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Statement by Willie Soon

Posted: March 2, 2015 by Andrew in solar system dynamics

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(March 2, 2015) — Dr. Willie Soon of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics released the following statement through The Heartland Institute in response to repeated attacks on his character and scientific integrity.

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Tsk, weather eh?

Originally posted on sunshine hours:

1913 Low Min Records Broken in Last 7 Days (272 tied)  according to the NOAA.

Below is a screenshot showing location and the biggest difference between old record and new record.

The list is just the ones I could capture in a screenshot. Wow. Many records broken by over 30F.

Imagine … the old record was 15F and it is now -23F. A 38F difference.


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Biomass Emits Double The CO2 Of Gas

Posted: February 26, 2015 by tallbloke in solar system dynamics



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I am Under “Investigation”

Posted: February 25, 2015 by tallbloke in solar system dynamics


Roger Pielke Jr gets the McCarthy treatment for daring to point out that the insurance payouts for natural disasters don’t correlate with (non)changes in the frequency of ‘extreme weather’.

Originally posted on The Climate Fix:

As some of you will already know, I am one of 7 US academics being investigated by US Representative Raúl Grijalva (D-AZ) who is the ranking member of the House of Representatives Committee on Environment and Natural Resources. Rep. Grijalva has sent a letter to the president of my university requesting a range of information, including my correspondence, the letter is here in PDF.

Before continuing, let me make one point abundantly clear: I have no funding, declared or undeclared, with any fossil fuel company or interest. I never have. Representative Grijalva knows this too, because when I have testified before the US Congress, I have disclosed my funding and possible conflicts of interest. So I know with complete certainty that this investigation is a politically-motivated “witch hunt” designed to intimidate me (and others) and to smear my name.

For instance, the Congressman and his staff, along with compliant journalists…

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A long and well structured look at European Unreliables energy production by Ed Hoskins. Click on the ‘View original‘ link to see legible graphs!

Originally posted on edmhdotme:

A comparison of both the Capital Cost and Energy Production Effectiveness of the Renewable Energy in Europe.

The diagrams below collate the cost and capacity factors of European Renewable Energy power sources, Onshore and Off-shore Wind Farms and Large scale Photovoltaic Solar generation.  They are compared to the cost and output capacity of conventional Gas Fired Electricity generation.

  • capacity factor:  installed nameplate capacity compared to the actual electrical energy output achieved
  • capital cost:  comparison with the cost of equivalent electrical output produced by Gas Fired electrical generation.

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 11.04.53

Overall European renewable Energy has almost 6 times lower capacity than conventional Gas Fired power generation and it costs about 16 times more in capital expenditure alone.

In all the capital costs expended by 2013 in Europe amounted to some €1/2 trillion for ~170 Gigawatts of “nominal” installed Renewable Energy generation.  But because of the reduced capacity factor, those installations provide ~30 Gigawatts of real output electrical…

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H/T to Chaeremon for flagging up this recent paper from Jiang et al which gets better detail on solar forcing of climate. Paywalled, abstract only, but there is a fugure from Jiang’s earlier 2005 paper covering 1200 years around Iceland.


Mounting evidence from proxy records suggests that variations in solar activity have played a significant role in triggering past climate changes. However, the mechanisms for sun-climate links remain a topic of debate. Here we present a high-resolution summer sea-surface temperature (SST) record covering the past 9300 yr from a site located at the present-day boundary between polar and Atlantic surface-water masses. The record is age constrained via the identification of 15 independently dated tephra markers from terrestrial archives, circumventing marine reservoir age variability problems. Our results indicate a close link between solar activity and SSTs in the northern North Atlantic during the past 4000 yr; they suggest that the climate system in this area is more susceptible to the influence of solar variations during cool periods with less vigorous ocean circulation. Furthermore, the high-resolution SST record indicates that climate in the North Atlantic regions follows solar activity variations on multidecadal to centennial time scales.


New BBC Programme On Climate Change

Posted: February 23, 2015 by tallbloke in solar system dynamics


Paul Homewood previews the BBC’s forthcoming IPCC Paris conference wind-up

Originally posted on NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT:

By Paul Homewood

h/t QV


The BBC have a programme on climate change going out tonight next Monday. According to the blurb:

This programme aims to remedy that, with a new perspective on the whole subject. Presented by three mathematicians – Dr Hannah Fry, Prof Norman Fenton and Prof David Spiegelhalter – it hones in on just three key numbers that clarify all the important questions around climate change. The stories behind these numbers involve an extraordinary cast of characters, almost all of whom had nothing to do with climate change, but whose work is critical to our understanding of the climate.

The three numbers are:
0.85 degrees (the amount of warming the planet has undergone since 1880)
95 per cent (the degree of certainty climate scientists have that at least half the recent warming is man-made)
1 trillion tonnes (the total amount of carbon we can afford to…

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Chairman Pachauri’s Messy Messages

Posted: February 21, 2015 by tallbloke in solar system dynamics


Pachauri’s got a lower torsopheric hotspot.

