic month
    • Heegner — CAREFULLY compare and contrast: lunar nodes and apse left in 1/√2 = √2/2 but hear take IT out — THIS IS THE ARTICULATION KEY between lunisolar 179 & JS 178.
    • Saturn estimate

    There’s more depth to the Saturn estimate backstory than we’ve covered.
    This gets right to the inescapable Heart of discrete-continuous relations.

    Nirvana had a tune “Heart-Shaped Box” in the early 90s. Makes sense if EU in clue-D time — and aliasing material phase — with space in the definition of shape-D.

    For now a little vagueness is best left in, but right out of the gates 18.998 & 46.998 are derived from no miss story. Tip: Review for a factor of 1000. Do the substitution. Rearrange some algebra. Discover something rigorous and precise. Then be left with vanishing systematic bias.

    EU’11 need this slip-cycle algebra derived in previous discussion:
    1 / 178.266850068779 = 19J-47S

    Basically monstrous moonshine is giving us a knitting course beginning with:
    • Chandler wobble with polar motion
    • 179 lunisolar with JS 178

    How we miss-D the simple knit’s the mystery moving 4 word.

  10. Paul Vaughan says:

    Basically monstrous moonshine is giving us a knitting course beginning with:
    • Chandler wobble with polar motion


    Writing in too much of a rush there — and thus undercutting an important message.
    It’s far more than that. Moonshine ties the lunar nodes to apse precisely.

    This is a big deal and even so I’m realizing I don’t have time to communicate this the way it deserves. The communication burden is too monstrous because there’s so much symmetry to highlight. I’ll focus concise sketches on select moonlight shadows.

    It’s possible no one will be able to follow. People don’t have time for that level.

    Just keep in mind it’s something analogous to Lucas numbers, but that’s for phi. Heegner’s about e & pi. Ramanajan’s methods are universal. They work on phi, e, pi — or whatever. His methods are about discrete-continuous relations in general and Lucas is just one specific example from an infinitely broader field.

    The conventional mainstream narrative is that 100 years later people are still cluing into Ramanujan after Conway and others made some appreciation breakthrough about 30 years ago, but (and this is a BIG understatement) I suspect this version of history is extremely far from the truth.

  11. Paul Vaughan says:

    1/√2 = √2/2 […] THIS IS THE ARTICULATION KEY between lunisolar 179 & JS 178.

    Point of clarification: That’s the Heegner part of the the articulation key, the other part being of course the primorial term (which we already knew about). Heegner was the link missing (….to us, but I suspect long well-known to others).

  12. Paul Vaughan says:

    Now sacrificing elaboration to quicken the pace as necessary — from over here…
    …rearrange some algebra and solve for 1/U:

    84.0168459218229 = 194/(-85/11.8626151546089+279/29.4474984673838-1/36750.3379015986-1/30031)
    84.016845922161 = 1 / U
    -0.000000000402 = % error

    It’s another memorable instance where 30031 works slightly better than 30030.

    Remember that the JSU cycles are strictly mathematically analogous to the JEV cycles we’ve studied more extensively.

  13. oldbrew says:

    JUNE 3, 2020
    Discovery of long-sought tiny explosions that super-heat the sun’s corona

    Surajit Mondal, the lead author of the study, said, “What makes this really exciting is that these flashes are present everywhere on the sun, and at all times, including in the regions of weak magnetic fields, the so-called ‘quiet sun’ regions.”

    Dr. Atul Mohan said, “Our preliminary estimates suggest that these tiny magnetic explosions should collectively have enough energy to heat the corona, which is exactly what is needed for solving the coronal heating problem.”
    – – –
    The coronal heating problem in solar physics relates to the question of why the temperature of the Sun’s corona is millions of kelvin higher than that of the surface.

  14. oldbrew says:

    COVID-19 Global Economic Downturn not Affecting CO2 Rise: May 2020 Update
    June 5th, 2020 by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D.

