Sweden Govt Impounds Turkish Ship Carrying TONNES Of Explosives, Rockets, Ammunition

Posted: November 5, 2016 by tallbloke in solar system dynamics

Crikey, Sheerness.

[Note: this story dates back to January 2016]

  1. Climatism says:

    October, November, December ‘surprise’ 💥💣

  2. tallbloke says:

    Watch the Pilger – Assange interview

  3. oldbrew says:

    The ship report is dated January 28, 2016?

  4. kuhnkat says:

    ” Investigators have discovered bare 380-volt cables and other ignition risks, and an explosives expert has said if the cargo went up, it could take out the whole harbour town of Varberg together with its 30,000 inhabitants.”

    So they decided to keep it in the port. Anyone else see a problem with that??

  5. pg sharrow says:

    “The ship was due to unload some of these in Sweden, but port authorities got to it first. The ship had called at a number of other European ports before being intercepted in Sweden, and the last call had been in Sheerness in the United Kingdom.”

    That is the money shot! A Turkish ship with cargo containers bound for Yemen stopped in Sweden for being “having unsafe living conditions” is found to be carrying military munitions and has been delivering into European ports.

    Add that to the brag of a Iranian Republican Guard general that they are readying attacks in western countries. As well as thousands of military trained men salted into the muslim refuges flooding from the ME.


  6. tallbloke says:

    Report from 10 february 2016:
    Whiskey Trio: Scandal ship permitted to leave Varberg
    The The Transportation Board will submit a report to the ship’s next port of call so that the shortcomings that have not yet been corrected can be repaired. Parts of the crew have also been replaced. Four crew members left the ship. The vessel is empty of cargo.

    Here’s the ship’s position as of the 31st october

  7. tallbloke says:

    Interesting tidbit:
    The ship should have gone in for loading in Sheernes, and then move on to Varberg and then the Netherlands, Belgium and Montenegro. According to HN information shall be the destination of the ship being Yemen and Oman on the Arabian Peninsula.

    So, fellow conspiracy theorists, what went on here?

    Was the UK govt intending to clandestinely arm the Yemenis against the Saudis, who they have also been arming against the Yemenis?

    Vince Cable was complaining in the Guardian yesterday that the MOD kept him disinformed about the assurances they gave that the targets the Saudis were using their UK bought weapons against in Yemen were being ‘closely monitored’.

    Something stinky is going on here.

  8. pg sharrow says:

    @Tallbloke; Back in Russian port to pick up another cargo to distribute maybe?
    Look for lies on top of lies as cover their tracks. We will soon know as WWIII really gets hot…pg