Originally posted on NoFrakkingConsensus:

Texts and e-mails allegedly sent by IPCC chairman Rajendra Pachauri tell a disturbing tale. Months after a female subordinate objected repeatedly and strenuously to his sexual advances, the UN official continued to physically and electronically stalk her.

Pachauri_chairing_IPCCmeeti detail from the Mail Today‘s “Messy Messages” sidebar

Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), is on the front page of India’s Mail Today newspaper. The above-the-fold headline proclaims: Green Pachauri Battles Slur. This suggests that the sex allegations leveled against the UN official by a 29-year-old female subordinate are untrue.

But the full-page story that follows paints a different picture. For example, there’s the garishly-coloured sidebar titled Messy Messages. It highlights missives allegedly written by Pachauri that now appear in the woman’s 33-page police complaint.

Pachauris_messy_messages click to enlarge

This woman reportedly began her employment at Pachauri’s TERI institute on September 1st, 2013. The Mail Today

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The Official Iceland Temperature Series

Posted: February 20, 2015 by tallbloke in solar system dynamics

Originally posted on NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT:

By Paul Homewood

With special thanks to Trausti Jonsson, Senior Meteorologist with the Iceland Met Office.


Now that GHCN and GISS have managed to emasculate the Icelandic temperature record, it is time to present the official version.

The Iceland Met Office, (IMO), have kept meticulous temperature records since the 19thC, including station metadata as well as just the temperature data. In fact the Icelanders took their climate very seriously in those early days, unsurprisingly since they are so vulnerable to climate shifts. There is an interesting overview of the work of people such as Thoroddsen and Nansen in the early 20thC here.

In particular, they have full records since 1931 for seven stations.

It needs to be emphasised that these are not raw temperatures, but have been carefully homogenised and adjusted where necessary, to account for station moves and equipment changes.

Trausti, who has done much of the work…

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Gavin Goes For Two In One Day

Posted: February 20, 2015 by tallbloke in solar system dynamics


Catastrophist Gavin Schmidt spreads more Climate FUD. Why is this man in charge of a supposedly neutral scientific institution at NASA GISS?

Originally posted on Real Science:

ScreenHunter_1107 Feb. 19 19.08ScreenHunter_1108 Feb. 19 19.08  ScreenHunter_1109 Feb. 19 19.10

Actual scientists call it the “jet stream” – rather than “extreme”


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People being ignored by Governments which don’t even see the need to explain to electorates why they are being ignored. Ballot boxes were just made for this situation. Use them wisely.

Originally posted on Concerned About Wind Turbines - Donegal:

Background: Focused Review – First call for submissions 30 January 2013

On 30 January 2013 the Department for the Environment issued a press advertisement seeking submissions for what they termed “a focussed review of the 2006 wind energy guidelines”.  Many local and community groups were hopeful that the review would herald a change in Irish planning regulations which currently see no formal national safe setback distances from wind farms to homes and other amenities.  The review also promised the revision of the out-of-date and ineffective noise and shadow flicker rules.

This appeared to be an urgent issue for regulators and the public were given just a little over two weeks until 15 February 2013 to make submissions to the Department in relation to the proposed changes.  Despite the tight time-frame over 550 submissions were received from private individuals, the wind industry, professional institutes and local authorities.

Almost ten months later on 11 December…

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Lol. Alarmist Guardian journalist gets pwned by Steven Goddard

Originally posted on Real Science:

ScreenHunter_1038 Feb. 11 18.32ScreenHunter_6958 Feb. 08 22.29ScreenHunter_6386 Jan. 24 20.26ScreenHunter_5350 Dec. 20 05.44

ScreenHunter_1040 Feb. 12 11.08ScreenHunter_7090 Feb. 12 08.57ScreenHunter_7089 Feb. 12 08.56

ScreenHunter_5353 Dec. 20 05.50

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EU Climate Diplomacy Plan

Posted: February 9, 2015 by tallbloke in solar system dynamics


Oh my. 20% of entire EU budget to be blown on ‘climate action’ in 2015 run-up to Paris gabfest.

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On 19 January EU foreign affairs ministers endorsed a Climate Diplomacy Action Plan prepared by EEAS & DG CLIMA. The document was not initially published but has since been released after a freedom of information (access to documents) request. PDF copy accessible here.

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In a detailed 2006 study,
Long-term Variability in the Length of the Solar Cycle
Authors: Mercedes T. Richards, Michael L. Rogers, Donald St. P. Richards
the following prediction was made :
“Our study suggests that the length of the sunspot number cycle should increase gradually, on average, over the next ∼75 years, accompanied by a gradual decrease in the number of sunspots. This information can now be used to improve the accuracy of the current solar cycle models (e.g., Dikpati, de Toma & Gilman 2006) to to better predict the starting time of a given cycle.”




Climate alarmists censoring facts again. What will the University of Edinburgh ethics committee think of this I wonder?