    The Mauna Loa atmospheric CO2 concentration data continue to show no reduction in the rate of rise due to the recent global economic slowdown. This demonstrates how difficult it is to reduce global CO2 emissions without causing a major disruption to the global economy and exacerbation of poverty. [bold added]
    – – –
    It calls into question how much of the rise is due to human generated CO2.

  15. Paul Vaughan says:

    Thirty Seven Point Five

    Bot what if phi seep e-pole ware ring sunglasses at night?…

    Regression intercept isn’t half the regress UN s11ope.

    If you haven’t yet read up on the dimensions of the monster, here’s the wake-up call.

    +24 each step:

    +12 each step:

    744 = ⌊743.777680155239⌉ = ⌊e^√19π – ⌊(e^√19π)^(1/3)⌉^3⌉
    744 = ⌊743.999775171279⌉ = ⌊e^√43π – ⌊(e^√43π)^(1/3)⌉^3⌉
    744 = ⌊743.999816894531⌉ = ⌊e^√67π – ⌊(e^√67π)^(1/3)⌉^3⌉




    If the last number looks irrelevant to political discourse, you don’t understand the times well enough to govern 26 sporadic simple groups 4 primorial stability.

    Fundamental differences in nature cannot be coerced into agreement.
    God is ready to help next-level peace-keepers balance sporadic simple groups.

    — – —- — — – —- —- – —- —- – —- —- – —- —- – —- —- – —- —- – —- —- – —- —- – —- —

    C-11eye-D Bo11inger [52]

    “eyeware my[yen]sunglasses at night
    so eye can
    4 get Mayan aim while EU C-e11ect Eur. C-11aim
    so eye can.
    watch EU We’V-E ‘n’ BRI-th Eur’s tory 11ines
    so eye Can.
    keep track of V-E$yen$ in my eyes
    C-the-light that’s right bee form√(Φ-φ)eyes

    Why’11‘s’he’s DC E-V UN me
    ‘s’he cuts my[UN]secure IT” — Core-e Heart “Sun glass US at Knight

    i = √(Φ-φ)
    ‘s’ = Mayan Sir Pent.
    Schur multiplier⌉ = Schur multiplier rounded off

    Gist seize may bee hazy, but IT’s sun no. their Luke’s e^π’s O-wed D-(AI)-C:
    “Don’t switch the Bo’11-aid dawn the guise in shade D-O know”

  16. Paul Vaughan says:

    The Cook-e Monster

    WHO’s sure multiply ER?
    “The faster IT gets, the less UNeed tune O” — Tragic a11y[[C[ENSO]R]s]hip

    118 = 47+71
    59 = (47+71)/2

    Ice pie con wei’s min. i’m a11y faith fu11 wrap present A+sun:

    11 = 59mod24
    22 = (47+71)mod24

    The coup-key mmmm UN store, phi nail-e:
    “EU give low V-E a bad name” — Bon Jovi

    UN:din-R serve-D with IT’s C[h]omp. 11/e mint:
    13 = 24 – 59mod24
    my 26 yen 52 O 65 my 104 UN 208
    no. 260 Mayan = 20*(24-59mod24)

    “When themeUSick’s O V-E R: turnout the lights

    spec. e/11 friend don’t e/11 the end” — The Doors

    22.1392315068494 = (1.61803398874989^MOD(47+71,24)+1/MOD(59,24))^(2.71828182845905/MOD(59,24)+1/MOD(47+71,24))
    22.1392314983835 = Jupiter-Earth-Venus Period = Monstrous Solar Hale Period
    0.000000038239 = % error

    – —

    4 Shade O Wing

    ‘s’mmm’ilk with Eur. 84 cook-keys?

    73’s the low west PR i’m e con grew went to 1 mooD-EU’11-O 24.
    Borg sees ami’s t[h]reat ate for C-even too.

