Hall of fame

Dayton Miller

Dayton Miller Experimental physicist Confirmed Ether Drift 1926

Dayton Miller performed thousands of tests with his interferometer equipment to quantify the ether drift on Earth’s surface. His prediction of the ether drift in free space was confirmed by the determination much later of the velocity of the sun through space. It was further confirmed by Yu. M. Galaev in 2002.

His tireless work spanning 30 years was buried by mainstream astrophysics in favour of Einstein’s theory of General Relativity.

Einstein himself knew Miller’s work, if successful, would falsify his hypothesis.

The dirty deed was done by Robert Shankland, Miller’s former assistant. See the Hall of Shame.


Ferenc Miskolczi

Ferenc Miskolczi Discovered Dynamic Equilibrium of Earth's Greenhouse

Brilliant theoretical Astrophysicist Ferenc Miskolczi dicovered that the Earth’s greenhouse is a self regulating system which balances the effects of the gases and vapours within it.

His second paper was withdrawn from publication when his boss at NASA logged in to Ferenc’s PC using Ferenc’s credentials and withdrew the paper. See the  Hall of Shame




Dr Roy Spencer

Dr Roy Spencer discovered the negative cloud feedback hidden in satellite data

Roy Spencer continues to work on discovering the real facts behind Earth’s climate feedbacks and forcings in the face of shameful character assassination, incorrect dismissal of his research, and vilification by the propagandists of ‘global warming’ alarmism. Visit his website.






Ivanka Charvatova discovered the link between solar inertial motion phases and climate

Ivanka Charvatova is a Czech scientist who has persisted with her study of the solar barycentric motion and its relationship with climate variation since the 1980’s. A television documentary showcasing her work and theory was pulled two hours before it was due to be broadcast. She is philosophical about this, saying:
“Many discoveries had to wait, some very long. I do not waste my time fighting windmills. God will sort it out when the right time comes.”
The talkshop will do all it can to bring that time forward so that Ivanka gets the recognition she deserves.

  1. Tenuc says:

    Hi TB, Here’s another candidate for this HoF thread – Dr. John A. Eddy (March 25, 1931—June 10, 2009)

    He published a ground-breaking paper in Science titled “The Maunder Minimum”in 1976 identifying a 70-year period from 1645 to 1715 as a time when solar activity all but stopped. He also posited that our sun is a variable star with many connections and interactions with Earth’s climate system.

    Jack Eddy

    Sol is a variable star.

  2. tallbloke says:

    Good nomination Tenuc. Jack Eddy was a great cross disciplinary polymath. Leif Svalgaard is proud to have counted him as a friend.

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    Paul Hudson

  4. Ron Cram says:

    Was Ferenc Miskolcz’s paper ever published? How do we know it is a great paper if no one can read it? If we can read it, why not provide a link?

  5. tallbloke says:

    Ron, apologies, I should have linked this thread:

    You will find links there. Also Miskolczi published again last year. I’ll track down a copy somewhere.

  6. cementafriend says:

    Tallbloke the latest Miskolzci paper is here http://www.friendsofscience.org/assets/documents/E&E_21_4_2010_08-miskolczi.pdf This is an explanation of his earlier paper with reference to the orginal papers. http://www.friendsofscience.org/assets/documents/The-Saturated-Greenhouse-Effect-Theory-of-Ferenc-Miskolczi.pdf I have downloaded the origonal papers but can not find the link. Dr Van Andel has a paper “Note on the Miskolczi Theory” Energy & Environment Vol 21 No 4 2010, p277-292. I downloaded the whole issue as EE_21-4_paradigm_shift_output_limited_3_Mb.pdf but can not find the link. Van Andel Presentation here http://climategate.nl/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/KNMI_voordracht_VanAndel.pdf contains some explanation.

  7. jorgekafkazar says:

    And what about Vavilov?

  8. tallbloke says:

    Vavilov the Botanist or Vavilov the particle physicist?

  9. Just passing through and not sure if you have him anywhere in here, but…

    Dr. Henrik Svensmark. His ground breaking study into the interaction between cosmic rays and our atmosphere has led to his conclusion that clouds are formed by cosmic rays. SO2 bombarded by negetively charged muons in the lower atmosphere start a cascade of cloud nucleation.

    When the Sun is strong, cosmic rays cannot reach the Earth in large numbers… warmer temperatures. When the Sun is quiet (or blank) more cosmic rays reach our planet, causing more clouds to form, dropping temperatures.

    His book “The Chilling Stars” lays it out in a very clear and simple manner. This link puts the Sun in the roll of gate keeper, and move the cause(s) of climate change on to a galactic stage.

    (… not to mention the implications of whatelse these particles can do to, say, shifting tectonic plates, Sunspot cycles, evolution of spieces… My conclusions, not his)

    Keep your head up!!

    [I think that is a good suggestion, Tim, co-mod]

  10. I am not the only one that has being silenced, this is actually encouraging… Does anybody knows how to get in contact with Ferenc Miskolczi? As soon as I point / explain to a Believer about the ”self adjusting mechanism” instead of Warmist rejoicing that we are not going to boil, throws tantrum as a kid when told end of November that, Santa is not for real.

