Laframboise: Climate Secrets at the UK Supreme Court

Posted: October 4, 2015 by tchannon in Accountability

Canadian journalist Donna Laframboise has an article akin to the BBC “expert” conference[1] but this time “Organizers of a climate conference co-sponsored by the UK Supreme Court” and selective supply of information

Climate Secrets at the UK Supreme Court

Organizers of a climate conference co-sponsored by the UK Supreme Court won’t reveal who attended, how much the event cost, or how many participants had their airfare paid by the United Nations.

Image from Donna’s site

Last month, the UK Supreme Court co-sponsored a 3-day climate change conference. There are a number of reasons why this should ring alarm bells, but organizers have unexpectedly added another one: refusal to answer routine media inquiries.

[UPDATE] Damning new article


Why? What is going on?

[1] From 2012, Harmless Sky

Post by Tim

  1. Berényi Péter says:

    Which countries are taking part in this farce?

  2. tchannon says:

    That’s the one.

  3. oldbrew says:

    ‘What is going on?’

    Maybe they’re trying to figure out how to make expressions of scepticism about man-made climate change a punishable offence :/

  4. tchannon says:

    Remember the Indian government blacklist of Greenpeace people?

    There are mistakes on the list (I did some work) but broadly it points at some stinkers who are moving into climate litigation, one has even advertised for legal people in the UK. This stuff ends up in front of courts.

    Courts are not about truth or justice or as a law lord put it some years ago, going from memory, “The law is more important than justice”

  5. BLACK PEARL says:

    Re Charlie Boys letter
    How many wind & solar farms reside under Prince Charles & family’s domain ????

  6. oldbrew says:

    Here we are…

    ‘A British academic wants an international court to declare climate skeptics wrong, once and for all.’

    ‘The Supreme Court has a YouTube channel where you can watch law professor Philippe Sands argue, at that conference, that the International Court of Justice (which he describes as “the principal judicial organ of the United Nations”) has two choices: “consign itself to irrelevance” or join the fight against climate change.’

    Even Orwell never dreamt of this kind of insanity.

  7. Fanakapan says:

    We ought to remember the Mauling that the UK court system gave to Brother Albert’s infamous film ?
    Cant be shown in schools, unless the kiddies have the errors and CGI parts explained to them 🙂

  8. p.g.sharrow says:

    The western bar wants to be the Rulers of us all. One more group of GEBs (Greedy Evil Bastards)
    That want to ride the AGW meme into POWER.
    We Don’t Need THEM!…pg

  9. p.g.sharrow says:

    What we really need is a “Magna Carta” to limit the powers and pay of ALL Bureaucrats. It is us or them. They always seek more power until they strangle the goose that feeds them. ALWAYS…pg

  10. John Silver says:

    Why? What is going on?


  11. oldbrew says:

    ‘World Leaders Warn of Possible Climate Agreement Failure’

    What they’re really bothered about:

    The host of the upcoming conference in Paris, French foreign minister Laurent Fabius, agrees with Earnest that congressional scrutiny must be avoided. Addressing a group of African delegates at the June climate change conference in Bonn, Germany, Fabius expressed his desire to bypass Congress on the Paris Protocol: “We must find a formula which is valuable for everybody and valuable for the U.S. without going to Congress…. Whether we like it or not, if it comes to the Congress, they will refuse.”

    Can’t have democracy interfering with climate alarmism can we?

    Quote: The political reality is that any pact coming from the Paris conference would be dead on arrival in the Senate — the very reason the administration doesn’t plan to submit it there. There is “no chance” that such an agreement could clear the two-thirds hurdle, one Republican energy lobbyist said. “There are few certainties in life, but that is one of them.”

  12. oldbrew says:

    Continuing the previous comment: the Guardian steps up its attempts to demonise the US Republican party because it won’t line fall into line with that paper’s climate obsessions and therefore could be a stumbling block for the Paris-ites.

  13. Thanks for the honourable mention. Today’s post is here: Supreme Court Justice Carnwath: Climate Activist

    More still to come.

  14. tchannon says:

    Donna, I’ve added a link to your new article.

    I had a look at Carnwath finding much as you have. Seeing is one thing, writing is not my forte.
    Nor is he the only reek.

  15. Power Grab says:

    So…whose side are the “refugees” on? You know, the thousands of third world-ers who have been storming the gates of Europe recently? Are they supposed to be the foot soldiers of the UN power brokers? Or do they see the writing on the wall and plan to break up the party in Paris?

    Do the folks (first the scientists, now the lawyers and judges)the greenies have been wooing so assiduously these past decades really, truly believe they will receive whatever rewards and titles they have been promised, as long as they toe the line of this new religion? Or have all their private secrets been so thoroughly compromised by entities like the NSA that they dare not resist assimilation into the new global power structure?

    Someone help me out here.

    I can see that there are powerful people who are ready to start WWIII. I know there are powerful people who want to reduce the population of the globe to a fraction of its current value. I believe they want to neutralize the U.S. and Christians because they have been the most significant force for preventing the world from self-destructing.

    When they get that rich, do these greenies really believe that their wealth will protect them from the destruction they appear to be instigating?

    I would say to those who think they’re on the road to unfathomable riches as long as they keep pushing the CAGW lie: whatever riches you end up with will never be enough. Whatever riches your cronies end up with will never be enough. That being the case, you should be wary of consuming each other to satisfy an unquenchable craving for “more”.

    And once you have destroyed the billions of humans that you believe are your inferiors, who will be left to continue to enrich you?

    What does a man gain if he wins the world and loses his soul?

  16. hunter says:

    Climate creeps at work. Think of tactic of missionaries to convert the leadership of a tribe or nation.

  17. oldbrew says:

    Shock news: lawyer seeks work for lawyers. Another joker who can smell the climate cash.


    More about the political life of UK Supreme Court Justice Lord Carnwath.

    ‘The Unseemly Lord Carnwath’

  18. oldbrew says:

    ‘Adjudicating the future: silencing climate dissent via the courts’
    by Judith Curry

  19. tchannon says:

    Donna is still working on this pit of vipers, see updates.

  20. oldbrew says:

    Global warmists tell feds: Use anti-mafia law to prosecute ‘climate deniers’

    ‘The mere fact that a sitting U.S. senator would find it safe to propose such a thing – and that there is no First Amendment outcry from the media save for that from the conservative Wall Street Journal editorial page – tells you all you need to know about the current political environment in this country.’