  17. Paul Vaughan says:

    Baby de Vries Monster

    Recall from previous discussion left vague:
    8744 / 104 ~= 84

    Now win “near-miss” moonshine exploring the nature of monstrous construction:

    207.659420219965 = 4*84*0.618033988749895
    208 = 2*104
    207.829710109982 = average

    207.830099970798 = 1.61803398874989^(1.61803398874989^5) = φ^(φ^5)
    -0.000187586310 = % error

    11 = 1.61803398874989^5 – 0.618033988749895^5
    φ^5 – Φ^5 = 59mod24 = ⌊φ^5⌉ = ⌊1/Φ^5⌉
    104 = ⌊103.999977946281⌉ = ⌊e^√37π – ⌊(e^√37π)^(1/2)⌉^2⌉
    37 = 84 – 47
    13 = 84 – 71 = 24 – 59mod24 = 37mod24

    4371.59015329451 = 13*φ*φ^(φ^5) = 26*φ^(φ^5+1)/2
    = 13*1.61803398874989*1.61803398874989^(1.61803398874989^5)

    Dimension of the Baby Monster
    4371 = 47*31*3
    4371 = 8744/2 – 1

    “B is one of the 26 sporadic groups and has the second highest order of these, with the highest order being that of the monster group. The double cover of the baby monster is the centralizer of an element of order 2 in the monster group.”

    UNo. there’stop on the power ski mystery. IT led 22a plan of sharp penning insight. We’V-E(MOW)V-E-D past early placeholders. Tail-end of English class link’s not amiss story: soon weave powers 2 review 5482096 Mayan Hearts.

    Homework D-lights work kin from home:
    Monster dimensions CRiseTa11√(Φ-φ)22-D today are simple and easy to D-√(Φ-φ)gest.

  18. Paul Vaughan says:

    J-LoV-E ABe/11 D-mention22sov-aHa!e-lΦva Moon Stir UN Very Yen-D

    √(Φ-φ) spy (59-12)*59*(59+12).

    Bo11 D-luke clue dawn jour CRews “see” Hale USin’ monde star ruse truck sure of Jupiter-Earth-Venus 2 measure e & φ:

    Unit e

    2.71828182806173 = MOD(59,24)*LOG(22.1392314983838,1.61803398874989^MOD(71+47,24)+1/MOD(59,24))-1/2
    2.71828182845905 = e

    2.71828182806173 = 11*LOG(22.1392314983835,1.61803398874989^22+1/11)-1/2
    2.71828182845905 = e

    -0.000000014616 = % error

    IT[22]AI”vert”too[11]go phi|gur|e:
    22.1392314983838 = 1/(2/11.8626151546089-5/1.00001743371442+3/0.615197263396975)

    φ no. 11/e

    1.61803398865377 = (22.1392314983838^(1/(2.71828182845905/MOD(59,24)+1/MOD(71+47,24)))-1/MOD(59,24))^(1/MOD(71+47,24))
    1.61803398874989 = φ

    1.61803398865377 = (22.1392314983838^(1/(2.71828182845905/11+1/22))-1/11)^(1/22)
    1.61803398874989 = φ

    -0.000000005941 = % error

    EM ER♠ecA: wei cope [♠K]now.

  19. oldbrew says:

    A lot to consider in this thesis:
    Astronomical Forcing of Sub-Milankovitch Climate Oscillations during the Late Quaternary (267 pages).
    [Wordpress can’t display the pdf so here’s the link within quotes:

    Abstract (short quote):
    Supported by multiple lines of evidence, the results of this thesis suggest that the Sun and Moon act together through gravitation and insolation to produce millennial-, centennial-and decadal- scale climate signals through tidal forcing of Earth’s atmosphere and ocean. Key mechanisms and components are precession, perihelion, perigee, lunation, and nutation (wobble of Earth’s axis).

