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WordPress Help for Talkshop users

This is written for people who comment on the Talkshop.

  • My comment has a label saying “awaiting moderation
    What is says, a human has to allow the comment. This is a moderated blog where there are various reasons why you might be waiting in the queue. There are automatic anti-spam systems and so on.
  • Can I edit my own comment?
    No. This would be a security problem because you cannot be definitely identified by the system. A stranger might be able to alter your comment.
    If you think you have made a terrible mistake you can try posting another comment asking a moderator to alter or remove your earlier comment. We cannot promise to notice and act on all requests.
  • Can I use Smilies?
     Yes :), the allowed kinds and the text sequence to use are documented here but please use them with care, too many too often looks a mess. But also realise people do not know what you are thinking, your mood, so sometimes perhaps 😉 is helpful.
  • Can I use bold or italic text or type < >?
    With care, yes, but if you make a mistake a moderator has to go and open an editor and by hand find and correct the mistake.  It’s our life, our time, go figure.  An explanation and instructions are on this separate help page.
  • I cannot read the blog easily because the text is too small.
    This is beyond our control and is set by CSS provided by WordPress. (see additional information about the blog at the end of this page)
    At least one of the bloggers is disabled and understands things can be made difficult. There is nothing exceptionally difficult about this blog and most web browsers have built in assistance, try using it.
    Blind readers, we apologise but can offer no special help, sorry. (perhaps try a Jabber feed)
    Keyboard help for various browsers, magnify is usually <control> +
    Google Chrome
    Internet Explorer, IE6, Later, all Accessibility
    Firefox (Mozilla family)
    Opera (Windows), Opera (BSD/Linux)
  • Blog email / RSS notifications do not work
    There are known problems with the WordPress email notification system, which is beyond our control.
    RSS should be working.
    An experimental alternative for registered users which for the time being is free, is a Jabber feed, a messaging system. This seems to work very well but is relatively technical to install and configure.  You will need a WordPress login (is free) such as register for your own blog, which you do not have to use, millions do not. Do they track you? Within their system, yes. Is it safe? All I can say is the company seem well behaved.
    Start here if you need to register  http://wordpress.com/
    Jabber instructions are here http://en.support.wordpress.com/jabber/
  • Why no advertisements?
    Because someone Donated to pay WordPress and everyone seems to prefer it this way.
    Occassional small donations help pay.
  • Can is use Latex (maths symbols) in a comment?
    Yes but it is considered difficult to do. Some users do this successfully.
  • What is the blog width?
    The blog text and image width is 550 pixels but this must be subject to change, is outside our control except via the WordPress Theme used.
  • Can I post images?
    We prefer you to post a link to an image which we can turn into an embedded image in the comments section.
    There are various practical reasons, such as fitting the image size to the blog, and security, images we do not control are dangerous. Also remember an image here might bring very high network traffic and overload a server (such as yours), slow web page loads, use up your quota on a server. You can ask us to move an image to WordPress servers but please accept it is our decision and our time. We also have to try and make a decision on copyright.
  • How can I contact the Talkshop?
    There is no direct method. There is an experimental contact form which might become permanent
    A contact form is here.
  • You could leave a brief comment on the Suggestions page; remember the moderators and administrators can see your email address. There is no promise to contact you, but we do try to find time to respond.
  • Can I change the name I use to post comments?
    You obviously can but expect this to be noticed by administration and might cause minor trouble. Changing identity is what people using “Socket Puppets” do, annoying individuals usually causing trouble and who try to avoid being stopped by changing their identity.
    You could try putting a brief note in your comment.

Legal matters

The web site is considered to exist in England, UK and therefore English law and EU law is applicable. Particularly note that English libel law is operative, considered the most difficult in the world.  (libel is defamation in writing)

We are private individuals, not public figures.

We try to keep within copyright law, within fair usage, non-commercial usage. Please let us know if you think there is a violation.

Background information for the curious

Tallbloke’s Talkshop is hosted on servers managed full time by WordPress as a cloud of servers in the USA. This also means server resources and network bandwidth is shared by everyone, making it difficult to overload the server if a single site has very high traffic.

WordPress blog software comes in two forms

  1. Ready to use hosted and managed by WordPress, Tallbloke’s Talkshop uses this.
  2. As a software package for running on your own server. You can do more things but all management is your responsibility, including security.

Things to do with (1) are found on the site wordpress.com and to do with (2) on wordpress.org

Comments might be enabled on this page but all comments are subject to immediate deletion or removal.
The intention is Help suggestions and discussion.

  1. dp says:

    Allowed HTML tags in comments, with examples:

    [noted, not yet decided on how much to tell users –Tim]

  2. tchannon says:

    Admin: Amended Help page. Add link to experimental contact us form.

  3. Asynsis says:

    Hi, How do I comment on a particular post – like on the solar system-phi one?
    There’s no comment box – will try again just in case.

  4. tallbloke says:

    Hi and welcome. I’ll re-enable comments. We were having a spam problem. Stand by.

