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My Thanks to David Cosserat for this second guest post, which builds on the material covered in the strongly debated part I. Although it doesn’t cover every aspect of the elevation of the surface temperature above that of an airless planet, it neatly covers the essential issues at stake between proponents on opposing sides of the ‘greenhouse effect’ debate.

Atmospheric Thermal Enhancement

Part II – So what kind of heat flow throttling do you favour?

Our goal in these articles is really quite simple. It is to determine, exactly, the mechanism that causes the Earth’s surface (land + ocean)  to have a significantly higher temperature than if it had no atmosphere at all. Is it due to the so-called radiative gases in the atmosphere such as water vapour and carbon dioxide? Or does it have some non-radiative physical cause? On this issue hangs the future of the Anthropogenic Global Warming theory.

In Part I, I discussed two possible mechanisms that might cause the temperature enhancement. One I called Throughput Throttling and the other Output Throttling. Throughput Throttling is not sensitive to radiative gas concentrations (provided those concentrations are above certain minimum levels). In contrast, Output Throttling would appear to be very sensitive to them.