    Example (from main thesis):
    The modern peaks in gravitational force occur at closest approaches of the Earth to Sun at the times of Metonic lunations (1878, 1893, 1973, 2011) and can be clearly seen in Figure 5.9., along with a projected peak in 2106AD. The perihelion distance starts to plateau at the end of the Maunder Minimum and the start of the Industrial Revolution [Figure 5.9].
    – – –
    Also – the caption to Fig. 5.10 reads:
    Gravitational variation due to Earth-Sun relationship, based on Metonic lunation data. Measurements of variation in gravitational force due to changed Earth-Sun distances are shown. A 133-yr cycle in gravitational force can be seen here. Negative values on the x-axis are BC. [bold added]

    133 tropical years = 7 Metonic cycles

  20. oldbrew says:

    Sun clock?

    Clock paints picture of a more orderly, predictable Sun
    JUN 10, 2020

  21. oldbrew says:

    JUNE 16, 2020
    Scientists find clues to solar variability in observations of other stars

    The research team’s initial findings indicate that variations in total solar irradiance since 1750 average 4.5 watts per square meter, or W m-² (a standard measure used by climate scientists to measure the extent of solar heating of Earth’s atmosphere).

    The authors cautioned that this number will likely decline substantially with future observations because, statistically, the longer a variability is measured, the less its average changes over time in most cases.

  22. oldbrew says:

    BoM: The Bureau’s ENSO Outlook is currently INACTIVE. However, if further cooling is observed in coming weeks, and any additional models suggest La Niña development, the ENSO Outlook will be raised to La Niña WATCH.

    Issued 9 June 2020

    *further* cooling

  23. oldbrew says:

    Stonehenge: Neolithic monument found near sacred site
    7 hours ago

    Archaeologists believe the find marks “a new chapter” in Stonehenge’s story

  24. Paul Vaughan says:

    …and the meek shall inherit the earthRush

    May God bless every Chinese woman, child, and peaceful man UNrightly left-facing monster US hatred.

  25. Joe Lalonde says:

    Just emailed a NASA scientist on changing the direction of an asteroid by using our planets own orbital velocity of our planet to generate torque to counter the emense speed and energy of an object. This can be sling shot out to deflect the object.
    Any type of explosive, even nuclear does not work in space as there is no pressure to exert off of in space.

  26. Joe Lalonde says:

    The Sun scoops our planet and rotates it into an orb shape.
    It effects our volcanic activity and tectonic plates.
    Gives us a steady and stable orbit.

  27. oldbrew says:

    Meridional flow in the Sun’s convection zone is a single cell in each hemisphere
    Science 26 Jun 2020:
    Vol. 368, Issue 6498, pp. 1469-1472
    DOI: 10.1126/science.aaz7119

    JUNE 25, 2020
    Motions in the sun reveal inner workings of sunspot cycle
    by Max Planck Society

    The overall picture is that the plasma goes around in one gigantic loop in each hemisphere. Remarkably, the time taken for the plasma to complete the loop is approximately 22 years—and this provides the physical explanation for the sun’s eleven-year cycle.Furthermore, sunspots emerge closer to the equator as the solar cycle progresses, as is seen in the butterfly diagram. “All in all, our study supports the basic idea that the equatorward drift of the locations where sunspots emerge is due to the underlying meridional flows,” says Dr. Robert Cameron of MPS.

  28. R J Salvador says:

    If the massive Sahara dust cloud can stop hurricanes, does it make a global temperature difference this year?

  29. oldbrew says:

    On Behalf Of Environmentalists, I Apologize For The Climate Scare
    Michael Shellenberger
    Jun 28, 2020

    On behalf of environmentalists everywhere, I would like to formally apologize for the climate scare we created over the last 30 years. Climate change is happening. It’s just not the end of the world. It’s not even our most serious environmental problem.

    I may seem like a strange person to be saying all of this. I have been a climate activist for 20 years and an environmentalist for 30.

    But as an energy expert asked by Congress to provide objective expert testimony, and invited by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to serve as Expert Reviewer of its next Assessment Report, I feel an obligation to apologize for how badly we environmentalists have misled the public.
    – – –
    What’s the catch? Having a book to sell, perhaps.

  30. Paul Vaughan says:

    R J : Welcome back.

