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Pattern in solar variability, their planetary origin and terrestrial impacts
Editor(s): N.-A. Mörner, R. Tattersall, and J.-E. Solheim

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The complex planetary synchronization structure of the solar system
N. Scafetta
Pattern Recogn. Phys., 2, 1-19, 2014
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 2517 KB)
15 Jan 2014
Responses of the basic cycles of 178.7 and 2402 yr in solar–terrestrial phenomena during the Holocene
I. Charvátová and P. Hejda
Pattern Recogn. Phys., 2, 21-26, 2014
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 737 KB)
17 Jan 2014
Preface: Pattern in solar variability, their planetary origin and terrestrial impacts
N.-A. Mörner, R. Tattersall, and J.-E. Solheim
Pattern Recogn. Phys., 1, 203-204, 2013
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 140 KB)
16 Dec 2013
The Hum: log-normal distribution and planetary–solar resonance
R. Tattersall
Pattern Recogn. Phys., 1, 185-198, 2013
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 803 KB)
16 Dec 2013
Energy transfer in the solar system
H. Jelbring
Pattern Recogn. Phys., 1, 165-176, 2013
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 2284 KB)
05 Dec 2013
Planetary beat and solar–terrestrial responses
N.-A. Mörner
Pattern Recogn. Phys., 1, 107-116, 2013
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 3099 KB)
01 Nov 2013
Signals from the planets, via the Sun to the Earth
J.-E. Solheim
Pattern Recogn. Phys., 1, 177-184, 2013
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 1628 KB)
10 Dec 2013
Apparent relations between planetary spin, orbit, and solar differential rotation
R. Tattersall
Pattern Recogn. Phys., 1, 199-202, 2013
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 654 KB)
16 Dec 2013
The Venus–Earth–Jupiter spin–orbit coupling model
I. R. G. Wilson
Pattern Recogn. Phys., 1, 147-158, 2013
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 2521 KB)
03 Dec 2013
Celestial commensurabilities: some special cases
H. Jelbring
Pattern Recogn. Phys., 1, 143-146, 2013
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 54 KB)
02 Dec 2013
Multiscale comparative spectral analysis of satellite total solar irradiance measurements from 2003 to 2013 reveals a planetary modulation of solar activity and its nonlinear dependence on the 11 yr solar cycle
N. Scafetta and R. C. Willson
Pattern Recogn. Phys., 1, 123-133, 2013
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 2522 KB)
25 Nov 2013
The sunspot cycle length – modulated by planets?
J.-E. Solheim
Pattern Recogn. Phys., 1, 159-164, 2013
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 198 KB)
04 Dec 2013
A mathematical model of the sunspot cycle for the past 1000 yr
R. J. Salvador
Pattern Recogn. Phys., 1, 117-122, 2013
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 2744 KB)
15 Nov 2013
General conclusions regarding the planetary–solar–terrestrial interaction
N.-A. Mörner, R. Tattersall, J.-E. Solheim, I. Charvatova, N. Scafetta, H. Jelbring, I. R. Wilson, R. Salvador, R. C. Willson, P. Hejda, W. Soon, V. M. Velasco Herrera, O. Humlum, D. Archibald, H. Yndestad, D. Easterbrook, J. Casey, G. Gregori, and G. Henriksson
Pattern Recogn. Phys., 1, 205-206, 2013
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 126 KB)
16 Dec 2013
  1. […] on Arxiv (also published in MNRAS) which nicely confirms some of the work we have been doing in PRP on energy exchange in the solar system via mean motion resonance. Team wassup refer to this well […]

  2. p.g.sharrow says:

    Ever wonder about the quality of peer reviewed published scientific papers;
    A fatter paycheck may be the driver, not the science. pg

  3. tallbloke says:

    Good link PG. I’ve seen this one rattling around for a few days. Can’t decide what to do with it yet. A plan is forming.

    Original shutdown notice:

  4. linneamogren says:

    Thank you for this link Tallbloke. I just begun my astronomy class. These links will be helpful. You are right, there are many Scandinavian scientists and astronomers. My interest in astronomy is pulsars and elliptical galaxies. Also, the mystery of singularities. One of the biggest areas in physics where all we known breaks down. Why quantum gravity theory and relativity refuse to communicate when combined as an equation.

  5. linneamogren says:

    Hi P.G.

    I read that article regarding peer reviewed research. The U.N climate change rejects most research that contradicts AGW. So of course one would get an unbalanced view. Piltdown Man was peer reviewed! It was nothing more than a 1000 year old fossil fused with a modern orangutan. Does not say a lot for peer review.

  6. […] year Pattern Recognition in Physics was pulled not for it’s science but as a staggeringly overt example of what happens to […]

  7. […] force retraction of the papers and they’re all still available at Copernicus via my website here. Six years validation by the data since publication (green curve), and we await the next 5 years to […]

  8. […] research laboratory has been looking at some of the Talkshop-featured PRP papers, in particular those by Ian Wilson and Jan-Erik Solheim, plus others by names familiar to many […]

  9. […] culminating in the solar variation models published by Rick Salvador and Ian Wilson in the 2013 special issue of Pattern Recognition in […]

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