This will cause squealing, 30C+?

Posted: June 27, 2015 by tchannon in weather

French weather forecasters are saying a severe heat wave is coming at the beginning of July, spreading up into France, looks like further so expect 30C+ in England.

Classic conditions of extensive high pressure, little wind. The Atlantic charts continue to show a confused pattern.


Temperature in Fahrenheit, US Navy. Contrary to the French forecasters this points to an extension from continental Asia. A question of course is whether blocking starts, very difficult to forecast.

In the past there have been similar heat waves where I’ve noticed a possible connection with solar events. Is this possible? What I have in mind is not the same pattern, that though is formed without seeing The sun has been popping.

A different model, no, I don’t think so…


Cameron blowback?

Post by Tim

  1. hunter says:

    Well I am certain the windmills will power the needed air conditioning. Oh, wait- wind power dies off in heat waves because the wind drops to nearly zero.
    Enjoy your nice natural heat wave!

  2. p.g.sharrow says:

    We have been enjoying that kind of weather here in the foot hills of northern California. 101F to 107F or around 40C for the last week. Not hot 😉 yet. Of course it has been a bit dry of late.

    Today we just napped during the midday heat. Worked in the field early and late.

    Remember to drink plenty of Water! and Keep covered with layered cotton clothes. The more you perspire the cooler you will be.

    Air conditioning is wonderful if you never have to do without. But it makes you unable to tolerate it’s lack. Those that learned to do without are not so delicate.

    Also it helps to be related to both a mad dog and an Englishman! 😉 pg

  3. michael hart says:

    Like all British weather, I’ll expect it when it arrives.

  4. Here in Scotland we still have the central heating on.

  5. ren says:

    Forecast lower stratosphere shows a powerful high-pressure area over Eastern Europe. Atlantic will remain cool.

    Time for a holiday on the Polish coast.

  6. E.M.Smith says:

    The last few days, my WiFi has has issues. Today was very sporadic. Out of range errors with 65% signal strength. Can not authenticate on an open system. Connect then drop. One computer saying no network while the tablet in hand is using it… Onset was about 10 AM, and ended about 6 PM… found a solar report about recent flares and CME events. Hmmmmmm…

    Oh it has been warm, too. about 90F and the squash has wilted leaves if not given extra water, that is against drought policy. So blame flaky WiFi on heat ore cosmic rays? Decisions decisions… (BTW, we can hit 105 F on hot summer days, so 90 is not extreme.)

  7. Well I’m off out into the garden to do lots of watering ahead of the heatwave. With lots of sun, warmth, water and CO2 I am looking forward to a bumper crop.

  8. oldbrew says:

    @ EM Smith: ‘ This has been a really bad week for CMEs and they keep knocking out WiFi. Don’t replace your equipment, it’s not faulty’

  9. ren says:

    If such a system pressure in the stratosphere appeared in the winter, the forecast would be reversed. It is possible.

  10. ren says:

    The ice in the Arctic shows that the trend of temperatures in the Atlantic turned away.

  11. ren says:


  12. Andrew says:

    E.M. is not the only one suffering. I was talking to a radio enthusiast earlier this week. Pulling his hair out one minute, loving the ride the next.. “The ionosphere has gone”

  13. oldbrew says:

    This is a screenshot of the ‘SPACE WEATHER OVERVIEW’ widget on the sidebar.
    The (added) blue rectangle shows that geomagnetic activity first jumped before the solar X-ray flux spike (or so it seems).

  14. oldbrew says:

    A ‘PC prayer for our times’ + Josh cartoon…

  15. ivan says:

    For the past week I have been getting about 35 degree C at mid day up on my terrace down here in the south of France which is normal.

  16. ren says:

    Ivan soon it will be significantly warmer. I’m afraid that will continue to inhibit circulation. Wind will be weak in the equatorial zone.

  17. ren says:

    Inhibition of circulation due to the low solar activity and cause cooling of the oceans. You can call it La Nina, l is the matter of the sun.

  18. Paul says:

    Daily space and earth weather, sunspots, planetary alignment, global warming debunked. Updates UK lunchtimes:

  19. ren says:

    Sunny greetings from the Polish coast.