Starfish Prime: The First Accidental Geomagnetic Storm

Posted: July 10, 2022 by oldbrew in Geomagnetism, Nuclear power

They don’t make them like that any more – we hope.

July 9, 2022: Sixty years ago today, one of the biggest geomagnetic storms of the Space Age struck Earth. It didn’t come from the sun.

“We made it ourselves,” recalls Clive Dyer of the University of Surrey Space Centre in Guildford UK. “It was the first anthropogenic space weather event.”

On July 9, 1962, the US military detonated a thermonuclear warhead 250 miles above the Pacific Ocean–a test called “Starfish Prime.” What happened next surprised everyone. Witnesses from Hawaii to New Zealand reported auroras overhead, magnificent midnight “rainbow stripes” that tropical sky watchers had never seen before. Radios fell silent, then suddenly became noisy as streetlights went dark in Honolulu.

Above: ‘Nuclear auroras’ viewed from Honolulu (left) and from a surveillance aircraft (right) on July 9, 1962.

Essentially, Starfish Prime created an artificial solar storm complete with auroras, geomagnetic activity, and blackouts. Much of the chaos that night was…

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  1. It is amazing what damage can be done even by the “Entry Level” nukes owned by North Korea.

    The danger was explained to the US Congress by George Baker:

    Click to access Baker-Statement-5-13-EMP.pdf

    Instead of hardening our grid by building smaller power plants located near to where the power will be consumed we are doing the exact opposite.

    Wind and Solar power plants are generally located far away from the customers so they ensure a greater dependence on the EHV (Extra High Voltage) grid that is vulnerable to EMP attack and very difficult to repair. Stupid government has consequences.

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