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It might be interesting if someone could attend this free Royal Society event and write it up for the talkshop. We could then compare and contrast the tenor and tone with the proceedings of the workshop run by Tim Palmer that I attended last year at Chicheley Hall, where Judith Curry told the assembled scientists that their models were not fit for purpose. Liz howell was there and came across to me as someone studiously avoiding any discussion of how the BBC presents ‘climate change’. Audio of all the presentations at the link above.

Storms, floods and droughts: predicting and reporting adverse weather

6:30 pm – 7:30 pm on Monday 04 March 2013
at The Royal Society, London

David Shukman, Science Editor for BBC News, in conversation with Professor Tim Palmer FRS and Liz Howell

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2012 was one of the “top five wettest years on record”, however the beginning of the year saw a widespread drought across much of the UK. Join David Shukman, Science Editor for BBC News, and Professor Tim Palmer FRS as they discuss extreme and adverse weather conditions with Liz Howell, Head of BBC Weather. How do these events arise, how they are reported, and how can the latest research improve the forecasting of storms or flooding in the future?

David Shukman previously worked at the BBC as European Correspondent, World Affairs Correspondent and Environment and Science Correspondent. He has reported from more than 90 countries, made a dozen trips to the Polar regions and is one of the few journalists to have flown on a weather research flight.

Professor Tim Palmer FRS is a Royal Society Research Professor in Climate Physics at the University of Oxford. He has pioneered the development of techniques to quantify uncertainty in weather and climate forecasts and was previously Head of the Probability Forecast Division at the European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasts.