Inhofe to Obama: Your climate agenda will fail

Posted: September 2, 2016 by oldbrew in climate, Legal, Politics
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Senator Inhofe - not a snowball's chance...?

Senator Inhofe – not a snowball’s chance…?

Getting any Paris-related climate legislation passed by the US Senate will be ‘Mission Impossible’ for Obama according to this report from the DC’s Michael Bastasch.

Oklahoma Republican Sen. Jim Inhofe criticized President Barack Obama Thursday for joining an international global warming treaty without Senate approval.

The Senate committee chair also warned Obama his global warming ambitions were bound to fail since he needs legislative approval to make the emissions cuts he’s promised the United Nations.

“History already shows that this Paris Agreement will fail,” Inhofe said in an emailed statement.

“This latest announcement is the president attempting to once again give the international community the appearance that he can go around Congress in order to achieve his unpopular and widely rejected climate agenda for his legacy,” he said.

Obama plans on officially joining the UN’s global warming treaty when he visits China for the G20 summit. China also plans on ratifying the treaty in an effort to bring it into for this year — a major goal of environmental activists.

Nearly 200 countries signed onto the treaty, which diplomats hashed out last year in Paris, that asks for non-binding cuts to greenhouse gas emissions. For the treaty to go into effect, 55 countries representing 55 percent of global emissions must ratify it, but so far only 23 countries representing 1 percent of global emissions have done so.

Obama hopes U.S. and Chinese ratification will encourage others to do so, but Inhofe and others have lambasted the president for circumventing Congress to approve the Paris treaty.

“The Senate does not support the Paris Agreement, which is why his administration prefers to not call it a treaty,” Inhofe said, “and the centerpiece of the president’s emission reduction commitments, the Clean Power Plan, is on shaky legal ground, which the United States Supreme Court recently affirmed.”

The White House has shied away from calling it a “treaty” and, instead, refer to it as an “executive agreement.” Obama senior adviser Brian Deese told reporters it’s “a process that is quite well-established in our existing legal system and in the context of international agreements and international arrangements.”

“There is a category of them that are treaties that require advice and consent from the Senate, but there’s a broad category of executive agreements where the executive can enter into those agreements without that advice and consent,” Deese said.

The U.S. Constitution requires treaties to be approved by two-thirds of the Senate, and Obama’s climate treaty is destined for failure in a Republican-controlled Senate. Inhofe and others have vowed to block the treaty if it ever did come before the Senate.

“Furthermore, environmental groups and industry agree that the U.S. commitments made under the Paris Agreement cannot be met with regulations and would require legislation from Congress that will never pass,” Inhofe said.

Full report: Inhofe To Obama: Your Climate Agenda Will Fail | The Daily Caller

  1. ivan says:

    As far as Obama is concerned he has stacked the EPA in favour of climate change and will use them to make sure the environmental green agenda is followed.

  2. oldbrew says:

    ivan: depends who takes his job next year.

    The Paris climate targets are rubbish anyway according to the fanatics.

    Proposed cuts are “far from sufficient” and must be six times greater by 2030 to stop the world warming beyond 2C, a study finds on the eve of the G20 leaders meeting

  3. ren says:

    Very strong increase in speed of the solar wind.,132

  4. oldbrew says:

    ren: ‘Very strong increase in speed of the solar wind.’

    ‘Rationale: G1 to G2 (Minor to Moderate) geomagnetic storm levels are
    expected on day one (03 Sep) with G1 (Minor) geomagnetic storm levels
    likely on day two (04 Sep) due to coronal hole high speed stream’

  5. ren says:

    oldbrew : Will be further earthquake.

  6. craigm350 says:


    Plus one rather large coronal hole:

  7. oldbrew says:

    Lubos Motl: Obama’s “ratification” of the Paris climate treaty is a joke

  8. ivan says:

    One question. Just how much is Obama getting paid for this PR stunt in China? I can’t see him doing for nothing, why else would he go to China where reporters don’t ask embarrassing questions.

  9. oldbrew says:

    ivan: it’s the G20 summit meeting.

    NB just to remind us how tainted Wikipedia can be, this entry claims CO2 is ‘the driving force behind global warming’. Pity they can’t tell us why CO2 is rising much more than temperatures are, and why all the climate models seriously overestimate warming :/

  10. oldbrew says:


    The U.S. completely hollowed out the Paris deal, making it an entirely aspirational affair. None of the goals it asks UN member states to set will be enforced in any real way.
    All pain and no gain…
    GOP Lawmaker Calls Obama’s Climate Agreement A Work Of ‘Science Fiction’

    Texas Republican Rep. Lamar Smith told reporters that President Barack Obama’s decision to ratify the climate agreement Saturday in China was a strategic move to stifle public scrutiny. The decision to join the climate agreement was based on “science fiction,” not solid science, Smith said, adding that forging it without the consent of Congress is “all pain and no gain.”