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Reposted from Ian Wilson’s Astro-Climate Connection blog.

PART B: A Mechanism for the Luni-Solar Tidal Explanation 
PART A: Evidence for a Luni-Solar Tidal Explanation

A. Brief Summary of the Main Conclusions of Part A.

Evidence was presented in Part A  to show that the solar explanation for the Quasi-Decadal and Bi-Decadal Oscillations was essentially untenable. It was concluded that the lunar tidal explanation was by far the most probable explanation for both features.

In addition, it was concluded that observed variations in the historical world monthly temperature anomalies data were most likely determined by factors that control the long-term variations in the ENSO phenomenon.

Further evidence was presented in Part A to support the claim that the ENSO climate phenomenon was being primarily driven by variations in the long-term luni-solar tidal cycles, leading to the possibility that variations in the luni-solar tides are responsible for the observed variations in the historical world monthly temperature anomaly data.