  5. mitigatedsceptic says:

    TM You should know that the link to ‘more’ at John Christy: Climate Prediction too Uncertain for Policymaking returns a 404.

  6. mitigatedsceptic says:

    Sorry I should have included the link – https://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2014/02/08/john-christy-climate-prediction-too-uncertain-for-policymaking/#more-15698

    [Reply] Seems ok, try forcing a refresh on your browser. I altered the time published earlier – Rog

  7. Sparks says:

    Hi guys.

    The Live Bookmark feed for your site does not load, have you made any recent changes that is causing this?

    I’ve tested it using firefox on six different systems and they all failed to load the live subscription feed, all other word press feeds are working normally.

  8. tchannon says:

    Sparks, we have made no change, mostly outside of our control. It is a WordPress managed blog.

    Apparently this might give you a clue

    Historically character encoding has caused peculiar results.

  9. Sparks says:



    It doesn’t seem to be a word press problem…Could it be the high-bit character in the main title? It should be easy to check and fix when get a free sec. :))

    “… ml” title=”Tallbloke's Talkshop”

  10. Sparks says:

    Looks like this & # 039 ;s without the spaces.

  11. tchannon says:

    Now why did I suggest encoding? 🙂

    That is a standard HTML escape code, an apostrophe has to be escaped.

    This might shed light, can of wrigglies. Long discussion on a bug is unusual.

    And lots more.

    I can’t think of a solution, plus if we change the title this might break feeds for those taking it.

    Question: is anyone successfully taking the feed?

    What to do about it? Rog!!!!

  12. Sparks says:


    I know.. you’re the man, when it comes to this. 🙂

    I did originally think it was a Mozilla issue as there was a security update three day’s ago, which has caused other separate issues, but what if this issue remains? personally I would think it is important to have a reliable feed. potentially millions of people use them.

    As for your options.
    Did you test removing the apostrophe in the title?

    Maybe inserting an Image of an apostrophe could work?
    or even replace the whole title with an image.

    Try using a different encoding for the title?

  13. tchannon says:

    If I touch the blog Title it affects thousands of people, with unknown effects. For now will not fix.
    Rog would need to be involved. (none of this meant to be unfriendly)

    You have my email address so if you want to discuss what we can do next, best out of full public view. Maybe do some safe experiments.

  14. Sparks says:


    Just and update, the feed is working again. :))

  15. oldmanK says:

    The leave a reply box on the Dodwell subject disappeared. ??? It did come up here and the site recognised me.

    Something I did Wrong?

  16. tchannon says:

    Puzzled… looks like freaky co-incidence time, I think

    On noting the publication date “December 24, 2014”, looks at a radioclock here, 24 August 2015, so I expect that was the automatic comments disable operating. The purpose is stopping spammers trying to sneak in comments on old content.

    Try it now.


  17. oldmanK says:

    Thanks, it is back.

  18. DAVID MULBERRY says:

    I really want to share your post about the sea level fraud on May 29th,2017…but it has been blocked…Link Blocked
    We believe the link you are trying to visit is malicious. For your safety, we have blocked it.

  19. Ken Gregory says:

    I wrote an article “Climate Sensitivity by Energy Balance with Urban and Natural Warming”. This article builds on the work of Lewis and Curry 2018 by including the effects of urban and natural warming with uncertainty estimates.

    Please consider publishing this article on your blog.

    The article in PDF format is at https://friendsofscience.org/index.php?id=2519
    The article in MS-Word format is at https://friendsofscience.org/assets/documents/Climate_Sensitivity_Energy_Balance_Gregory-2020.docx

    The document includes 27 footnotes to provide support to the assertions, many with links to the source peer-reviewed papers and a Excel file for data and calculations.

    The paper Lewis & Curry C2018 (LC2018) presents estimates of climate sensitivity parameters ECS and TCR with uncertainty analysis. The natural climate change from the base to final periods were not considered and no correction was applied to remove the urban heat island effect (UHIE) from the temperature record in that analysis. This study presents corrected estimates of ECS and TCR with uncertainty estimates by including the UHIE and natural warming. The median (best estimate) and likely 17-85% probability ranges [shown in brackets] of ECS and TCR are 1.04 °C [0.76 – 1.39 °C] and 0.83 °C [0.62 – 1.07 °C], respectively. The probability distributions of ECS and TCR from LC2018 were well replicated. The UHIE and natural climate change with uncertainties were estimated from previously published papers. These effects were removed from the temperature change used to estimate the climate sensitivity parameters so that only the temperature change due to greenhouse gases are used to estimate the ECS and TCR parameters. Global average temperatures are forecast to increase by 0.63 °C [0.51 – 0.78 °C] from 2019 to 2100, assuming the GHG concentrations in the atmosphere increase exponentially and no natural climate change. The FUND economic model, using updated energy impacts and CO2 fertilization effects and assuming an ECS of 1.0 °C, calculates that a 2 °C GMST rise from 2000 would increase global wealth by 1.45% by 2147, equivalent to 2019US$1.26 trillion.

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