    I am definitely convinced that oxygen + nitrogen are regulating the temperature in the troposphere; by expending / enlarging the volume of the troposphere, when get warmer – shrinking when get colder. b] because of the laws of physics, part of the atmosphere can only get warmer; only if other part gets colder. Otherwise, if the whole atmosphere gets warmer – expands into the unlimited coldness and equalizes instantly. If Mr. Miskolczi, or anybody would be kind to review what I have on my website, please. My limited vocabulary in English shouldn’t be any problem. It has being used by few Warmist, but I call it ”truth phobia” http://globalwarmingdenier.wordpress.com Thank you for this space.

  11. Susannah Worth, Ph.D. says:

    Great site. If you want to expand to include influential people who are getting the word out may I suggest, Christopher Walter Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley who is not a scientist but has been an amazing champion for the truth.

  12. Insert yourself.

    I don’t mean that rudely. 😉

  13. Lee Rogers says:

    This little posting won’t “raise the bar” maturity-wise in any supposed debate…but my impulse control is away for Christmas: In your “About Me” section you say “I’m interested in finding out how the solar system works….” I’ve been on the lookout for the day that the warmists decide that it’s time to escalate from anthropogenic GLOBAL warming (AGW) to Anthropogenic Solar System Warming In Proportion to Emissions (AS…)? I’m glad you’ve already marked that territory! 😉

  14. Dodgy Geezer says:

    I don’t know what the rules are for your Hall of Fame, but two obvious names for consideration are Steve McIntyre and John Daly.

    They have not been responsible, so far as I know, for groundbreaking advances in scientific understanding. But both of them have fought long and hard for truth in science – against heavy odds and, in both cases, alone. That people are currently able to discuss alternative reasons for variation in climate is, in no small measure, down to them.

  15. Tenuc says:

    If anyone is still interested in reading Ferenc’s papers on the climate limit response to warming and the impossibility of CO2 causing problems, I found a couple of his papers here, ass some of the above links to originals are dead…

    Greenhouse effect in semi-transparent planetary atmospheres – Ferenc M. Miskolczi

    Click to access IDOJARAS_vol111_No1_01.pdf


    Click to access E&E_21_4_2010_08-miskolczi.pdf

  16. Donald Mitchell says:

    I greatly appreciate Tenuc providing links to papers by Ferenc M. Miskolczi. I am only a beginner in the study of climate issues. I have not understood how the emissions from an atmospheric layer consisting of greenhouse gasses with emission and adsorption spectra that do not by any standards resembe a grey (much less a black) body could be reasonably approximated assuming an emission that was proportional to the fourth power of the temperature. This apprehension was compounded by finding emission data from satellites that appears to show upward emissions which conformed to the S & B expectations for surface temperatures in GHG windows, but much lower temperatures where GHG are actually brought into play. I see no other alternative to considering any analysis that does not show some attempt to account for the departure of emissions from and through GHG layers from the S & B expectations of grey bodies as possibly interesting academic exercises that may be related to the actual problem.

    I am curious if someone has derived (or can derive) an approximation of upward radiation from and through a GHG atmosphere from a warmer earth that accounts for the contribution of the earth that is not affected by the GHG atmosphere.

    Of course, if I am totally off base here, can someone show me where my errors are?

  17. grizzlygovfan says:

    Henrik Svensmark provided a great insight regarding “Clouds drive our climate and the stars give our clouds their orders”. Earth has been a “snowball” when cosmic rays were overwhelming. The polar ice caps have melted when cosmic rays were scarce and solar reflectivity reduced, so more sun was hitting the ground. Current times will likely see the heliosphere blocking fewer cosmic rays apparently. With cloud cover at about 65% to 70% an increased cloud caused solar reflectivity (right at the moisture rich 2000 to 3000 foot level) may have a lot of leverage on climate. The establishment tried to block his research, then they blocked his publishing for a long time. Forced to fight the religious fervor of the man made CO2 based warming believers, the man reminds me of Copernicus.

  18. ntesdorf says:

    I just discovered this page on the blog. It’s great and provides links to a lot of future reading on interesting subjects. Their time will surely come!

  19. fastnbulbous says:

    I second the nomination of Steve McIntyre. His tireless efforts in pursuit of the truth, as well as the dignified manner with which he’s engaged in that pursuit, surely merits inclusion in your pantheon.
    Also, love your site!

  20. Roger Dewhurst says:

    I nominate Professor Carter

  21. Jim Steele says:

    I third Steve Mcintyre.

  22. Red Nek Engineer says:

    Why not have Icecap in your blogroll. They have 7000 stories since 2007 and have reached 52 Million in 27 countries. They would be pleased to reciprocate.

  23. tallbloke says:

    Happy to, thanks for the tip.

  24. bushkid says:

    I heartily second Prof. Bob Carter. He has done so much to further the understanding of the real “climate” issue, how CO2 is not and cannot be the driver of any warming we might or might not be experiencing. He has a very happy knack of being able to explain the various possibilities, the science behind various influences on our climate, the historical record that is there for the reading. His book “Climate: The Counter Consensus” and “Taxing Air” co-authored with several other common sense writers are absolute gems. The man himself is a gem also, very approachable, open to discussion and sharing information if you are willing to be interested. Please add him to your Hall of Fame.

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  26. hunter says:

    You should consider promoting this interesting list more.

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