  31. oldbrew says:

    Swansea tidal energy: Hopes of backing for Dragon Island plan
    41 minutes ago

    Supporters have said the new scheme would not require the same level of taxpayer investment as the long-running Tidal Lagoon Powers £1.3bn plans project rejected by the UK government as being too expensive back in 2018.

  32. oldbrew says:

    J.D. Power Rates Tesla Electric Vehicles As Lowest Quality Auto Brand In 2020 Study
    June 29th, 2020

    J.D. Power released a new Initial Quality Study report on June 24th, 2020, in which Tesla is profiled for the first time. Tesla receives an initial quality score of “250 PP100” (Problems Per 100), which means that for 100 new owners, a total of 250 problems were reported within the first 90 days of ownership.
    – – –
    These cars are not cheap to buy.

  33. oldbrew says:

    Comet Neowise…

    The comet will be less than 20 degrees from the Sun from 11 June 2020 until 9 July 2020. Closest approach to Earth will occur 23 July 2020 at a distance of 0.69 AU (103 million km; 270 LD).

  34. oldbrew says:

    Tesla battery cooling system is subject of federal safety probe
    JULY 2, 2020 — Los Angeles Times

    Federal safety officials are probing allegations of defective cooling systems installed in early-model Tesla vehicles.

    Tesla installed cooling tubes prone to leaks in Model S vehicles beginning in 2012, according to internal emails cited by Business Insider last week. The Times reviewed copies of the emails and other documentation that show the tubes were installed from 2012 until 2016, at which time Tesla cut off a supplier and began manufacturing the tubes in house.

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in a statement to The Times, said it is “well aware of the reports regarding this issue and will take action if appropriate based upon the facts and data.” The agency also reminded auto manufacturers that they are required “to notify the agency within five days of when the manufacturer becomes aware of a safety related defect and conduct a recall.” Tesla appears to never have issued such notification.

    Tesla did not respond to requests for comment.

  35. Patrick Geryl says:

    Our paper about the start of Solar Cycle 25 has just been published in Astrophysics and Space Science:
    More can be found on the website of Jan Alvestad:

    Press release
    When did Solar Cycle 25 start?
    Patrick Geryl and Jan Alvestad developed a new theory (A Formula For the Start of a New Sunspot Cycle) to calculate the start of a new sunspot cycle: the paper will be published in Astrophysics and Space Science. Determining the start of a solar cycle is one of the most followed questions in astrophysics because it may be important to professionals like astronauts, astrophysicists, engineers responsible for protecting the power grid, etcetera.
    The latest NASA prediction panel considers April 2020 as likely to become the starting month of the new cycle. The authors disagree and point to October 2019 as a central point to calculate the start. Why? Since 1947 a radio telescope in Canada has been measuring solar flux. The authors found something peculiar: in most of the previous 6 cycle transitions, the lowest daily solar flux values were near 64. The new solar cycle started a few months before or after these clusters of minimum values. In October 2019 there was another cluster of measurements below 66. A preliminary conclusion was that Cycle 25 was going to start between August 2019 and January 2020.
    Co-author Jan Alvestad has a widely followed website Solar Terrestrial Activity Report and maintains high resolution sunspot counts based on images from the SDO NASA spacecraft. If you look (indirectly) at the Sun with telescopes, most days will be spotless near solar minimum, and those spots that can be observed are small and usually disappear quickly. However, there are plenty of tiny spots in high resolution images. For instance when other observers using traditional resolution telescopes see 1 sunspot at minimum, Jan Alvestad observes and documents 4-6 times more at the highest image resolution. This gives a new perspective on the 300 year old method of counting sunspots.
    Meanwhile the authors found more markers (under review) and their latest calculations point to November-December 2019, and especially December 2019 as the likely start of Solar Cycle 25.
    Shortly after the authors found that Solar Cycle 25 started in November or December 2019, they discovered something that at first seemed hard to believe. Using 365 days smoothing, 4 out of 5 of the data series available all had the solar minimum on the same day. The NOAA sunspot number, solar flux at 1 AU as well as both the STAR 1K and 2K high resolution sunspot numbers all had their lowest value on November 17, 2019. They sent a paper on this discovery for peer review knowing it would not be published before the official announcement of the start of Solar Cycle 25. Anyway, co-author Jan Alvestad added this important information to the STAR web site in June 2020. The pre-print was published on ResearchGate as the last in a trilogy of papers that could change how we determine when a new solar cycle begins.

