About me

I’m a qualified engineer and a graduate of the History and Philosophy of Science. I’m interested in finding out how the solar system works and how Earth is affected by changes in it.

Some people don’t like the implications of my research or my blogging about them and one night in December 2011 the Climate Cops turned up at my door with a warrant to impound my computers. Prof. Michael Mann and Dr Greg Laden told everyone I am a criminal cyberthief involved in hacking the Climate Research Unit emails.

A few years ago I was riding home on my motorbike when a car lost control coming round a bend towards me and knocked me into a tree. This accident broke my spine and left me with ongoing memory and cognition problems, so bear with me.

I have been lucky enough to have made a good physical recovery from the crash and I go walking in the mountains and hills near my home with my lady when I’m not doing my part time job or blogging. I’m back on my favourite bike too, here’s a shot of my old thumper.

1949 500cc Matchless G80S

1949 500cc Matchless G80S

As you can see, I like old fashioned transports of delight. Here are a couple of shots of the type of windpower that makes sense to me.

tallships 2010 Hartlepool England

Tall Ships 2010 – Hartlepool England

HMS Trincomalee - Historic Quay - Hartlepool

HMS Trincomalee – Historic Quay – Hartlepool

Wylde Swan under sail

Wylde Swan under sail