Originally posted on ManicBeancounter:

The blog andthentheresphysics is a particularly dogmatic and extremist website. Most of the time it provides extremely partisan opinion pieces on climate science, but last week the anonymous blogger had a post “Puerto Casado” concerning an article in the Telegraph about Paraguayan temperature by Christopher Booker. I posted the following comment

The post only looks at one station in isolation, and does not reference original source of the claims.

Paul Homewood at notalotofpeopleknowthat looked at all three available rural stations in Paraguay. The data from Mariscal and San Jan Buatista/Misiones had the same pattern of homogenization adjustments as Puerto Casado. That is, cooling of the past, so that instead of the raw data showing the 1960s being warmer than today, it was cooler.

Using his accountancy mind set, Homewood then (after Booker’s article was published) checked the six available urban sites in Paraguay. His conclusion was that

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The serious health issues around wind turbines are finally being uncovered.

Originally posted on STOP THESE THINGS:

atomic-bomb-e1355417893840 There’s the ‘bang’, but it’s what follows that really does the damage.

Earlier this week, a small, but very effective, nuclear device was detonated at Cape Bridewater, which – before Union Super Funds backed Pacific Hydro destroyed it – was a pristine, coastal idyll in South-Western Victoria.

The bomb that went off was a study carried out by one of Australia’s crack acoustic specialists, Steven Cooper – and some typically solid journalism from The Australian’s Graham Lloyd – that put the Pac Hydro initiated pyrotechnics in the International spotlight.

Over the next few posts, STT will analyse just what the detonation, its aftermath and fallout means for an industry which, in Australia, is already on the ropes.

And we’ll look at what it means to the thousands of wind farm victims here – and around the world.

We’ll kick off with the front page story that has sent the wind…

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Originally posted on Metro:

Map showing where the tremor was felt (Picture: British Geological Survey) Map showing where the tremor was felt (Picture: British Geological Survey)

A second earthquake in two days has struck the UK.

The latest earthquake, measuring 3.8 on the Richter scale, hit the East Midlands village of Cottesmore, in Rutland,at 10.25pm last night, according to the US Geological Survey.

It came after an earthquake with a magnitude of 2.9 was recorded in Winchester on Tuesday.

Residents took to Twitter to tell of their shock after realising an earthquake had struck.

Sally Smart wrote: ‘Earthquake wow that was a biggen!! Thought a truck was coming through the house #adrenalinepumping.’

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DECC’s Dumb Global Calculator Model

Posted: January 29, 2015 by tallbloke in solar system dynamics


Kevin Marshall demonstrates the fraudulence of DECC’s new online CO2 reduction model. YOUR money is used to propagandise and tax YOU with fraudulent pseudoscience. Use your influence as a voter on May 7th to end this nonsense. UKIP will abolish DECC, saving the taxpayer £9billion a year by 2020.

Originally posted on ManicBeancounter:

On the 28th January 2015, the DECC launched a new policy emissions tool, so everyone can design policies to save the world from dangerous climate change. I thought I would try it out. By simply changing the parameters one-by-one, I found that the model is both massively over-sensitive to small changes in input parameters and is based on British data. From the model, it is possible to entirely eliminate CO2 emissions by 2100 by a combination of three things – reducing the percentage travel in urban areas by car from 43% to 29%; reducing the average size of homes to 95m2 from 110m2 today; and for everyone to go vegetarian.

The DECC website says

Cutting carbon emissions to limit global temperatures to a 2°C rise can be achieved while improving living standards, a new online tool shows.

The world can eat well, travel more, live in more comfortable…

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Nicola Scafetta has co-authored a paper with Adriano Mazzarella on the correlation of the spectral frequencies of M7 and greater earthquakes and oceanic oscillations and length of day (LOD). He ascribes those oscillations and the LOD variation to the astronomical forcings identified in earlier papers which have similar spectral frequency peaks.



We compare the NOAA Significant Earthquake Historical database versus typical climatic indices and the length of the day (LOD). The Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) record is mainly adopted because most of the analyzed earthquakes occurred at the land boundaries of the Pacific Plate. The NOAA catalog contains information on destructive earthquakes. Using advanced spectral and magnitude squared coherence methodologies, we found that the magnitudeM7earthquake annual frequency and the PDO record share common frequencies at about 9-, 20-, and 50- to 60-year periods, which are typically found in climate records and among the solar and lunar harmonics.


"Lunar eclipse at sunrise Minneapolis October 2014" by Tomruen - Own work. [via Wikimedia Commons]

“Lunar eclipse at sunrise Minneapolis October 2014″ by Tomruen – Own work. [via Wikimedia Commons]

It’s well-known that Fibonacci numbers and the Lucas series are closely related, as shown here.

There’s a lunar connection – the Inex cycle is the cousin of the shorter Saros and lasts nearly 29 years, such that:
18 Inex = 521 years
18 and 521 are both Lucas numbers

What does this tell us?