    Contact information
    Patrick Geryl
    Email: Patrick.geryl
    Tel: 0032489633931 No affiliation
    DOI: 10.1007/s10509-020-03800-x
    For high resolution sunspot calculations
    Jan Alvestad

  36. Paul Vaughan says:

    It will be decades before the start date can be measured.

  37. Chaeremon says:

    If a shaft bearing breaks, nothing can stop the flywheel mass for the next 5-10 miles. Such a thing was built and tested in Germany for enabling the initial eTrains energy pulse (few seconds, fraction of gigawatts); but the project was abandoned due to the 5-10 miles radius hazard.

  38. oldbrew says:

    More desperation from climate cultists…

    Tiny Little Shrimp Could Spark Huge Energy Storage Breakthrough
    July 8th, 2020 by Tina Casey

    “Sulfuric acid solutions, the electrolyte used in current VRBs, can only hold a certain number of vanadium ions before they become oversaturated, and they only allow the battery to work effectively in a small temperature window,” said the Energy Department.

    “The low energy densities and small operating temperature window, along with high capital cost, make it difficult for the current VRBs to meet the performance and economic requirements for broad market penetration,” the Energy Department summed it up.

    Dream on.
    [VRBs = vanadium redox flow batteries]

  39. oldbrew says:

    The Hidden Magnetic Universe Begins to Come Into View

    Astronomers are discovering that magnetic fields permeate much of the cosmos. If these fields date back to the Big Bang, they could solve a major cosmological mystery.
    . . .
    The question is: Where did these enormous magnetic fields come from?
    – – –
    Yes, but when will astronomers grasp that there’s no magnetism without electricity?

    ‘Magnetism is defined as the physical phenomenon produced by moving electric charge.’

  40. Paul Vaughan says:

    If you plot the time derivative of this spatial gradient (this is review from years ago), what do you suppose it looks like?

  41. Paul Vaughan says:

    By now perhaps no. 1 has bundled 96 cycles in the monstrous moonshine.
    Quick review (of C[ENSO]Rship) from 4 years ago:

  42. oldbrew says:

    08 JULY 2020
    Removal of atmospheric CO2 by rock weathering holds promise for mitigating climate change

    Large-scale removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere might be achieved through enhanced rock weathering. It now seems that this approach is as promising as other strategies, in terms of cost and CO2-removal potential.

    Don’t mention the cost, somewhere in 3 figures of billions 😆

    as promising as other strategies — as UNpromising or, as stupid.

  43. Paul Vaughan says:

    A Cue Sing Rain

    US mull IT tory PR op peg and dare write rep lied: “DOn’t worry ABout IT.”
    Check the eye con UK date:

    “Opportunistic […] prepared to roll with nature’s waves.”

    Lady Gaga:
    Just Dance”
    Red one: ware R my keys??
    all the peep hole start to rush
    start to rush buy (“roses have thorns” they say)
    What’s go anon on the F!(11oo)R?
    I can’t remember bot IT’s AI?right …a11!right
    Clean IT: spend the last DOI got IT — .in eur. РOC KO

    Military, health, & economic strategists recognizing the differintegral geometry won’t initially be able to model downstream (domino) effects originating at interfaces with persistent circulatory shifts (e.g. agriculture, aviation). They’ll have to do contingency planning, aiming to maintain advantage by harmonizing with shifting natural opportunity. The bottom line for contingency planning: In a really abrupt shift, flexibility could give a brutally decisive advantage to an underdog competitor.

    “(…on my blueprint IT’s SIM phone UK)” — Lady G

  44. oldbrew says:

    Overlapping Magnetic Activity Cycles and the Sunspot Number: Forecasting Sunspot Cycle 25

    Click to access 2006.15263.pdf

    ‘in stark contrast to the community consensus estimate’ – indeed.

  45. oldbrew says:

    World Economic Forum: The Institution Behind ‘The Great Reset’

    Sustainable Development, aka Technocracy, is racing to the finish line as the world is forced into a ‘Great Reset’ by the global elite. This is the culmination of the Trilateral Commission’s original New International Economic Order from 1974. COVID-19 is the main driver now.
    ⁃ TN Editor
    . . .
    The group now plan to use ‘The Great Reset‘ as their theme for the 2021 annual meeting in Davos as a vehicle for advancing the 4IR agenda. 4IR is marketed as a technological revolution, where advancement in all the sciences ‘will leave no aspect of global society untouched.’

    [The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) narrative was developed out of the World Economic Forum back in 2016 – TN]

  46. oldbrew says:

    10 Jul 2020
    Austrian and German researchers to develop solar rooftops for highways

    Research institutions in Austria and Germany have launched a joint project aiming to develop a solar rooftop facility for highways, called “PV-SÜD”. The Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) has teamed up with Fraunhofer ISE and the company Forster Industrietechnik to develop and build a prototype to find out whether such PV units are practical and can work with existing maintenance management, such as snow removal. AIT said that rooftop facilities have the potential to not just generate electricity, but to also protect the road and prolong its lifetime, or even help with noise protection.
    – – –
    Can’t be worse than solar roadways — can it?

  47. Paul Vaughan says:

    96 Bundles: Crew-D Compromise

    4IR’s ill-advise D-icon.
    Bore US get Scott in D-illusion.

    Top athletes are strong AND FLEXIBLE.
    West turn IT mono pole lie is monstrously BRItool.

    By Duke aid dull reason ants, so lore tour US try yell we’ve:
    “IT’sun-ice day too, star: tag UN.” – BI

    Framm 20 11 flash back to what?
    Free man’s 11 ice con way try angles strait for rum cup tune polar more gins.

    Guess-D Post:

    Magnum[brr]PI, remember TC’s LOD prime mod 11?
    Find UN Hawaii. Hell WHO’11 lie cop chore.

    With monstrous parameters (TH sea sharp pen sick lick cool call rev verse sing every 96 years) IT work seven (too 11 led 22app plan) better.

    96 ^ 3 (now that swan monster-USlink)

    Weather moonshine or plan ET, bot AI 3 precisely:
    C[ENSO]R shh apes IR cools e-miss UN reverse sing 96 cue bud generate sun.

    Free doom sew SIM pill e/11 on red IT:
    We’re AI here to observe nature, in clue-D UN human nature.

  48. oldbrew says:

    SJTU team proposes new dual-fuel combustion mode: intelligent charge compression ignition (ICCI); high efficiency, low NOx
    13 July 2020

    A team at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) is proposing a new combustion mode—intelligent charge compression ignition (ICCI)—for ultra-high efficiency and low emissions simultaneously. A paper on ICCI is published in the journal Fuel.

    ICCI aims to realize flexible and controllable in-cylinder charge stratification fed by two complementary fuels: gasoline and diesel. To enable this dual-fuel combustion mode, the team utilized two common-rail direct-injection systems independently on a modified single-cylinder engine, each injection system being controlled by its own on-limits electronic control unit, respectively.
    [diagram of set-up]

  49. oldbrew says:

    New hybrid locomotives arrive on the Snowdon Mountain Railway
    7TH JULY 2020

    These eight-tonne battery equipped trains will replace existing diesel locomotives and will be the first mountain hybrid train in the world.

    Making an average of 750 journeys a year each locomotive, the updated locomotives will reduce emissions by up to 98 per cent compared to the diesel locomotives.
    – – –
    Heavily subsidised by one of the big banks – see link.

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